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Click on the census page of your choice below.   You will see a list of pages in blue.  These are the hyperlinks to the census page, an image of the actual page from the microfilmed copy of the original census page.   Click on a page link to see that census page.  Wait a few seconds for it to load.   If your browser shows a small page, locate your mouse pointer in the page to get an enlarger button to click on & bring the page up to a larger size.    

Thanks to S&K Publications who prepared the CD for the 4 census years found below.   Information on how to order this CD containing all  4 Yoakum County Census Records can be found by clicking on their webpage at
S&KPublications.     These same census records are also available in a book published by S&K Publications.   The price is $20 for all 4 census records on either the CD or in the printed book.   Click on S&KPublications for ordering information.

Census Indexes for each of the Census Records listed below are now on-line and can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate link   These Indexes are part of this Yoakum County Webpage.    The indexes allow you to locate the page on the Census Images site which has the name you select.   In addition, these indexes can be used with the microfilmed census records found in many libraries and in all branches of the National Archives and Records Administration.   Fort Worth, TX, has the NARA branch located closest to Yoakum County, TX.    (The 1900 census is only one page, therefore an index for that census was not done.)

1900 Census Images
1900 Census - Text Version
Index to 1910 Yoakum Co Census
1910 Census Images
Index to 1920 Yoakum Co Census

1920 Census Images
Index to 1930 Yoakum Co Census
1930 Census Images

(What do those tiny words mean at the top of each column for the 1930 census?)

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When you access the Census Images listed above, you will be leaving the Yoakum County website.   Use your Back Button to return to this page.    The Census Images are found on the USGenWeb's Census Images site.   Yoakum County Genealogy Webpage is a part of the USGenWeb Project.

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