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Mason Mack Carroll

(Submitted by Derrel Lyon)

(This is the family record of Mason Mack Carroll
believed to have been written shortly after the birth
of his daughter Mozell.)

(Capitalization or lack thereof was that of the original
writer, who was either Mason Mack or Carrie Irena .)

(This record was in the possession of Maurine Carroll,
Van, Texas as of the year 2001)

M. M. Carroll and
Carrie Irena Haynes
Was married Feb the 3 1895

M.M. Carroll Was
Bornd June the 4 1862

Carrie Irena Carroll
Was Bornd april the 26 1867
Lorena Carroll Was
Bornd november the 19 1896
Mack Carroll Was
Bornd december the 14 1897
Curtis Carroll Was
Bornd april the 15 1899

Lorena Carroll died
december the 12 1904

Deovia Maurine Carroll was
Born July 14 1917
Merrell Mozell Carroll was
Born Dec 6 1920

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