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Ben Wheeler Headlight



Ben Wheeler Headlight

Vol. 1, No. 14

Ben Wheeler, Van Zandt County, Texas, August 18, 1898

Morgan G. Sanders, Editor and Publisher

This 1898 newspaper was only published for a short time. This is a typed copy of the only issue that is known to exist. It gives a bit of community news of in and around the old town of Ben Wheeler and is an example of the times.

Page Two

Published Weekly at
Morgan G. Sanders, Editor
and Publisher


Per Year...........................$1.00
Six Months...........................75
Three Months.......................50

Now that a good market for cotton and other farm commodities has been established in Ben Wheeler and our local merchants have huge stocks of dry good, groceries and all other needs of the farmer and his family, there is no longer need for our farmers to load their cotton on wagons, trek to the larger towns, spend the night in a wagon yard and return next day with supplies for months ahead. Why not sell your cotton here, make your purchases as needed. Let's help make Ben Wheeler a market and shopping center for the entire southern half of Van Zandt.

Delegates to the County Democratic convention at Canton from Precinct 7 which includes Ben Wheeler and Martin's Mill are: J.C. Burrage, B.J. Burnett, W.M. Barber, J.C. Abbe, R. Wallace, John R. Wallace, George Organbright, L.D. Pollard, J.J. Gray, W.D. Sides, W.B. Cox, A.J. Gulledge, W.B.Pinkerton, A.J. Adrian, B.L. Green, J.P. Shaw, L.L. Sanders, T.V. Wood, E.R. Downs, H.E. Wallace, J.F. Davidson, J.W. Bateman, I. Willis, B.F. Sanders, W.L. Eason, T.J. Wood, B.B. Adrian, T.M. Perry, John M. Dean, and A.L. Sandel.

Rev. M.A. Quindlen, pastor of the Baptist Church in Ben Wheeler, is hold a revival meeting at Edgewood. During his absence Brother W.A. Couey preached Saturday morning, Sunday morning and night at the local church.

Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Parsons of Martin's Mill were guests Saturday night at the home of Mrs. Mollie Rowan. Hollie Rowan returned home with them where he will assist in getting the Parson's gin in operation for the fall ginnings.

By a vote of 105 to 63 the Connecticut State Legislature has defeated a bill to allow women to vote.

"Doctor, I'm scared to death, this will be my first operation."

"Sure, I know how you feel. You're my first patient."

(Photo of M.G. Sanders, too faint to reproduce)

Pictured above is Morgan G. Sanders, owner-publisher of the Ben Wheeler Headlight. Mr. Sanders left this morning with his wife and baby for Canton where they will secure living quarters and will soon move to the county seat. The Ben Wheeler Headlight shop and equipment will be moving to Canton. Morg will establish the Free State Enterprise, a new weekly publication, with headquarters in that city.

Before leaving, Morg turned this paper over to the writer and said: "Get it out like you would if it were yours." And that's what we are doing. He didn't of course have any idea that his own picture would appear in his own paper, but here it is, even if we get fired.

Confidentially, Morg has confided to his friends that he has chosen politics as a career. He aspires to become a member of the State Legislature. He wants to be County Attorney, District Attorney and if successful in these offices, he wants to go to Congress.

Born on a farm in the eastern portion of Van Zandt, he labored on the farm, attended county schools during the summer months and winter until 1892 when he moved with his family to Ben Wheeler. Here he entered the Alamo Institute, then conducted by Profs. J.F. Davidson, John M. Dean and Wm. Finley. He graduated here in 1897 and won a gold medal on an oration on "Washington and Lee." He has a brilliant mind, clean, honest, a great orator and is destined to become the champion of clean politics. His hundreds of friends predict for him a great future with his influence being felt throughout the state and the nation.----Percy

Mrs. Al Langford died at the family residence near here last Thursday.

The world does homage to great women, those who have won their crowns, and who are the wives and daughters of great men. Not one lead would I pluck from the laurels of any woman, but our greatest women are those who bear the burdens of quiet homes, bring sunshine and gladness into isolated lives and comfort saddened hears. Perhaps they are unknown except among their small circle of friends but they are as grand as those whose names is lisped by every tongue and at the great day will receive the richest of rewards.

Several Wheelerites attended a big Masonic meeting at Mt. Sylvan Saturday night and report a wonderful time.

L.L. Sanders made a business trip to Grand Salines Thursday, returning Friday.

Virgil Youngblood, a bright young Van Zandter, who hails from Ben Wheeler, has purchased half interest in the Mesquiter, a weekly publication at Mesquite. Best wishes to you, Virgil....

Grand Ma Wells of Owlet Green has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. M.A. Quindlen for the past week.

Shaw Wallace and family of Garden Valley visited here last week.

James Clark and Miss Lena Freeman were untied in the holy bonds of matrimony at the Asburn Camp Ground revival meeting Sunday night.

An old lady near here was angry because she had not been invited to a picnic and fish fry most of her friends were going to. the morning of the even some one discovered her anger and called to extend her a special invitation. "It's too late," she snapped, "I have already prayed for rain!"

Want Ads:

House for Rent:
Five room house, good well of water, poultry house and cow sheds. Two acres in garden, pasture and truck patches. $5.00 per month rent payable in advance. See Dr. Tucker at Tucker and Adrian Drug Store. (rin-ct-14)

Corn Wanted:
Will pay 30 cents per bushel for good ear corn delivered to my barn in the West School House Community, four miles west of Gilmer. Joe West. (2r-14-c)

Wanted Boarders:
Am in position to take two gentlemen for board and room at $10.00 per month each. Mrs. Ben Germany (lt-14-pd)

Wanted Pea Pickers:
Will pay 50 cents per day or 20 cents per hundred for pea pickers. Have 20 acres is Whip- Poor-will's. Willis Wood. (ltpd) (14)

Will pay highest price for yard eggs. Tom Cates Store, Ben Wheeler. (tll-14chg.)

Prof. Jno. M. Dean, J.W. Bateman and J.F. Davidson were in Canton Tuesday to attend a meeting of the Van Zandt County Democratic Executive Committee.

Governor Sayers has appointed Charles H. Reagan Commissioner of the General Land Office in Austin.

Prof. Ben L. Cox has been elected Assistant Superintendent of the Canton School, according to announcement by Supt. Henry Cowles.

J.A. Reynolds
Dealer in General Merchandise
Ben Wheeler, Texas
Everything sold at live and let live
Come and see Me before Making Purchases (adv.)

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