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                         Marriages performed in Ward Co. April 9, 1893 - August 19, 1920                           

These records were transcribed from FHL microfilm #850638. The records were not copies of the original Ward Co. books. They were a typed transcription done by May Robinson (Mrs. Troy) Eiland, Genealogical Records Chairman - Permian Sands Chapter- Daughters of the American Revolutin -1968


Husband Wife Date Officiating
Edward Miller Mrs. Mattie A. McKindsey April 9, 1893 L. R. McMillian
S. L. Cain Hattie L. Loftin October 18, 1893 L. R. McMillian
James Wallace Cox Minnie Lee Cranson May 2, 1894 R. D. Gage - County Judge
Sterling Price Robertson Willie Stewart March 11, 1894 R. D. Gage - County Judge
Eugene Scott Mrs. Laverna E. Vincent May 15, 1895 J. W. Woodrough - Co. Jud
William McShan Ellen Brown August 14, 1895 J. W. Woodrough - Co. Jud.
S. L. Cain Mrs. Flora L. Wellgus November 28, 1895 W. W. Daggett
J. B. Baxley Patti Rose Ely August 3, 1896 T. B. Andrews - J.P.
J. M. Keithley Ola Underwood December 24, 1896 Robert A. Dorsett
Adam S.(O?) Hocker Maude Stewart December 24, 1896 Robert A. Dorsett
F. A. Moore Kasie Olhard May 12, 1897 E. E. Anderson - Co. Judge
W. C. Carson, Jr. Edna Parker March 24, 1898 A. S. Bunting
J. A. Upchurch Bertha Anderson August 28, 1898 L. H. Eby
Walter M. McCullough Fannie E. Anderson March 12, 1899 T. J. Hefner - Co. Judge
J. C. McShean Gertrude Bergain March 19, 1899 J. W. Sweatt
W. J. Davis Ada Beckham July 3, 1899 E. T. Engle
E. W. Clayton Ida L. Whitaker September 20, 1899 A. S. Bunting
Theodore Andrews Emily Helman August 29, 1900 A. S. Bunting
Perrie (T?) C. Getzmiller Marion T. Daygherty October 18, 1900 John T. Sweatt - J. P.
M. W. New? Mattie J. Upchurch December 8, 1900 E. M. Black - J. P.
Don Dilberry Claudia Hayes May 22, 1901 G. H. Wilson
Edward Miller Mary Ann Carr October 30, 1901 H. M. Bandy
Walter L. Miller Jennie Clinton Carr December 18, 1901 H. M. Bandy
F. Fulcher Miss L. A. Mitchell December 14, 1901 E. M. Black - J. P.
T. A. Mitchell Julia J. Fulcher December 23, 1901 E. M. Black - J. P.
Charles L. Brown Mrs. A. Z. Higgins December 25, 1901 E. M. Black  - J. P.
J. J. Wheatt Ida Tatum September 7, 1902 G. H. Wilson
C. E. Peace Myra Carson Briggs November 27, 1902 A. E. Bunting
J. W. Camithers Fannie Roberts December 31, 1902 W. D. Stallings - J. P.
James Black Edna Whitaker April 19, 1903 G. H. M. Wilson
Jones Raindraton Orpha May Martin May 31, 1903 G. H. M. Wilson
W. M. Allsup Lena Mitchell June 16, 1903 G. H. M. Wilson
Samual Burch Carson Maida Alice Walker June 18, 1903 G. H. M. Wilson
Albama Tinan Juana Gossman July 22, 1903 J. A. Stewart  - Co. Judge
E. Mayenberg Dora Winio August 16, 1903 T. B. Anderson - J. P.
William Hall Mary Springer August 13, 1903 W. D. Stallings - J. P.
H. D. Palmer Ruth Pittman September 1, 1903 W. D. Stallings - J. P.
Taylor  Black Lula Flow November 25, 1903 J. K. Flow
Lachamas Carr Mary Campbell Dyer December 9, 1903 W. C. C. Foster
James Walter Jackson Maude Borders November 29, 1903 W. D. Stallings  - J. P.
