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This page is dedicated to our local authors who have taken the time to research and create a manuscript and have that manuscript published. This takes time and dedication to a particular subject. All these books contain material from Van Zandt County. If you or someone you know has published an article in a magazine, a book or other published material that you would like to share with others, please contact Sibyl and the material will be place on this page.

"John Tinsley Is My Name"


"John Tinsley Is My Name, Vol. II,

The Descendants"

The Continuation of the Saga of John the Irishman and His Decendants

(Volume II won the First Place Award for Excellence in the TSGS writing competion)

A Family History in two volumes compiled and edited by

Sue Tinsley Wilkinson

John's great, great, great, great, granddaughter in the year 1995 & 1996

Sue Tinsley Wilkinson is a long time member and past president of the Van Zandt County Genealogical Society, a past member of the Texas State Genealogical Society executive board, and a first place award winner of the TSGS writing competition. Instructions on how to obtain both volumes are at the bottom of this page.


(February 23, 1792)

This quotation is taken from the fly-leaf of the Tinsley Bible printed in Dublin, Ireland in the year 1740, and brought to America in 1792 by the Patriarch of the Tinsley families of Newberry, South Carolina; Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.

When John Tinsley came from Ireland to America in 1792 I'm sure that he had great expectations. Although I don't know with any certainty what his circumstances were, I do know that then, as well as now, America was thought to be the land of opportunity. A man could own land, be free to worship as he pleased, he could speak his mind, he could raise his family as he saw fit.

John must have been interested in a new beginning in this new world. It is known that he bought land and raised crops including the money crop, tobacco. He had friends and a small family, at least two boys to carry on his name. Arthur, the oldest, possibly named for his grandfather, married Catherine Cunningham, had several children and died young. His children have been lost to our knowledge but I still hope one day to find their descendants. We do know that John the immigrant, died before these sons were grown. The proof of that was contained in the administration of his estate following his death in 1812 in Newberry, South Carolina.

John Tinsley Is My Name, Volume II, the Descendants, is about the descendants of his youngest son Jonathan Tinsley, hereafter known as John and his wife Nancy Boggess Tinsley.

John married Nancy in the year 1818, in Putnam County, Georgia. It is not known how many children they had, but the 1820 census of Putnam County shows that they already had a daughter under age two. I can not be certain how many came after that but the Family Bible that records Nancy's birthdate and name only gives information about the four children who were counted with her and John in 1850, in Henry County, Georgia. I now know that there were several girls, one was Martha Ann who married first Hiram Alexander. He died soon after, leaving Martha with an infant daughter. After Hiram's death she married a William Bledsoe. Elizabeth J. Tinsley married Benjamin Adkins, a cousin. By 1850, only the youngest daughter Samantha Hopkins Tinsley was living at home. Her story remains a mystery. The descendants of the three known sons of John and Nancy Tinsley are the focus of this book.

Volume I of "John Tinsley Is My Name" ended during with the Civil War Period. "John Tinsley Is My Name, Vol. II, the Descendants" is about the descendants of John Tinsley's youngest son Jonathan Tinsley hereafter referred to as John and his wife Nancy Boggess Tinsley. The focus of the second book is about the three known descendants of John and Nancy.

For anyone researching the Tinsley family, these volumes are a must. The information that they contain is fully researched and documented. To obtain copies, send check or money order for $25 plus $3 shipping for Vol. I and $20 plus $3 shipping for Vol. II to Sue Wilkinson, 319 VZCR 3447, Wills Point, TX 75169

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