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Book III, 1922-


The Van Zandt County Probate Records are located in the County Clerk's Office in the county courthouse in Canton, Texas. Some of the early records have been microfilmed and these rolls are located at the Van Zandt County Library of Genealogy and Local History.

Copies of any Probate Record listed here may be obtained by sending a check or money order for a research fee of $5 Per Name to the Van Zandt County Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 1388, Canton, TX 75103. The fee covers the cost of copying, mailing and postage.

You may obtain copies of these records by visiting the LIBRARY OF GENEALOGY AND LOCAL HISTORY in Canton. You will only be charged the regular copying price of .25 cents per page if you do the research yourself.

If you have questions regarding these records, please contact Sibyl Creasey.

Book III, 1922-


Halbman, Otto
Haley, E.A.
Haley, Nettie et al minor
Hall, F.R., dec'd
Hall, J.M., dec'd
Hall, John T., dec'd
Hall, A.J.
Haltom, Gladys Eron
Hamlette, Andrew J.
Hand, P.S.
Hardigree, D.W.
Hardy, Mary Margaret
Hargrove, Albert
Harris, Allen, dec'd
Harris, John Ernest
Harris, Daphene et al
Harris, Mrs F.A., dec'd
Haynes, J.D. et al
Hays, Lelia et al
Hays, Dorothy
Hays, Conard S.
Hays, B.D.
Head, Omar Lamar
Headdins, Minnie, dec'd
Henderson, Jewell
Hendley, Lucille
Henry, Ruby
Hensley, B.H. et al, minor
Hensley, R.Z.
Herne, Nell, minor
Herron, B.E.
Hestor, H.H. Dr.
Hill, Jno. W.
Hill, Regnald et al
Hill, J.W.
Hillard, G.M.
Hobbs, L.V.
Holland, Julian
Hollis, Truman & Ozella
Holveck, George
Hooker, C.C., dec'd
Hooks, D.A., dec'd
Hooks, D.A.
Horn, J.W., dec'd
Howell, W.R., dec'd
Howell, Henry Harrison
Howell, Mrs. M.A.
Howell, Ena Green
Huddle, Irvin
Huddle, Dorothy Cornelia
Huddle, Hildrey
Huddleston, Roy B. N C M
Hudson, Norma Jean
Huff, Beatrice et al, minor
Hunt, M.C.
Hunter, R. dec'd
Hutchenson, W.M.
Hutchinson, M.J.
Hyde, Marvin Anthony


Ingram, Mamie
Irvin, Leasel & Ciecil
Ivey, J.N., dec'd
Ivy, Laura Mae
Ivy, Mrs. J.N.


Jackson, Thomas Kelly
Jackson, John Henry et al
Jacobs, Billy Gene
James, W.C., dec'd
James, T.L.
James, A.J., dec'd
James, Albert et al
Jarmon, Howard et al
Jarmon, W.T., dec'd
Jaynes, Fred C.
Jennings, Nora R. et al
Jeter, Flossie Marie
Jeter, Joy Belle et al, minor
Johnson, Pauline et al
Johnson, Charlotte Francis
Johnson, Lavora Francis
Johnson, O.L., dec'd
Johnson, Grace et al
Johnson, Pauline E.
Johnson, William Robert
Johnson, Frances
Johnson, W.G. (Estate)
Jones, William H.
Jones, Katherine et al
Jones, E.L. et al
Jones, Mrs Altoona (Alice)
Jordan, P.S.
Jordan, Dewey et al
Jordan, Anna Mae & Louis Maree
Jordan, John Hobart
Jordan, J.T.
Joyce, Geo. W.


Keahey, Coy et al, minor
Keese, Hulbert G.
Kell, Clifford et al
Kelly, Curtis
Kennedy, L.
Kennedy, Leon et al
Kennedy, W.S., dec'd
Kennedy, Lea Ray et al
Killingsworth, Ira
Killingsworth, J.T.
Kilpatrick, P.W., minor
Kindle, Jessie B.
King, L.A.
Kirkland, C.H.
Kirkland,__________ N.C.M.
Kirkland, Octavia
Knowles, Thomas et al, minor
Knox, Bessie Olivia et al
Knox, Deward et al

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