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                                          Pleasant Hill Cemetery
                           Yoakum County, Texas

Pleasant Hill Cemetery is in a rural area near Denver City.   The land for the cemetery was donated by Claude C. Freeman, Sr., but was never officially filed for record.    The cemetery now belongs to the landowner but is accessible since it is right beside a county road.    First burial was the infant of J. H. West, buried in 1938. (Source of information:  "Yoakum County From Sod to 1986" published by the Yoakum County Historical Commission)

The cemetery is located on County Rd #330 east of Denver City.

                                       *Freeman, Billy Joe                   b. 9 Sep 1928        d. 27 Oct 1939
                                       *Freeman, Claude Chester       b. 10 Mar 1889     d. 20 Nov 1961
                                         Grace, Curtis Dwain               b. 15 May 1929     d. 6 Apr 1941
                                         Grace, Ruby Olive                                                  d. 6 Jan 1940
                                         Hicks, Mrs.  Sarah D.             b.  1866                  d. 1939
                                         Hicks, Thomas H.                   b. 1857                   d. 1940
                                         Moser, Mrs. Maudie E.          b. 1881                   d. 1939
                                                                     West, Infant of J. H.                                               d. 1938

                                                      * The graves of Claude Chester Freeman
                                                        & his son, Billy Joe Freeman, were moved
                                                        to the Denver City Memorial Park in 1983.

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