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Van Zandt County Genealogical Society

Book I, 1876-1909


The Van Zandt County Probate Records are located in the County Clerk's Office in the county courthouse in Canton, Texas. Some of the early records have been microfilmed and these rolls are located at the Van Zandt County Library of Genealogy and Local History.

Copies of any Probate Record listed here may be obtained by sending a check or money order for a research fee of $5 Per Name to the Van Zandt County Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 1388, Canton, TX 75103. The fee covers the cost of copying, mailing and postage.

You may obtain copies of these records by visiting the LIBRARY OF GENEALOGY AND LOCAL HISTORY in Canton. You will only be charged the regular copying price of .25 cents per page if you do the research yourself.

If you have questions regarding these records, please contact Sibyl Creasey.

Book I, 1876-1909


Adams, Ellen et al Minors, Ballard, W.H, Guardian
Adams, Clarence et al vs Jonnie Chaney, Guard.
Adcock, Nettie vs Julia A. Rohrer
Aldrich, Ellen A., Guardian vs Aldrich, Harry & Lillie, minors
Allen, Nettie, dec'd, Wilhite, J.H., admin.
Allen, Minnie Davis, Ella Allen, Guardian
Allen, Henry D., dec'd, Ellen Allen, Executor
Allen, M. A., Guardian, T. Reid et al Minors
Alphin, James, minor, A.J. Eason, Guard.
Anderson, O.H. & Susan vs Geo., Ruben, articles of adoption
Anderson, Oscar
Andrews, Sarah vs Andrews, Joseph, Admin.
Angell, Frank H., Alcie Angell, Ex.
Anten, Susan J., I.N. Anten, Executor
Arendall, J.Y. Est, estate, dec'd - Alex Burge
Armstrong, M.E., dec'd
Athey, Bennie F. vs Wm. Athey, Guard.
Atkins, E. Gertrude, dec'd, Mrs. E.A. Young, admin.
Austin, J.C. dec'd, Florence Sim, temp admin.


Barbee, Donnie et al
Barber, I.M.
Barber, Jas. A. et al, minors
Barbie, C.L. et al
Barclay, Mrs. Geogia A.
Barfield, C.H., est of, dec'd, A.M. Barfield, Ext.
Barfield, Sereda, minor, A.M. Barfield, Guard.
Barfield, W.F., est., C.L. Barfield, Guard.
Barfield, Thomas and Burrell, minors, B.J. and C.D. Blankenship, Guard.
Barfield, S.E., est of, minor, B.T. & C.D. Blankenship, Guard.
Barker, Miro F., minor - Irene Dorsey
Barker, Tim
Bass, Missouri et al minor vs L. Bass, Guard.
Bass, Emma Amx county Est., J.W. Bass, dec'd
Beggs, Addie et al
Bennett, W.M., B.J. Bennett, Guard.
Bennitt, Boygess (?), application to probate will
Bentley, W.W.
Bentley, William- Pate, Idella
Berry, J.T., dec'd
Berry, M.E.C.
Berry, J.T., dec'd
Berry, Sarah L., dec'd- John T. Berry
Black, Mrs. M.A.
Black, W.N. & Alice J., Guard. Vs Katie & John Pruitt, minors
Black, Mary I, est. Et al, M.B. Boyett, Guard.
Blassengame, Jefferson, non compus mentus, S.A. Blassengame, Guard.
Blassingame, Jefferson - H.G. Blassingame
Bogue, Mrs. M.A., dec'd - W.M. Black, Executor
Bogue, Fanny et al, minors - R.E. Bogue
Bogue, M.A., dec'd, W.N. Black, Gen. Admin.
Bogue, Mrs. M.E.
Bolt, S.W. et al Minors vs W.M. Johnson, admin.
Bolt, A.J., Guard, Stephen W. Bolt et al
Bolt, S.W. est of, et al , W.M. Johnson, receiver
Bonner (?), Lindsey, lunacy
Bowman, J.W., minor, W.L. Johnson, Guard.
Brack, Ward Est., G.B. Selman et al
Bradley, Mrs. Mary
Brandon, T.D.
Bratcher, W.P.
Brewer, John, dec'd - T.T. Brewer, coun Admin.
Brewer, D.C., dec'd - T.S. Brewer, survivor
Brewer, Guy
Brico, Mary, dec'd, J. Brico, coun Admn.
Brico, Emma et al minors, H.J. Craft, Guard.
Bridgeman, Woody
Britton, Thos. Dewitt
Brocher, A.J.
Brooks, Mrs. L.W., lunacy
Brown, Jesse & Minnie
Brown, Eliza - W.A. Smith, executor
Brown, J.S., Guard., Est. of H.T. Brown et al
Brown, Archie
Brown, Ethel
Brown, E.E. Mrs., Dec'd vs David Brown, Admin.
Brown, S.T., T.J. Brown
Brunson, C.F., T.J. High, Exr.
Bullock, Annie et al
Burge, Alex, Mrs. Josie Burge, Admx.
Burks, Mattie
Burnett, B.J., George Flatt, minor
Burnett, B.J., Guard., Wm. Elliott, minor
Burnett, D.L. et al minor, B.J. Burnett, Guard.
Burns, A.C.
Burrage, J.C. temp admin.
Burrage, Mrs. S.F. Guard.
Burrage, Mrs. S.F. Admin.
Busley, Jessie et al
Butler, Virgie et al - R.H. Butler
Byrd, Ezra
et al, minors - W.H. Byrd, Guard.


