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by John W. Baldwin, 1954


Baldwin, L. B. , Huntsville
Bush, Mrs. Ewing , Huntsville
Clark, J. L. , Huntsville
Cunningham, Minner Fishesr, New Waverly, Texas
Dominey, Mrs. Dave, Riverside, Texas
Edinburgh, T. B. , Huntsville, Texas
Hardy, Felix, New Waverly, Texas
Kmiecek, A. C. , New Waverly
McFarland, Mrs. I. B. , Hoiuston, Texas
Oliphant, Mrs. G. B. , Huntsville
Samuel, R. E. , Huntsville
Singletary, P. H., Huntsville
Sloan, Mrs. Ella , Phelps, Texas
Smith, Harriet, Huntsville
Swearington, Mrs. L. R. , Phelps, Texas
Walterman, Mrs. helen, Riverside, Texas
Watts, William, Huntsville, texas
Weinzerl, John, Riverside, Texas
Werner, Harold, Trinity, Texas
Wooten, Mrs. J. B. , Phelps, Texas


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History of the Fisher Families, Unpublished family records, in posession of Mrs. G. B. Oliphant, Huntsville, Texas

History of the Hunter and Stevens Families, Family records in posession of Willene Story, Tyler, Texas

History of St. Joseph's Parish, Church History in posession of A. C. Kmiecek, New Waverly, Texas

Kelly, John F.,  Diary, Cincinnati, Texas

Lewis, Mrs. H. E. , Retrogression of a Rural Community, Research paper, S. H. S. T. C. , Huntsville, 1952

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