Frank Burnell FannieJackson February 14, 1904 J. F. Loyd
Charlie Oscar Hamell Emma Jackson February 11, 1904 S. E. Wilson
J. H. Mitchell Miss O. A. Jackson February 11, 1904 J. F. Loyd
J. D. Shaw Emma Wilson April 6, 1904 J. F. Loyd
C. V. Sharkey Eula May Cafield March 23, 1904 J. A. Stewart  - Co. Judge
C. B. Dodson Elsie Erwin April 24, 1904 Thomas L. Lollance
G. L. Gates Kittie May Stewart May 22, 1904 Thomas L. Lollance
Sul Ross Carr Idea May Erwin August 21, 1904 Arthur Marston
F. T. Overman Minnie Ivy November 11, 1904 T. B. Andrews - J. P.
W. M. Holman Mattie Quann December 20, 1904 Rev. J. E. Walker
M. F. Kendell Vensta Summers December 25, 1904 J. W. Summers  - J. P.
Louella Smith December 28, 1904 J. W. Summers - J. P.
Robert S. Barker Idella Smith December 28, 1904 Rev. S. E. Wilson
W. C. McAfee Belle Gardner February 12, 1905 G. H. M. Wilson
Pat H. Wilson Genora V. Vickers February 14, 1905 G. H. M. Wilson
A. Z. Miller Maudie E. Hacker April 16, 1905 Homer L. Mages
S. W. Allen Ethel May Adcock April 19, 1905 G. H. Wilson
M. M. Shelton Rosa Bram June 8, 1905 J. W. Summers - J. P.
Sid Cowan Winnifred Grace Walker October 31, 1905 R. C. Medaris
Guy A. Covey Ella M. Fellman December 30, 1905 R. C. Medaris
Jim Crowley Rena Mitchell December 17, 1905 J. R. Holms
Luther Kelling Siddie Hutcherson December 20, 1905 Homer L. Mages
R. R. Sewell Lena Cox April 3, 1906 W. D. Stallings
Charles Childress Dyer Hazel Annie Walker April 15, 1906 R. C. Medaris
W. A. Sewell Myrtle Lane July 4, 1906 R. M. Hammock
William Russell Birdie Beauford August 26, 1906 J. R. Holman  - J. P.
Fred Parker Rosa Belle Claghorn May 6, 1906 C. C. Medaris
L. L. Beauford Della Bram September 3, 1906 J. R. Holman - J. P.
Herbert Brooks Becky Isaacs November 22, 1906 R. W. Hammocks
W. R. Renninger Della McKinney December 8, 1906 J. A. Stewart  - Co. Judge
C. C. Boyd Nora Hudson December 28, 1906 J. A. Stewart -  Co. Judge
A. L. Draper Myrtle Holman March 12, 1907 John M. Horns
Joseph Theodore Oftelle Roselee Ott March 17, 1907 J. L. White  - J. P.
Peter C. Heyd Catherine Rossman March 27, 1907 J. L. White  - J. P.
B. F. Black Bessie Deann Mitchell March 28, 1907 Alva E. Miller
D. L. McDaniel Martha B. Zellmer April 13, 1907 J. A. Stewart
J. M. Maulding Conna Quean April 24, 1907 J. A. Stewart
Fred Gasaway Bessie Davis May 8, 1907 J. C. Burkett
George H. Wissell Pearl Keith June 16, 1907 J. L. White
J. R. Walker Alta Fuller June 20, 1907 Alva E. Miller
Neal Clark Etta Shaw June 17, 1907 B. H. Warren
James Isaacs Winnie Daken August 4, 1907 J. L. White  - J. P.
Robert H. Crew Pearl Goode August 6, 1907 W. J. Moore
G. L. Pittman Rosey Cesvetle(?) September 21, 1907 J. L. White
Walter E. Smith Sarah L. Murphey September 25, 1907 J. L. White - J. P.
