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Civil War Letters

We would like to share with researchers our "Tribute to Civil War Veterans" who lived out their lives in Van Zandt County or were connected to the county in any way. This part of the Van Zandt County Genealogical Society website will be devoted to old letters written by the soldiers themselves or members of their families. If you have a letter that you would share by submitting it to this web page, contact Sibyl Creasey. We will be happy to add it to the collection.

Foster Letter

submitted by Dr. B.G. Foster


Van Zandt County, Texas
April 15, 1865

My Dear Mr. Foster, it is with much pleasure that I acknowledge the reception of your very kind letter of the 5 this inst by the hand of Mr. Colson which informed me that you was in good health which I do hope you will continue to enjoy.

Mr. Foster, I haven't anything of much note to write to you more than we are all in good health. I greatly hope this will reach and find you enjoying the same blessing and all others (unclear).

Mr. Foster, Mr. Colson stayed here last Sunday night. I didn't see him, I was gone up to your mothers. I would have bin right glad to have seen him. Your mother is at Mrs. Dyers today. I heard from them this morning. They are all well. Mr. Foster, I was mighty glad to get your letter. I hadn't heard from you since Dudley Johnson came home before I would be glad that you all could stop marching so much for it is enuf to run you all to that marching through the mud and rain. We have had a great deal of here since you left home. The ground is so wet now that it can't be ploughed and it looks like theare won't be anything made heare this year if it sits in dry it will be a dry old chance our folks ain't near dun planting yet and it stays wet so they can't finish. Mr. Foster, you said it had been a month since you had got a letter from your wife. Mr. Foster, it must be highwaters that keeps you from getting letters for I write every week. I have got letters from you regular until three or four weeks ago. I haven't got but one except two that came by hand.

Mr. Foster, when you don't get letters you need not to think I don't write and if I was sick I would get someone to write for me. I haven't bin sick since you left home, nothing more than bad colds. Mary and Tommy both keeps well and grows very fast. They often talk about thear pa. I wish you could see them. Mary says sometimes she wishes you would come home and stay with her.

Mr. Foster, I have wrote all that I can think of now, if you could be heare today I would be so glad.

Well, Mr. Foster, may in conclusion, take special care of yourself, write often for I love to get your letters _____so you will accept of this badly written letter with the love from your affectionate wife and children untill death.

Frances A. Foster

Mrs. Foster, if Dudley was a riding I would try to get him to carry you a cake. I would be glad if I had something to send you. I have nothing by my love that I can send you. Mr. Foster, I will put some envelopes this letter so you can book (?) them and send them back to me. Yours truly, F.A. Foster

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