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Van Zandt County Genealogical Society

Book II, 1909-1922


The Van Zandt County Probate Records are located in the County Clerk's Office in the county courthouse in Canton, Texas. Some of the early records have been microfilmed and these rolls are located at the Van Zandt County Library of Genealogy and Local History.

Copies of any Probate Record listed here may be obtained by sending a check or money order for a research fee of $5 Per Name to the Van Zandt County Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 1388, Canton, TX 75103. The fee covers the cost of copying, mailing and postage.

You may obtain copies of these records by visiting the LIBRARY OF GENEALOGY AND LOCAL HISTORY in Canton. You will only be charged the regular copying price of .25 cents per page if you do the research yourself.

If you have questions regarding these records, please contact Sibyl Creasey.

Book II, 1909-1922


Gammons, Jno et al
Gammons, Jackson et al
Gentry, Vivia
George, I.I., dec'd
Gibbs, E.W.
Gibson, Wm. W.
Gilardi, Sarah J.
Glen, Nestor et al
Glenn, J.J.
Goebel, Joe
Goodman, H. Lee
Goss, Stella et al, minors
Gray, J.A.
Gray, (?) et al minors
Gray, Minnie R., dec'd
Greathouse, Mrs. S.E.
Green, J.H. et al
Greer, W.J.
Gregory, M.N.
Griggers, Bernard et al
Groom, Harley et al
Grooms, Luline
Grooms, Ruby
Gullett, J.B.
Guy, Daisy V.
Guy, L.S.


Hale, C.R.
Hale, Carlton R.
Hallawell, Sallie E.
Hamblen, May et al, minor
Hamblen, O.B. & Winnie
Hammons, Rubin
Hanson, John
Hanson, John
Harbison, W.W.
Hargroves, Verne Irene
Haris/ Harn (?), Ladonia
Harris, Fannie et al
Harris, Mrs. C.
Hartley, Wm. B. et al
Hays, Kermitt
Head, Jesse Edna
Heard, Mrs. Hattie E.
Heard, Wiley C.
Hearn, Howard et al
Hearn, Jesse
Hearn, A.C. et al
Hearn, Bedford et al, minor
Hearn, Lewis
Heir, Alice et al
Heir, Luthur
Henderson, Annie, dec'd
Henderson, Mary
Hendon, Leo et al
Hendon, Thomas
Hendrix, Adelle et al
Henry, A.J.
Henry, Raford E.
Hight, T.J. & Mary J.
Hindman, May Bell
Hindman, Ira B. et al
Hiten, Bonnie et al
Hitt, Freddie
Hitt, Freddie et al
Hobbs, P.M., dec'd
Hobbs, Van Zandt
Hobbs, Ava
Hogan, Ad
Hogue, Charlie
Holford, Adelle
Hollis, L.P.
Hollis, Tom
Hollis, Berdis Lena
Hollis, Mrs. Eva P.
Hollis, L.P. et al
Horton, Effie
Howell, Julius et al
Hubbard, Dessie
Huddle, Thos. P.
Huddle, Nola
Huddle, Otto
Huddleston, Roy B.
Huddleston, Edward, dec'd
Hudgins, Tommie
Hudgins, B.P.
Humphries, H.B.
Hyde, Frances


Ingram, Lizzie
Ingram, Jewell et al


Jackson, Sherdie
Jackson, Sherdy Reeves et al
Jacobs, Harriett
Jeter, Fay
Jeter, Willie B.
Jett, Luther
John, Johnie
Johns, Jonnie
Johnson, Ophelia
Johnson, Oscar
Johnson, Millard
Johnson, Lola
Johnson, Rachell
Johnson, William et al
Johnson, Able & Agnes
Jones, W.W.
Jones, E.C.
Jones, Loid
Jordan, Alvin
Jordan, W.M.

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