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Jane (Bradberry) Hunt Brazeal Wade
Submitted by: Great granddaughter---Betty Pickens Phillips


Children of Madison and Jane Hunt
Maryan Hunt was born January the 7th 1848
J. K. Hunt was born March the 4th 1849
Sarah Elizabeth was born Febuary the 21st 1850
William C. Hunt was born Feb the 25th 1852
Luvisa Hunt was born Feb the 20th 1854
Thomas M. Hunt was born March the 22nd 1856
Children of Henry and Jane Brazeal
Lydia C. Brazeal was born Oct the 5th 1861
Adaline Brazeal was born January the 24th 1863
Eliza Jane Brazeal was born March the 4th 1864
Molissy Brazeal was born Aug the 12th 1865
J. F. Kuykendall was born Feb the 11th 1875-----{John was the son of Maryan
Hunt Kuykendall}
Children of W. T. Wade--{And wife Lydia Caroline Brazeal Wade}
George Willis Wade was born January the 3rd 1878
Anny Liza Wade was born March the 2nd 1879
Malissy Jane Wade was born Dec the 2nd 1881
Richard Jerome Wade was born Feb the 10th 1882
David Edward Wade was born March the 17th 1884
William Tinsley Wade was born Jan the 19th 1886----{Named for his father and
called "Billy"}
Elre Wade was born September the 30th 1887


Maryan Kuykendall Deseased the life Febuary the 20th 1876--{died in
Molissy Breazeal Deseased this life Oct the 11th 1882
James K. Hunt Deseased this life March the 18th 1852--{killed at age 3, when
a tree fell on him}
Luvisa {Hunt} Wade Deseased this life Feb the 9th 1871
Henry W. Brazeal Deseased this life on the 1867 in Cook County Texas
-----{Nov. 16, 1867}
Jane Wade died the 6 day of Oct 1887
George Willis Wade died Oct the 8th 1878
Annie Eliza Wade died Sept the 7th 1882
W. T. Wade Deseased this life July 31, 1911.
David Edward Wade Deseased this life November 19th 1935
Ester Mae Wade Hooks died Oct. 4, 1956
Matthew Harris Wade Deseased this life May 1, 1951
William Tinsley Wade died Oct. 5, 1956---{Billy Wade}
Melissa Jane Wade died June 11, 1957
J. R. Wade died July 23, 1959

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