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Book I, 1876-1909


The Van Zandt County Probate Records are located in the County Clerk's Office in the county courthouse in Canton, Texas. Some of the early records have been microfilmed and these rolls are located at the Van Zandt County Library of Genealogy and Local History.

Copies of any Probate Record listed here may be obtained by sending a check or money order for a research fee of $5 Per Name to the Van Zandt County Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 1388, Canton, TX 75103. The fee covers the cost of copying, mailing and postage.

You may obtain copies of these records by visiting the LIBRARY OF GENEALOGY AND LOCAL HISTORY in Canton. You will only be charged the regular copying price of .25 cents per page if you do the research yourself.

If you have questions regarding these records, please contact Sibyl Creasey.

Book I, 1876-1909


Pabst, Mrs. Ingeboard
Padgett, Ed & Uley, minors
Padgett, Willie et al
Palmer, Bessie et al, minor, - J.W. Samples, Guard.
Parkerson, John et al
Parkerson, J.J., dec'd
Parrish, E.M., dec'd, - A.A. Parish, Adux
Paschall, Jack
Pate, Idella, minor
Pearl, Samie
Peel, Earl, minor, - Mrs. N.D. Peel
Peel, W.W. & S.F., dec'd, - W.M. Peel, temp. Admin.
Pency, Oliver et al, estate of, - J.A. Pency, Guard.
Pepper, Ruva - J.A. Scruggs, Guard.
Perry, (or Peavy?)C.B. vs Mrs. L.T.E. Perry
Perry, Ruby & Bart - W.B. Wynne
Perry, Mary
Perry, D.A., dec'd, - F.J. Perry, com. Admin.
Perry, Mary et al, minors, - J.Frank Perry, Guard.
Peters, C.C. & Julia - Hube Peters
Phillips, Mrs. N.C., dec'd, estate of, - R.B. Ford, Receiver
Phillips, Lillie & Dewey
Phillips, R.F., dec'd, estate of, - F.F. Phillips, Admin.
Phipps, Gracy
Pierce, William et al, minor - H.M. Pierce, Guard.
Pilley, Mamie
Pinkerton, Ida E.
Piper, Walter et al
Platt, B.L.
Pool, Marian, dec'd
Prince, Jennie & James, estate of, - J.F. Jones, Guard.
Prince, W.Y.
Pruitt, Katie & John, minors, - W.N. & Alice Block, Guard.


Rains, W.B., dec'd - Mrs. L.E. Rains, Admx.
Rakenstraw, Mrs. Georgie
Reed, J.H.
Reese, W.H.
Reeves, W.W., dec'd - Maggie Reeves, Admin.
Reeves, H.
Reid, Curtis, minor, vs - Jackson Reid, Guard.
Reynolds, J.P., heirs of, minors, - J.P. Reynolds, Guard.
Reynolds, A.L., dec'd
Reynolds, J.F., dec'd - E.R. Reynolds, Admin.
Reynolds, Lottie E. - E.R. Reynolds, Admin.
Reynolds, Ethel N. - E.R. Reynolds, Admin.
Reynolds, B.B., estate of, admin. vs T.J. McKain, extr.
Rhodes, Mrs. C.C.
Rich, J.J., estate of, vs M.A. Rich, Admx
Richards, J.E., estate of, minor, vs W.J. Stewart, temp. Admin.
Richards, T.W., dec'd, vs Mrs. M.P. Richards
Richardson, S.C.
Richardson, Willie
Riddle, T.B.
Riddle, May et al
Ridgill, Yancy, dec'd - Amanda Ridgill, Guard.
Riley, Jesse et al
Riley, Cicil
Roberts, W.H.D. et al, minors, vs W.D. Roberts
Roberts, J.B.
Robinn, Ray, dec'd - Janie Ware, Guard.
Robinson, J.W. et al, estate of, - J.H. Robinson, Guard.
Robinson, Texas E., exet. vs H.L. Robinson
Robinson, C. W. Guard., vs J.P. & S. Enos, minors
Roddy, Carl et al, - Robt. Roddy, Guard.
Roddy, S.G., dec'd - Isaac Taylor, Admin.
Roddy, Robt. et al, minors - W.C. Roddy, Guard.
Roddy, Robt. et al, - J.B. Roddy, Guard.
Roddy, S.R. et al, minors, - T.G. Roddy, Guard.
Roddy, S.G. - T.G. Roddy, Perm. Admin.
Rodgers, L.A. - Geo. P. Rodgers, com. Admin.
Rohrer, E.G.
Rohrer, S.S., estate of, - Mrs. Julia Rohrer, Admx.
Rohrer, E.S.
Rohrer, Nettie
Ross, Ethel, dec'd - W.H. Nonis, Temp. Admin.
Ross, E.T., dec'd, - W.H. Norris
Ross, N.B.
Ross, M.A.
Rotenberry, W.A., dec'd - A.N. Alfred, Temp. Admin.
Rowan, A.H., dec'd - W.B. Cox, Temp. Admin.
Rucker, J.F., dec'd - Mrs. N.E. Rucker, Admin.
Rucker, Lula Bell et al, minors
Rucker, Charley, minor, - W.J. Rucker, Guard.
Rush, Hughey et al, minors, vs Rutha J. Rush, Guard.
Rush, Peter et al, minor, - W.D. Hardigree
Rush, P.C., et al, - G.W. Hardigree
Russell, Mrs. Artie - Artie Russell, Admx.
Russell, Martha E.
Russell, Carrie et al
Russell, A.E.
Russell, J.L., dec'd, vs P.F. Russell, Admin.