Autry F. Rice Beulah Coyle December 9, 1907 G. A. Lambreth
Joe B. Miller Mary Eleanor Bacon Janurary 30, 1908 Alva E. Miller
Arthur L. Porter Eva Cofferty February 13, 1908 Alva E. Miller
W. E. Fielding Josie Bolton February 12, 1908 W. J. Moore
R. C. Burford Eva Shaflatte February 24, 1908 J. G. Adcock
V. E. Pruett Lissie Kay March 22, 1908 W. J. Moore
Claude Anderson Mary Randilph May 13, 1908 Alva E. Miller
W. L. Brown Ruth B. Palmer May 17, 1908 J. L. White
J. A. Dean Clara Hefner May 24, 1908 W. J. Moore
W. P. Estes Jessie Fielding June 14, 1908 J. R. Holman
Sylvester M. Smith Mary E. Clark July 4, 1908 Alva E. Miller
Henry Abshire Lela B. Brown July 19, 1908 J. L. White
M. M. Cox Effie M. Simpson August 2, 1908 W. J. Moore
J. W. Hutchison Mattie Terrell September 23, 1908 Baxter Golightly
J. F. Sheldon Minnie Rogers October 21, 1908 Homer L. Mages
M. G. Williams Leona Vanzandt December 20, 1908 Alva E. Miller
A. J. Sitton Adelia Banks December 22, 1908 Alva E. Miller
D. S. Crowley Dagma Mitchell December 23, 1908 J. S. Moore  - J. P.
A. L. Pittman Maud Brown January 31, 1909 J. S. Moore - J. P.
G. I. Avary Jennie Maulding January 31, 1909 N. F. Marshall
A. B. Wright Mayme Ross March 3, 1909 Alva E. Miller
A. H. Neil Maggie Bryan May 16, 1909 Alva E. Miller
J. S. Nichols Miss E. A. Bailey May 23, 1909 L. D. Bernhardt
J. G. McMillan Maud V. Thompson August 12, 1909 Alva E. Miller
T. H. Kkingrea Frances Isaacks June 17, 1909 Tom B. Mitchell
W. B. Reeves Lucia Anderson December 28, 1909 Homer L. Magee
I. F. Armstrong Grace Lizzie Smith December 19, 1909 J. L. White  - J. P.
Jesse Key Maude Anderson January 16, 1910 Homer L. Magee
C. L. Bateman Emma Farriah February 26, 1910 G. W. Toby
O. H. Beauchamp Mable Barr April 17, 1910 J. E. Starley - Co. Judge
G. T. Trott Lourane Irby April 23, 1910 W. D. Boswell
R. T. Wilson Mary Anna Johnson May 8, 1910 W. D. Boswell
Ben A. McGowan Sarah Tompkins May 18, 1910 J. E. Starley  - Co. Judge
James H. Brewster Margurite Barstow June 1, 1910 Alva E. Miller
Sam Hayes Iva Avary June 5, 1910 W. L. Downing
Claude R. Meek Alvira Burton June 9, 1910 W. L. Downing
J. E. Cox Zola Marie Miles June 19, 1910 J. E. Starley  - Co. Judge
J. W. Rosson Martha Hannah Fowler June 30, 1910 Laurence Hillyer (?)
Arthur Blaine Crawford Nora Susanna Miller July 6, 1910 W. L. Downing
T. C. Potts Lillian Ola Lane August 10, 1910 W. L. Downing
Walter Snelson Ethel Mae Hensel September 28, 1910 L. Hillier (?)
Charles Holt Sewell Ora Esletta Guatine November 20, 1910 J. B. Cole
Sam Keithley Mary McIntire November 30, 1910 B. C. Bell, Cisco, TX
William A. Hale Emma M. Arnold December 2, 1910 Geo. Hogg  - J. P.
W. W. Chandler Gertrude (?) Berkey December 17, 1910 D. E. Adams
J. W. Irby May Freeman December 25, 1910 W. L. Downing
N. A. Irby Miss S. V. Banks January 11, 1911 W. L. Downing
C. E. Treavey Miss N. M. Slites February 15, 1911 W. L. Downing
Charles Terrell Mrs. Lus Senabar February 17, 1911 John Y. Leavell, Reeves Co. Judge
Charley Pool Bertha Smith April 8, 1911 J. L. White  - J. P.
Dick Beauford Estella Mitchell November 17, 1911 J. L. White - J. P.
James H. Bain Emma Jackson February 22, 1911 J. G. Adcock  - J. P.
