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We have been lucky to have received several Bible Record Collections from researchers who want to share their treasures with other researchers. If you would like to submit your own Bible Records to this site, please email Sibyl or the Society. Or mail them to the Van Zandt County Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 1388, Canton, Texas 75103, Atten: Website

Bible records are transcribed exactly as written in the original document.

Parker/Bradbury Family Bible
Philadelphia...J.B.Lippincott & Co. 1860

Submitted by Mable Cook

C.P. Parker and Mary Bradbury was married 25th January 1855
C.P. Parker & Ele Jones was married January the 14, 1875
James R. Hunter and Carline Elizabeth Parker was married Jul 22, 1877
Mr. C.A. Parker and Charity Butler was married November the 21, 1877

Chelsey P. Parker was born Feb. 24th 1820
Mary Bradbury was born March 15, 1833
Elis Dewey Parker was borned Dec the 19, 1878
Cherry Odell Parker was borned April the 30 1902
James Allen Parker was born July 24th 1856
Sindyrillah Parker was born Dec. 13th 1857
William Caleb T. Parker was born April 16th 1859
Thomas Edwin Parker was born June 17th 1860
Haley(?) Wyatt Parker was born June 26th 1863
Frances C.H. Parker was born January the 8, 1866

William Caleb I died April 6th 1860
Sindarillah Parker died June 26th 1860
Mrs. Mary Parker, born Friday 15th March 1833; died Sunday 22nd March 1874
Charley P. Parker died Jan 17th 1877
Mary Parker died October 15th 1878
Sally Parker died October 9th 1879
Wiatt Parker died August 24th 1883
Mrs. S.C. Alin died February the 13 1879
Mrs. Mat Butler died November the 7 1883
Mr. Grant Parker died Wednesday June 15, 1887
Charity Parker died March the 21 1914
James Allen Parker died July 1, 1931 Wednesday
Mrs. Myrtle Mae Compton died Sep 22th 1918

Ulysus S. Grant Parker was borned September the 27th_1868
Garge Washington Parker was born October the 24 1875
Barey Pirl Parker borned Nov the 26 1888
Myrty May Parker was borned July the 10 1891
Charity Parker was borned January the 11 1860
Page 16 ......Parker/Bradbury
Sally Parker was borned September the 12, 1878
Mary Parker was borned September the 12, 1878
Charity Ditorey(?) Parker was borned February the 8, 188l
Syibill Diana Parker was borned August the 1, 1883
James Howell Parker was borned December the 9, 1885

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