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Winkler County
Volunteers for Look Ups
Winkler County is desperately needing volunteers to help do searches, lookups, transcribing, photos - ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to get the information for our fine county on line and to help those researching their genealogy.

If you live in the Winkler County area and would like to volunteer, please drop me an email. Your help would be most appreciated!

Winkler County Library, Newspaper and Cemetery.

She is the Genie Angel for Winkler County, please follow the guidelines on the Genie Angels page for specific lookups.
Carolyn Harrison also has Obits from the Winkler Co. Newspaper and several history books on Winkler Co

Books: History of Winkler County
Last Updated: Thursday, September 2, 2010
Contact:  Jane Colmenares
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