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Civil War Letters

We would like to share with researchers our "Tribute to Civil War Veterans" who lived out their lives in Van Zandt County or were connected to the county in any way. This part of the Van Zandt County Genealogical Society website will be devoted to old letters written by the soldiers themselves or members of their families. If you have a letter that you would share by submitting it to this web page, contact Sibyl Creasey. We will be happy to add it to the collection.

Foster Letter

submitted by Dr. B.G. Foster


Van Zandt County, Texas
June the 29, 1864

My Dear Mr. Foster,

It is with much pleasure that I acknowlege the reception of your letter of this of this Inst which informed me that your health was improving. I greatly hope this may reach and find you enjoying good health. I also got a line last Sunday of the 18 with two sheets of paper two envelopes which was thankfully received. I also received the things that you sent home by Mr. Coolson, all except the monies that he says it was stolen from him. I was very sorry about it.

Mr. Foster, I liked eighty dollars of having a Thousand to Bond though I got that your mother had some that she didn't have any use for. She said I didn't know what else to do about it. I would have bin so glad that you could have bin here to attended to it yourself. I have tryed to do the best I can. I give the money to I. B. Hubband he didn't bond it they first time he wint to Tyler though he is gone theare now. Mr. Foster, he was all the man that I knowed to sent it by. Father sent his money by him, he didn't want it bonded.

Mr. Foster, I want to see you very much. I wish you could come home then I could tell you and then I can think wate write to you. Mr. Foster, Fan says she wants you to come home, she has got a nice potato patch and good turnup Patched plowed up and since they have got a little boy heare but his time will be out next week. I wish they could get him longer, he is a very good boy and they need him heare to hall watter and ____ many little this others to do. Mr. Foster, you said you would have to march with the company over____. Mr. Foster, I know you can't stand to_____. I wish you could have a horse to ride would feel a heap better satisfied about you. Mr. Foster, I do hope you will get to come home before a great while the time since I last saw you seames long to me. Mr. Foster, your sister Mary is do a letter to you in mine, she says for you to back it and direct it to Mr. Dyer, she writes to him every week and he writes all the time that he can't get a letter from home, she thinks they are not backed right, well, My Dear Mr. Foster, take good care of yourself and accept of this love from your affectionate wife and little ones untill death. F.A. Foster

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