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Family Histories of Van Zandt County

Van Zandt County Genealogical Society

These Family Histories have been submitted by descendants of early settlers of Van Zandt County. If you would like to submit your family history, it would be welcomed and greatly appreciated. It can be in any form such as a genealogy report or a narative or a time line. Just email to Sibyl and it will be posted on this site.

Descendants of

Kerney J "John ?"McLemore

submitted by Dr. Paul McLemore

1. McLemore, Kerney J "John ?" (b.1827 ?-North Carolina/ Derry,Ireland ?)
sp: Gore, Rebecca (b.1826 ?-Mississippi/Derry,Ireland)
2. McLemore, James Madison McLemore (b.2 Dec 1861-Louisiana;d.4 Jun/ 6 April 1918-Van Zandt Co.,Texas)
sp: Klutts, Katie Mary Catherine Klutts (b.23 Mar 1875-Illinois;d.28/18 Nov 1965)
3. McLemore, George Simpson McLemore (b.21 Jul 1911;d.Jun 1987-Dallas Texas)
sp: McLemore, Doris Marie McLemore (b.23 Jun 1927-Dallas Co.,Texas)
4. McLemore, Paul Gordon McLemore (b.1 May 1957-Dallas Texas)
sp: Costner, Sharon Gay Costner (b.17 Jul 1959-Charleston,South Carolina)
5. McLemore, Taylor Brenton (b.1 Jun 1989-Arlington Texas)
4. McLemore, Phyllis Ann McLemore (b.1 Feb 1954)
5. McLemore, Laughing Joshua Tree McLemore (b.11 Sep 1987-Dallas Texas)
3. McLemore, Bertha Ester McLemore (b.1 Sep 1897-Texas;d.4 Sep 1964)
3. McLemore, Tommie Joyce McLemore (b.10 Mar 1899-Texas;d.18 Dec/20 Feb 1968)
sp: Easley, Thomas Easley (b.7 Jul 1893;m.2 Feb 1919)
3. McLemore, Winnie Almelia McLemore (b.29 Dec 1901-Texas)
3. McLemore, Gertie Rebecca McLemore (b.10 Dec 1903-Texas)
3. McLemore, James Gordon McLemore (b.20 Nov 1906-Texas;d.10 Sep 1945)
sp: McLemore, Bonnie
4. McLemore, Katherine (b.Abt 1942)
3. McLemore, Richard Looman McLemore (b.19 Jul 1909-Texas;d.Oct 1974)
3. McLemore, John Jack Cortis McLemore (b.14 Feb 1917;d.3 Jul 1918)
2. McLemore, John Simpson (b.Dec 1857-Van Zandt Co.,Texas)
sp: McDougle, Milbrey Harrington "McDougal" (b.May 1860 / 22 July 1878-Henderson,Texas / Van Zandt;m.22 Jul 1878;d.30 Sep 1931)

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