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We have been lucky to have received several Bible Record Collections from researchers who want to share their treasures with other researchers. If you would like to submit your own Bible Records to this site, please email Sibyl or the Society. Or mail them to the Van Zandt County Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 1388, Canton, Texas 75103, Atten: Website

Bible records are transcribed exactly as written in the original document.

submitted by
Sibyl Creasey

Family Records - Births & Deaths

William Henry Dunn...............was born Jan 1st, 1844
Mrs. Nancy Berneter Dunn...was born Oct 14th A.D. 1850
Mollie Lee Dunn.....................was born 28th Oct 1867
Willey Henry Dunn..................born Nov 27th 1869
Betty Ruthy Dunn....................born August 4th, 1872 ?
Nemophelia Dunn....................born Sept 17th 187__

Nancy Berneter Dunn died Aug the 27 1890 and was badly missed by her children
who passed away in peace hoping to meet with them in heaven the day is coming when
we all are _____ to _____ _____ ____________________________?

Mollie Lee Holland died June 15, 1956

Wiley Wright was born June 27th 1813
Evaline Griffin was born May 29th 1815
Nancy Berneter Wright was born October 14th 1850
Blanch and John Clower and baby was killed on November the 14, 1906
Plez Warner Dunn died July 11, 1946
(wife) Mary Emely Dunn died April 24, 1961

Pleasant Warner Dunn was born September 2nd 1880
William Washington Dunn was born February the 22nd 1883
Pearl Blanch Dunn was born Marth the 24 1886
James S. Holland was born August the 18th 1862


Willey Wright was married to Evaline Griffin July the 6th 1837 in Walton County Georgia
William Henry Dunn was married to Susan M. Porter Dec 23 1894
Plez Warner Dunn was married to Mary Emily Osborn July 7. 1904
Miss Blanch Dunn was married to John Clower April the 12, 1905
Canton Tex

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