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Book I, 1876-1909


The Van Zandt County Probate Records are located in the County Clerk's Office in the county courthouse in Canton, Texas. Some of the early records have been microfilmed and these rolls are located at the Van Zandt County Library of Genealogy and Local History.

Copies of any Probate Record listed here may be obtained by sending a check or money order for a research fee of $5 Per Name to the Van Zandt County Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 1388, Canton, TX 75103. The fee covers the cost of copying, mailing and postage.

You may obtain copies of these records by visiting the LIBRARY OF GENEALOGY AND LOCAL HISTORY in Canton. You will only be charged the regular copying price of .25 cents per page if you do the research yourself.

If you have questions regarding these records, please contact Sibyl Creasey.

Book I, 1876-1909


Talley, R., dec'd - G.W. Tulley, Admin.
Taylor, M.L., dec'd
Taylor, Isaac
Taylor, R.A.
Taylor, Mrs. R.A.
Teel, Margaret, dec'd - H.M. Teel & E.W. Lawley, Admin.
Terry, R.H., dec'd
Texas, State of, vs Laura Hollang
Texas, State of, vs William Jeter
Texas, State of, vs W.M. Buchanan
Texas, State of, vs Araunta Portey
Texas, State of, vs W.F. Tucker
Texas, State of, vs Annie M. Murry
Texas, State of, vs Sallie Joiner
Texas, State of, vs Buck Prince
Texas, State of, vs M.A. Cox
Thames, A.F., dec'd - Mrs. Sallie Thames, com admx.
Thompson, T.N., dec'd
Thompson, J.T. & wife - J.T. Thompson, Admin.
Thompson, W.D., dec'd
Thompson, Willie et al, minor, - Mrs. Ora Thompson, Guard.
Thorn, Annie et al, minor, - John S. Thorn, Guard.
Tisdale, Kerons
Townsend, M.E., dec'd, - L.H. Townsend, Admin.
Truss, C.R. et al
Tucker, S. & L.
Tunnell, Pierce et al
Turner, Mrs. M.A.
Turner, Charley
Turner, Joseph & Ellen, minors, - T.J. Marsden, Admin.
Turner, Lonna et al
Turner, Mrs. Emma, dec'd, - W.J. Turner
Turner, Margaret vs Hattie A. Hiten
Turner, W.W. & B.L. - T.J. Turner, Guard.
Turner, Lillie J. - T.A. Foster
Turner, M.G., estate of, - T.C. Foster, Admin.
Tyson, Mrs. S.M., estate of, - S.M. Tyson, Admin.


Varnell, D.E. et al
Vaughn, R.J. et al
Venter, Loye, minor, vs W.A.J. Hilton, Guard.
Vinson, Riley
Vinson, Earl T.


Waddell, Clara et al
Wages, A.C.
Waldenspin, Jas.
Wallace, L.K., dec'd, - D.M. Wallace, Admin.
Wallace, Ennis, minor, estate of, - D.M. Wallace, Guard.
Wallace, Jennie - W.G. Johnson, Guard.
Wallace, W.P. - W.J. Greer, Guard.
Wallace, Maggie - J.W. Meeks, Guard.
Walsh, et al, minors, vs C.H. Luton, Guard.
Walters, W.H., dec'd, estate of, - Walters, Admin.
Walters, M.H., dec'd, - L. Walters, Admin.
Walters, R.G., dec'd
Walters, R.T., dec'd
Ward, Billie et al
Ward, Meddie et al, minors
Ward, Mary J., dec'd
Ward, Mary
Ward, S. L., Guard. vs J.Y. & C. Darnell
Ward, M.M.
Warenskjold, M.S.
Warus, Kyold
Watts, C.C., dec'd, estate of, - P.L. Watts, Admin.
West, Grimen
White, Mrs. Mary
White, Mary
White, Thos.
Whitstone, Anderson, estate of, - Alex Burge
Whitstone, Anderson, estate of, - Nancy Whitstone, Admin.
Whitton, Birty Lee - James West, Guard.
Williams, J.D. et al, minors, - V.F.S. Williams, Guard.
Williams, Willie et al - Herbert Williams, Guard.
Williams, H.N., dec'd, vs F.P. Williams, Temp. Admin.
Williams, T.K. & I.A., minors, - H.N. Williams, Guard.
Williams, Richard J.
Williams, Mrs. M.S. - S.C. Williams & H.L. Roberson
Williams, S.C. Henry
Williams, Mary, minor, - J.G. Harmon, Guard.
Williams, Mrs. Minnie
Williams, S.C.
Williams, Mary A., dec'd, vs L.W. Williams, Admin.
Williams, Sallie et al - H.N. Williams, Guard.
Williamson, Theo et al
Williamson, J.W., dec'd
Wills, M.A., dec'd, - Mary J. O'Neal
Wills, Halbert, minor - A.H. Murrey, Guard.
Wilson, Terrell, minor, - Mrs. T.J. Wilson, Guard.
Wilson, Susie & William, minors
Wilson, Bertha et al
Wilson, Willie et al
Wilson, James
Winfrey, Porter et al, minors
Wiseman, Mary A.
Wolfe, R.H., dec'd, vs Mrs. M.H. Wolfe
Wolfe, Philip
Wolverton, Jesse et al - Julia Wolverton
Wood, N.S., dec'd, vs T.J. Wood, Admin.
Wood, W.P., estate of, - J.F. McCarty, Temp. Admin.
Woodard, Mary
Wortham, Mrs. E.C., dec'd, - C.A. Wortham, com admin.
Wright, Mrs. Elizabeth
Wright, Mrs. Lucretia E., dec'd
Wright, Mrs. A.L., dec'd, vs I.H. Wright, Admin.
Wynnie, L.B. et al, minors, - Ed Wynnie, Guard.


Yantis, T.R.
Young, L.H. - W.J. Young
Young, E.A.
Youngblood, Josie, dec'd, - B.B. Youngblood, com. Admin.
Youngblood, Vernon et al, - B.B. Youngblood, Guard.
Youngblood, Ida, et al, estate of, vs Mrs. Sallie Youngblood, Guard.

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