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Ben Wheeler Headlight



Ben Wheeler Headlight

Vol. 1, No. 14

Ben Wheeler, Van Zandt County, Texas, August 18, 1898

Morgan G. Sanders, Editor and Publisher

This 1898 newspaper was only published for a short time. This is a typed copy of the only issue that is known to exist. It gives a bit of community news of in and around the old town of Ben Wheeler and is an example of the times.

Page Three

Published Weekly at
Morgan G. Sanders, Editor
and Publisher

Can you beat it?

Elbert Weaver, farmer residing a mile west of Ben Wheeler, has a remarkable capacity from remembering dates. He can tell you the exact day and hour he finished laying by corn or cotton or the date he started planting either any years you mention. Try him.

After hearing several of his friend boasting about this, the Headlight editor met him on the street one day and this conversation took place: Ed: "Elbert, what day of the week and hours did you finish laying by cotton in 1891? Elbert: "Let me see, it was Wednesday, July 22, at fifteen minutes after six o'clock. I would have finished by noon that day, ut early that morning, I broke my sweep and had to go to Ben Poole's Blacksmith shop in Ben Wheeler to have him sharpen an old sweep I had not used in several years. I left home at ten minutes after nine and by the time I rode to town and Mr. Poole had sharpened the plow and I got back home, it was ten minutes ‘till one and I was late for dinner. After eating a cold dinner, I continued plowing, but broke my ham string at seven minutes after two and had to ride back to the house to get one of my other harnesses. I was delayed thirty-nine minutes this time. But I rushed considerably because a cloud was coming up. I dropped out the end of the last row of cotton in front of the old gate with a broken hinge. I stopped to fix the hinge and it started raining. I looked at my watch and it was fifteen minutes after six."
"Anything else you want to know, Mr. Sanders?"
And we asked him several other dates. He was just as explicit, just as certain and just as accurate, because we checked back with the calendar.

Girl's Essay on Boys

One of Ben Wheeler's small girls handed us an essay she had written on boys. May we pass it on to you: "Boys are men that have not got as big as their papas, and girls are women that will be young ladies by and by. Man was made before woman. When God looked at Adam he said to himself: "Well, I think I can do better if I try again," and then he made Eve. God liked Eve so much better than Adam that there has been more women than men. Boys are a trouble, they wear out everything but soap. If I had my way half the boys in the world would be girls and the rest would be dolls. My papa is so nice that I think he must have been a little girl when he was a little boy."


Emory stringer to Linne West
B.A. Germany to Ella Abble
T.M. Wilson to Ocie L. Cox
Frank Chaney to Katie McWilliams
R.L. Pickens to Lula Evans
J.E. Norman to Mattie Dickerson


Recently nominated at the Democratic Primaries, but yet to win over a list of Pupulist candidates whose names will appear on the November ballot, are the following State and County Officials. Few have the intestinal fortitude even to imagine that any of them will be defeated by the Populists:

Joseph D. Sayers, Governor
James N. Browning, Lieut. Governor
Thomas S. Smith, Attorney General
J.S. Kendall, State Supt. Public Schools
Allison Mayfield, Railroad Commissioner
R.G. DeGraffenried, Congress
R.W. Simpson, Dist. Judge
John W. Dean, Representative
John S. Spinks, County Judge
R.M. Samford, Tax Assessor
H.P. Davis, County Clerk
J.J. Starnes, Tax Collector
Henry J. Craft, District Clerk
G.M.C. Davis, County Attorney
D.H. Swindall, County Treasurer
Cicero Rusk, Sheriff

Steve Roddy, of Roddy, Van Zandt County, soldier in the Spanish-American War, died July 30 on one of the transports between San Francisco and Manilla. He was a promising young man his untimely death will be mourned by his many friends.

Messrs. Joe and Elbert Gilbert made a business trip to Grand Saline Tuesday, returning Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. E.H. Youngblood spent Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. M.L. Cox, at Martin's Mill.

Mrs. Box Shaw was taken very suddenly with a smothering spell and died in a few minutes at her home near this place last Saturday at 12 o'clock noon.

The Baptist had teen accessions by baptism to their church at this place in their recent protracted meeting.

Rev. T.B. Vinson filled his regular appointment at the Methodist church at this place Sunday at 11 o'clock.

Rev. M.A. Quindlen is still holding a protracted meeting at Edgewood.


Ladies, we have just received a nice shipment of prints, calicos and worsteds, various patterns. Come in and select a pattern for that fall dress. Plenty of threads, laces, ribbons. Also large assortment of lady's shoes and hose. Visit our store when in need of dry goods of any kind. W.B. Cox, Ben Wheeler, Texas (Adv.)

Misses Alafar and Grace Sanders have returned from a visit with their brother, Dr. D.L. Sanders and family of Wills Point.

Hewett Matthews has gone to Edgewood on business.

Cotton Farmers on the streets of Ben Wheeler Saturday who predicted a good cotton crop and better prices than last fall included Sam and Joe West, Sam Truss, Ant Stephens, Jim Vernon, Jonas Vernon, Burton Sanders, Morg Wood, Bill Matthews, Jim Hendley and Jim Cox.

Bill Willis, local barber, announces new prices for barber work, shave 10 cents, hair cut 15 cents. The shop will be open each Friday afternoon and all day Saturday. (Adv.) (Note: the price of this ad was one shave and one haircut free....Ed.)

Recently appointed notary Public for the Ben Wheeler area are J.W. Bateman, B.F. Sanders and W.H. Shivers.

Rev. L.A. Fifer delivered a very interesting sermon from the Methodist pulpit on Sunday night. He also takes charge of a class in music this morning at this place.

"Uncle Joe" Andrews of Martin's Mill is in town today on business.


25 lbs sugar $1.00; 20 lbs. best grade coffee $1.00; flour 75 cents per 48 lb. sack; 3 packages Arm and Hammer Soda 25 cents; bacon 9 cents per pound; lard 5 pound bucket 45 cents.


Jerry Tucker, M.D.
Physician and Surgeon
Office: Tucker and Adrian
Drug Store
Ben Wheeler

H.C. Geddie
Office in Court House
Canton, Texas

J.W. Bateman
Justice Peace, Notary Public
Writing Land Deeds, Making Surveys
My Specialty. Office, my home in Ben
Wheeler, on Martin's Mill Road

H.E. Wallace, M.D.
Physician and Surgeon
Office: Wallace Drug Store
Ben Wheeler

The Tunnell's Chapel camp meeting closed last night with good results.

Mr. Joe Eaton and family were week end guests at the W.B. Cox home here in Ben Wheeler.

Rev. T.B. Vinson is assisting in a meeting at Shady Grove this week.

Jess Youngblood spent a few days in Wills Point last week on business. While there, he purchased bagging and ties for his father's gin, also some new baskets for unloading cotton from wagons to bins in preparation for ginning season.

Javan Buchanan caused a little excitement Monday when he hitched a new spotted horse to the hitching post near the public well. This saddle pony had three colors, unusual in these parts, black, white and red. Almost every time Javan rides into town, he is sporting a new horse. Some trader. But his friends are kidding hm about losing his saddle in a recent deal. To the kidding he responded: "I got good pay for it. Besides I am purchasing a new saddle today at the W.B. Cox General Store. No more bareback riding for me." He said.

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