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The photos on the following pages have been generously contributed by family history researchers who love to share their old family photos. These are wonderful old family photos and are much appreciated. If you would like to share your precious photos and have them placed on this website, please contact Sibyl Creasey.

Rev. Robert H. Wilson and wife, Mary Louisa Faulk Wilson

Submitted by his granddaughter, Betty Ann Read Alexander, daughter of Yuba Hannah Wilson Read

This photo is of my maternal grandfather, Rev. Robert H. Wilson and his wife, born in Robertson County, TN Nov 16, 1863. He died in Edgewood, Van Zandt County, Oct 14, 1921. The attached tribute, written by his friend, appeared in the local paper shortly after his death. He was married to Mary Louisa Faulk Wilson. Their Children

(By J. L. Ross)

A few mornings ago when my telephone rang and central said:"Edgewood is calling," my heart panted. I was informed that my good friend, Rev. R. H. Wilson had passed away.

Bro. Wilson was one of the truest men I ever knew. The world never appreciated his worth. It too often misinterpreted him. For sixteen years, I have been intimately associated with him. Often we did not agree, but I never knew a man who stood truer to his convictions than he. He believed in a principle, not only fixed in his heart, but lived out in a man's life and many were his acts of kindness toward his fellow men, the world knew nothing of.

No man has ever lived in Edgewood, either preacher or layman, who has talked to as many men about their souls interest as R. H. Wilson. It was his happiest delight to lead someone to Christ, and he worked at that job twelve months in the year. Surely he has planted seed in some man's heart that will bring forth fruit unto righteousness, which will spring up and call him blessed when they come to God's judgement.

No man ever spoke evil of the church, or the preacher in his presence without being challenged by him. He believed in God's church and in God's ministers and was ready to defend them anywhere, anytime. He raised his voice against evil, in both low and high places. He had convictions and he stood by them. If he made a mistake no man was more ready to make it right than he. We talked with each other of the struggles in life; we talked of the joys of the heavenly life, we talked about death and the experience of passing from this world to that beautiful home up yonder. But he could tell me the joys of it now if he could speak. He was my friend. I loved him, and I am glad I told him so while he was here. I shall see him again when the curtains roll back and the morning light breaks forth into a new day. He will be among that host that came up through great trials and tribulations who had their robes washed in the blood of the lamb. Yes, the brother will be there, and I shall be happy to see him again.

May God's richest blessings rest upon his family.
Franklin, Texas
(Rev. R. H. Wilson died on Oct. 14, 1921 in Edgewood, Texas.)


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