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Captain William Barron Chapter
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SAR Membership


Any man of age eighteen years or older, who is a lineal descendant of an ancestor who supported the war for American independence is eligible for membership in the Sons of the American Revolution.

The SAR does not restrict membership based on race, color, religion, national origin or nation of citizenship or residence. Marriage for the several generations going back to the Patriot Ancestor is desired but not a requirement. Bloodline descent – legitimate or illegitimate – from a Patriot Ancestor is what is required and is what must be documented. You must also have two members recommend you for membership.

A Patriot Ancestor may be one that rendered material aid, such as furnishing supplies with or without remuneration, serving in military or naval service, lending money to the Colonies, munitions makers and gunsmiths, rendering aid to the wounded, or anything which furthered the Cause.

Any pledge to support the cause of the Colonies, such as the signing the Oath of Fidelity and Support, the Oath of Allegiance, Articles of Association, or the Association Test are acceptable.

If you have a relative in the SAR, DAR, CAR, or a similar patriot descendant organization you may be able to save yourself time by submitting their established lineage and documentation for the part of lineage where your ancestors are the same as your relative.

Documentation Needed:

Beginning with the prospective member, documentation that proves the relationship to each generation is needed. The prospective member will need his and his wife’s (if married) birth certificates and their marriage license. If he has been married more than once, then documents for each marriage and spouse are needed.

The prospective member will need his parent’s birth certificates, marriage license, and death certificates – if available. If the documents are not available, then other means of proof will be needed. Family Bibles, wills, land deeds, church records, obituaries, and photographs of gravestones may be used.

The Federal census from 1850 through 1930 are available and usually list the names, ages, and birth places of all persons living in a household. They can be used to prove relationships.

Each generation beginning with the prospective member through the Patriot Ancestor must be documented. If a relative is a member of the DAR, SAR, or a similar patriot descendant organization, their documentation may be used for the part of the prospective member’s lineage where their ancestors are the same.

The Captain William Barron chapter has a Recruitment Officer as well as other members that are qualified to help with the process of documenting a prospective members lineage. A software program is available to assist in the preparation of the final application.


Mike Johnson For questions & assistance in preparing & assembling your membership papers, please contact him by email at:
 Mike Johnson
or call (903)805-9908

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