J. E. Hubbs Lena Lee Mitchell March 3, 1911 W. L. Downing
Jim Wylie Matilda Pigman March 9, 1911 G. W. Toby
E. M. LaBeff Miss Vana Johnson April 2, 1911 George E. Printz
Ernest P. Black Zula Glaze April 19, 1911 W. L. Downing
Frank G. Rarey Pearl Cooksey May 21, 1911 S. J. Issacks - 70th Dist. Judge
Ralph R. Landrum Dorothy Rives July 9, 1911 W. L. Downing
G. P. Mitchell Laura Hill July 12, 1911 Geo. Hogg - J. P.
J. C. Harrison Ines Davis September 3, 1911 J. G. Adock - J. P.
W. M. Adams Cora E. Dildine September 13, 1911 G. W. Toby
H. C. LaBeff Ludric Johnson September 13, 1911 G. W. Toby
R. W. Risk Jessie Peal October 1, 1911 D. E. Adams
Zenas Doris Clark Carolina Barstow October 4, 1911 N. F. Marshall
Day R. Stiles Agnes Coyle December 3, 1911 W. L. Downing
Robert William Johnson Eva Barnett December 24, 1911 W. L. Downing
F. A. Ashmore Rose Harris December 24, 1911 L. Hillyer
Andy J. Adcock Perla M. Rudaly January 10, 1912 L. Hillyer
C. L. Gillespie Kate Grissom February 29, 1912 D. E. Adams
C. A. Frame Georgia Hogg March 25, 1912 Wallace R. Evans
T. J. Guilford Eskie Taylor April 18, 1912 J. G. Adcock  - J. P.
G. W. Rogers Jennie Wilderson May 7, 1912 J. Decker
Arthur H. Dunlap Ophal O. Young May 18, 1912 D. E. Adams
Ira A. Fuller Cleo Warren May 20, 1912 D. E. Adams
Ed Rogers Jewel Wilkerson June 12, 1912 J. Decker  - J. P.
Neil A. Moreland Cordelia May Sitton June 16, 1912 A. C. Miller
O. B. Yatman Wooten Bonds July 17, 1912 D. E. Adams
J. L. Jones Mildred Alexander July 1, 1912 J. B. Cole
J. M. Purvis Bessie J. Davis August 30, 1912 W. L. Downing
E. Graham Mrs. Bulah Rice September 7, 1912 W. L. Downing
W. B. Perkins Bessie May Burton October 15, 1912 J. B. Cole
Philip R. Lynch Louie Bowor November 4, 1912 W. L. Downing
Charles E. Nichols Nellie Dean November 28, 1912 W. L. Downing
John Baker Hallie Harrison November 28, 1912 W. L. Downing
Preston A. Black Willie Hall December 26, 1912 Hugh L. Smith
F. W. Herron Irene Irwin January 17, 1913 W. L. Downing
John Femmel Fannie Keene (?) April 17, 1913 Burch Carson  - Co. Judge
Errett B. Stephenson May Leggert May 27, 1913 D. E. Adams
Jesse A. Jones Lola Simpson June 29, 1913 Geo. Hogg  - J. P.
John D. Shipman Myrtle Strickland June 25, 1913 T. W. Staton
Edward V. Sweatt Ada M. Butler September 24, 1913 F. L. Young
Charlie Henry Miller Anna May King October 1, 1913 L. E. Finney
John C. Nichols Bettie Lou Dean October 22, 1913 W. L. Downing
Jessie Wise Louise Irby December 25, 1913 W. L. Downing
Charles Toby Sallie Harrison February 14, 1914 G. W. Toby
John Cooper Nannie Harrison February 14, 1914 G. W. Toby
J. Oliver Davis Vera Walker February 14, 1914 Geo. Hogg  -  J. P.
P. A. Hayes Bessie Archey February 14, 1914 D. E. Adams
G. L. Clements Leona Burgess April 2, 1914 Jno. T. Sweatt  - J. P.
Willie Evans Grace Henry April 30, 1914 W. L. Downing
Ed. R. McCarty Mary E. Stephens May 24, 1914 D. E. Adams
Sidney A. Lacy Bessie B. Butler July 22, 1914 Jno. T. Sweatt - J. P.
Henry King Alma Avary July 26, 1914 L. D. Mooney
Herman Milton Garrett Ira Alice Tatom July 19, 1914 L. D. Mooney
Ernest Lee Lena Wadley August 2, 1914 L. D. Mooney
Neal Baker Miss Thelma Baker August 25, 1914 E. M. Black - J. P.
Patrick Kane Lizzie B. Coyle August 27, 1914 W. L. Downing
Wm. P. Fulgin Virginia Cannon November 1, 1914 W. L. Downing
Jacob Scherer Sallie F. Hutchison December 16, 1914 Fred Little
Clay P. Stallings Cleo Johnson December 20, 1914 D. E. Adams
C. B. Taylor Mrs. Anastosio Romo June 23, 1915 J. T. Sweatt - J. P.
W. P. Estes Ira E. Simpson February  21, 1915 L. D. Mooney
Earl G. Card Ollie Buchanan May 30, 1915 Homer L. McGee
T. L. Patrick Fannie E. McCollough May 29, 1915 Homer L. McGee
Jim Card Pinky Toby May 26, 1915 W. L. Downing
S. H. Milholon Zell  Offield September 3, 1915 Burch Carson  - Co. Judge
Oscar Rosson Eula P. Rutledge August 29, 1915 D. E. Adams
G. W. Fryer Cora McDaniel October 13, 1915 E. M. Black  - J. P.
O. P. Dupree Mrs. S. A. Dupree November 6, 1915 Burch Carson - Co. Judge
S. H. Johnson Mrs. Minnie Offett March 18, 1916 Burch Carson - Co. Judge
John E. Moore Emma M. Brown February 6, 1916 Jno. T. Sweatt - J. P.
