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Old Van Zandt County School Photos Index Page

Van Zandt County Genealogical Society

We welcome any submittions of Old School Photos of Van Zandt County. If you would like to share, contact Sibyl Creasey for instructions on sending them. And any number of these wonderful old photos that you would like to send will be accepted. And sincere thanks to all our special contributors!

Alamo Institute, Ben Wheeler, Texas ca 1912-1913

Ben Wheeler High School, 1930

Ben Wheeler Girl Athletes, Basketball 1929

Ben Wheeler Girl Basketball Players,1929

Ben Wheeler Girl Basketball Players 1929

Ben Wheeler School Group with Teacher 1948-49

Ben Wheeler School Students with Teacher 1949-50

Ben Wheeler High School 1946

Ben Wheeler High School 1927-28

Ben Wheeler School, Grades 1 and 2, 1960-61

Ben Wheeler School 1928-30

Board/Elwood School

Browning School Students ca 1923-1925

Canton School ca 1908

Canton School ca 1910

Cedar Grove School 1924-25

Center School, 1936

Clark "Cross Oak" School 1925-26

Colfax School Students 1917

Corinth School ca 1904

Creagleville School Students 1939

Dawson School Students ca Early 1930's

Dawson School Students ca Early 1930's

Dawson School Students ca Early 1930's

East Center School Students 1920

Edgewood High School Football Team, The Bulldogs, 1946

Edgewood School of Early 1900's

Edgewood School 1911-1912, 5th, 6th and 7th Grades

Edgewood School Group 1907-1908

Edgewood School 1920-21, 9th Grade

Edgewood School Students, year unknown

Edgewood High School Students 1923-24

Elm Grove School Students about 1934

Fairview School, 1924-25

Fairview School 1920's (news clipping)

Friendship School 1938-39

Friendship School 1939-40

Friendship School in Early 1980's

Grand Saline High School Indians 1924

Grand Saline High School Indians 1925

High School, 7th Grade, 1923

Martin's Mill High School Graduating Class, 1944

McBee 1930 Student Body and Faculty

McBee School, 1931

Mt. Pisgah School Students, early 1900's

Odom School Group ca 1909-1910

Omen Academy Students

Omen Academy and Students

Pine Bluff School 1925

Primrose School Group ca 1912 or 1914

Primrose School Group ca 1910 or 1911

Pruitt School Class of 1926-27

Rocky Point School 1938

Rocky Point School 1938

Rocky Point School Grades 1-5, 1938

Sand Flat School Students, 1908

Sexton School Students 1929-30

Sexton School Students

Sexton School Students

Sexton School Students

Stewart's Chapel School Group 1940-41

Stewart's Chapel School Group 1937-1938

Van High School, unknown year

Watkins School Students (possibly)

Wills Point High School 1958-59

Wills Point Football Team of 1918

Wills Point High School Football Team

Wills Point Junior Class of 1930

Wills Point Grade School

Wills Point High School Gymnasium 1947

Wills Point High School 1947

Wills Point School, year unknown

Unknown Van Zandt County School

Unknown Group of School Students

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