Cade, Bertha O. et al - I.N. Reed
Caldwell, Willie - Henry Caldwell
Campbell, O.P., dec'd - M.M. Campbell, Admin.
Campbell, Lillie E.
Cannon, Francis, Estate of, dec'd vs R.M. Lively, Admin.
Cannon, Frances, dec'd - J.S. Murphy, Admin.
Cantrel, Zion, dec'd vs Eliza Cantrel, Cou Admin.
Carmichael, D.E. Estate of, dec'd - W.W. Carmichael, Admin.
Caro, Mary
Carpenter, Clarissa et al minors - F.H. Hebdersib & wife, Guard.
Carpenter, D.N. & R.J., minor - W.J. Statan, Guard.
Carra, Mary C., Admin. Vs Estate of John A. Cara, dec'd
Carter, J.J., Estate of, dec'd vs S.J. Carter, Admin.
Cartwright, Alice, dec'd - D.C. Cartwright, survivor
Castleberry, A.W.L., dec'd vs H.A. Castleberry, Admin.
Cates, Ellie, dec'd - W.H. Cates, coun. Admin.
Causey, Mary et al
Cella, Filley, Estate of, et al minors - J.C. Cella, Guard.
Chancellor, Wadie - Mrs. Alice Jones
Chancellor, A.H., dec'd - F.M. Chancellor, Admin.
Chancellor, Wadie, minor - R.S. Jones, Guard.
Chandler, Laura et al - R.A. Chandler
Childress, Sam B. et al, minor - Dora Childress, Guard.
Clark, Fannie M., dec'd - Ben Clark, coun. Admin.
Clark, Mrs. A.E., dec'd - N.S. Clark, cou admin.
Clay, Maggie Mable et al
Clay, W.W. minor - W.M. Johnson, Guard.
Coats, W.F., dec'd
Cochran, L.J. & Ida - J.M. Maxey, Guard.
Cockerell, William A., Estate of, dec'd, vs Arch Cockerell and W.J. Hill, Admins.
Cockerell, W.A., Estate of, dec'd - A. Cockerell and W.G. Hill, Executors
Cole, J.G. & M.J.
Collier, H.F., dec'd - Mrs. Frankie Collier
Colvin, Johnnie, minor - Coleman Colvin
Compton, S.P., dec'd - D.F. Clark, perm. admin.
Compton, S.P., dec'd - T.J. Towles, Admin. & D.F. Clark
Constant, Solomon
Cooper, John
Coulson, Henry B. et al - Mrs. Lon Cochran
Cox, I.N., dec'd - J.A. Rochell, Admin.
Cox, J.G., dec'd - Mrs. Lucinda Sides
Cox, C.A., minor - Mrs. Lucinda Sides
Cox, W.B. , Temp. Admin. vs A.H. Rowan, dec'd
Crawford, Jake et al
Crawford, W.L. - Mrs. Callie Crawford
Cross, A.C. et al
Cunningham, Mrs. E.T.
Cunningham, Arecison et al - M.G.C., Guard.
Curlin, Willie et al, minor - T. Knox Curlin

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