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We have been lucky to have received several Bible Record Collections from researchers who want to share their treasures with other researchers. If you would like to submit your own Bible Records to this site, please email Sibyl or the Society. Or mail them to the Van Zandt County Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 1388, Canton, Texas 75103, Atten: Website

Bible records are transcribed exactly as written in the original document.

BIBLE RECORDS of Judge Thomas Jones Foster, Sr.

Submitted by: Dr. B.G. Foster


Thomas J. Foster was born June the 15th 1826
Frances A. Foster was born August the 12th 1842
Thomas J. Foster and Frances A. Foster was married Dec the 20th 1860
Mary Ellen Foster was born September the 12th 1861
Thomas J. Foster, Jr. was born June the 30th 1863
William Edmund Foster was born September 20th 1865
John Calvin Foster was born March the 18th 1867
Marcus Columbus Foster was born January the 15th 1869
Jerome Kearby Foster was born September the 7th 1871
Marshall Alexander Foster was born November 22, 1873
Alfred M. Foster was born January 28, 1876
Robert L. Foster was born August 17 AD 1878
Jesse Miller Foster was born May 15, 1881
Grover Blount Foster was born March 18th 1884
Tate Foster was born March 10th 1886

Mary E. Foster died June the 24th 1877 aged 15 years 9 months & 12 days
Mary Foster died August 30, 1878
Robert L. Foster died June 5 AD 1880
Marshall A. Foster died March 5 AD 1881 7 y 3m 11d
Thomas J. Foster, Jr. died February 21st AD 1905

Bible Record of Foster/Mills
This Certified that Marcus Glen Foster and Mary Christine Mills were united
in Holy Matrimony on the 6th day of October in the year of our Lord 1928 at
Canton, Texas in Methodist Parsonage by Rev. Brawner
Witness: Emmitt Steed

Theda Jean Foster born Jan 3, 1930
Billie Glen Foster born March 6th 1932
Bryant Travis Foster born February 15th 1938
Joe Mark Foster born May 6th 1946

Theda Jean Foster to Joe Randall Dove September 18th 1949
Billy Glen Foster to Betty Carolyn Clements June 6, 1954
Bryant Travis Foster to Sandra Whitton
Bryant Travis Foster to Judy Escue October 5, 1980
Joe Mark Foster to Carolyn Grace Beggs May 22, 1965
Joe Mark Foster to Kimberly Marie Claeson June 6, 1981


Thomas J. Foster born June 15, 1826 died August 6, 1906
Frances A. Foster born August 12, 1842 died Sept. 6, 1926
J. Tull Thompson born March 11 1843 died April 29, 1921
Martha I. Blair born Jan 23, 1852 died Sept 25, 1883

November 13, 1890 married Canton, Tex
Marcus C. Foster born January 15, 1869 Phalba Tex
died May 12 1946 Canton, Tex
Jeffie L. Foster born March 21, 1873 Canton Tex
died May 21, 1947 Canton Tex

Oscar T. Foster born February 6, 1892 died Aug 18 1892

Bessie Foster born Aug 7, 1895 died April 16 1907

M. Homer Foster born June 1, 1898 died April 30, 1900

F. Merle Foster born Aug 28, 1893 Canton Tex
married Jesse P. Simpson June 6 1912 Canton Tex
died Nov 11, 1963 Grand Saline Tex

Jessie L. Foster born October 9, 1903 Canton Tex
married Shirley F. Cooper August 5, 1927 Canton Tex
died December 27, 1991 Canton Texas

M. Glen Foster born August 23, 1904 Canton Tex
married Christine Mills October 6, 1928 Canton Tex
died October 18, 1986 Tyler Tex

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