Samford, W.T. et al, - W.C. Samford, Receiver
Samples, Mamie, Della & Jesse vs W.S. Mitchell
Samples, J.F. vs T.J. Towles, Admin.
Samples, Jesse et al - Evans
Samples, Alice, minor, - J.T. Towles
Sanders, R.K. et al
Sanders, Sadie et al
Sands, Ellery D., dec'd
Scobey, Cora et al, minor, - D.N. Scobey, Guard.
Scruggs, Mrs. K.E., dec'd - H.H. Curl & J.D. Neel, Admin.
Scruggs, J.A., dec'd - W.W. Gibson, Admin.
Scruggs, J.A. - Bruce Reeves Peppin
Sewall, N.A.
Sewall, J.N.
Sewell, Caminie, dec'd - S.A. Sewell, Exec.
Sewell, S.A. vs C.T. Gillam, Admin.
Shaver, E.A., dec'd
Shaver, E.A., Temp. Admin.
Shavors, Thos. et al
Shaw, Smith, dec'd - Thos. R. Shaw
Sheffield, Ewell, minor - A.N. Sheffield
Sherman, Sim - W.S. Sherman
Sherman, Mrs. N.J., dec'd
Sherman, Mrs. N.J., dec'd, vs T.R. Yantis
Shirley, Lone et al
Sides, W.A. vs M.A. Wilson & L.N. Sides
Sides, Mrs. C.M., dec'd
Simmonds, Ewing, dec'd, estate of, - Richard Simmonds, Admin.
Simmonds, Richard & Emma, estate of
Simmonds, Curtis & Jason
Simmons, J.N., dec'd - J.C. Simmons, Temp. Admin.
Simmons, Scott et al
Simmons, J.N., dec'd, - J.C. Simmons, Perm. Admin.
Simms, Leona & Jonathan, minors, - Margaret E. Brown
Simpson, R., dec'd
Sisson, Mattie H. vs A.G. Sisson, Guard.
Smith, C.B.
Smith, J.J., minor, - Mrs. B.A. Smith
Smith, Mrs. N.E., dec'd, vs W.B. Smith, Exec.
Smith, Jesse et al
Smith, Ross, minor - A.S. Simmons
Smith, C.J.
Sparks, Johnie
Spears, Martha E., dec'd - Sam Spears
Stanford, Earnest et al, minor
Stardey, Homer et al
Starnes, Milton & Presley - B.F. Starnes, Guard.
State of Texas vs Mrs. Smith
Staton, M.J., dec'd - W.J. Staton, Admin.
Steed, Louis et al
Steed, Louis et al
Stephens, Jesse M. - J.L. Boyett, Guard.
Stephens, W.H., estate of, dec'd, - Kilgore & Lively, Exec.
Stewart, Fisher et al, minors, - Mrs. M.S. Steward, Guard.
Stewart, G.T.
Stewart, L.J., dec'd, estate of, - L. Stewart, Admin.
Stewart, Mrs. Julia C.
Stewart, Mrs. F.L.
Stone, Mamie - R.F. Stone
Stonecipher, Pat
Story, D.L. & Claud
Strain, Mary E. vs M.H. Strain, Guard.
Strain, Martha N. et al, minors, - Mrs. C.E. Strain, Guard.
Strain, Martha M. et al, minors, - Ella E. & W.H. Paul, Guard.
Strain, N.H., dec'd - D.M. George, exec.
Strait, Lucinda P., minor, - James Strait, Guard.
Strait, G.P., minor - J.H. Strait, Guard.
Strickland, Cynthia, estate of, - M.J. Strickland, Admin.
Strickland, M.L., dec'd, - M.J. Strickland, Admin.
Strickland, Lassie & Dessie - E.C. Devall, Guard.
Stringer, Wm. J. et al
Stuart, N.D., estate of, - R.F. Stuart, Guard.
Stuart, Solomon et al, - J.A. Stuart, Guard.
Stuart, Mrs. Bettie, com. Admin.
Sullivan, W.A. - Maggie Wallace
Sullivan, M.J., estate of, - E. Sullivan, Admin.
Sullivan, Grace et al, minor
Sullivan, W.A. - Lydia & Allie Smith
Sullivan, W.A., dec'd - Mrs. Sallie A. Sullivan, Temp. Admin.
Sullivan, Grace & Jennette, minors, - Mrs. Sallie A. Sullivan, Guard.
Swank, C.W., dec'd - Mollie M. Swank, Temp. Admin.

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