Jess Pitts Lottie Beauford September 18, 1916 Burch Carson - Co. Judge
Vernon T. Majors Miss S. E. Townley August 9, 1916 G. O. Key
Charley C. Lowe Katie Blanch Ramsey November   14, 1916 J. H. Walker
Herman Borders Dochia Lee Brown January 4, 1917 Homer L. McGee
Sterling Price Ethel Simmons March 21, 1917 Burch Carson - Co. Judge
S. E. Reinhardt Stella L. Sewell March 25, 1917 E. B. Bowen
A. B. Conine Nona Townley April 15, 1917 W. L. Downing
Luther C. Morrow Lois Stovall May 6, 1917 W. L. Downing
Jim Massey Ruby Beauford June 1, 1917 E. M. Black
Geo. H. Tucker Bessie Clem Morrow September 12, 1917 Geo. W. Truett
D. E. Turlingson Lela Wilson October 16, 1917 W. F. Fokes - Iron Co. Jud.
J. M. McCracken Mrs. Lillie McCracken October 31, 1917 F. P. Richburg   - J. P.   Reeves Co.
Joseph C. Caroline Paulette Davis December 31, 1917 James H. Walker
John Carter Mable Fisher January 14, 1918 John T. Sweatt  - J. P.
S. T. Neely Bonnie Evans February 8, 1918 B. K. Tenney
J. L. Shepherd Lula Fay Kirkpatrick March 13, 1918 J. P. Richburg  - J. P. Reeves Co.
Eloie Cooper Viola Beck April 13, 1918 M. E. Beck
Arthur Cooper Mabel Toby April 13, 1918 M. E. Beck
Louis Robinson Dorothy Hyatt May 31, 1918 James H Walker
W. E. Roeder Jonnie Moreland June 2, 1918 B. K. Tenney
Arthur S. Whitney Mary McIlvane June 19, 1918 J. F. Loyd
John Kinchlow Lillie Cummins August 4, 1918 Geo. H. Tucker - Co. Judge
Albert Ross Amber Brown September 14, 1918 Geo. H. Tucker - Co. Judge
B. K. Tenney Elsie G. Rea October 17, 1918 Bristow Gray
J. D. Huffaker Claudia Keesee January 9, 1919 Geo. H. Tucker - Co. Judge
J. B. Metcalf Beatrice Stovall April 2, 1919 Geo. H. Tucker - Co. Judge
John Corcoran Susie Parker July 5, 1919 B. K. Tenney
John D. Pigman Cassie Williams July 28, 1919 Geo. H. Tucker - Co. Judge
John Augustus Hamilton Lillian Gertrude Maulding August 10, 1919 Homer L. Magee
Benjamin F. Posey Margaret Hall August 26, 1919 John S. Rice
Earl E. Stull Dollie Sue Townley August 31, 1919 B. K. Tenney
Henry G. Russell Marion C.  Moore November 29, 1919 B. K. Tenney
Thomas P. Summers Ethel G. Coyle September 20, 1919 T. F. Thomason
E. A. Norman May Hynson (?) November 8, 1919 T. F. Thomason
Rufus Wright Mittie Coyle December 5, 1919 B. K. Tenney
Herman Ott Annie Murray December 17, 1919 Max Krauskopf - Catholic Priest
Jess Williams Rosa B. Perrin December 13, 1919 B. K. Tenney
John W. Green Marjorie Ruth Hall December 25, 1919 Salon Johnson
George K. Stark Beatrice Unknown February 28, 1920 Geo. H. Tucker - Co. Judge
Lester Eddins Gladys Shaw May 14, 1920 Fred B. Faust (?)
Alvin H. Fulgin Maude Autrey March 7, 1920 J. A. Rich
J. C. Stovall Callie Moody January 25, 1920 A. O. Gradon
Joseph B. Jarrell Mary Lee Terrell April 19, 1920 J. M. White
Ralph E. Hardin Maria Franco July 4, 1920 T. B. Anderson
Fern Tatom Lily Clements June 20, 1920 J. F. Nichols
L. H. Terrell Helen Oppenhiemer August 9, 1920 J. M. White
Thomas N. Carr E. Marie Lloyd August 19, 1920 J. F. Loyd

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