Early Yoakum County Birth Records

1918 – 1925


Transcribed and Compiled by Shirley & James Webb
from Yoakum County Courthouse Records
Copyright © November 2003


These Records appear in Book #1 of the Yoakum County Birth Records at the

Yoakum County Courthouse, Plains, Texas.   The first birth recorded in the county was on May 17, 1918.

* An Asterisk denotes a birth which took place in Terry County of Yoakum County parents.


Names are shown as they appear on the birth record.    Sometimes a parent’s name which appears more than once, will have a different spelling.   We have not attempted to correct that type of spelling but will be glad to hear from family members who have knowledge of what is accurate.    Address such correspondence to the Yoakum Co Genealogical Webpage coordinator (see home page) and a correction can then be made on our webpage.

 Note: This will not correct the name on the courthouse birth records.   

For information on how an official correction can be made, contact the Yoakum County Clerk .


 Many official corrections are found in these birth records at theYoakum Co. Courthouse.    If a birth record had an official correction on it, the corrected information is what we recorded here .   



         Name                                         Date of Birth          Father                                     Mother    

Alberding, Jerry Hugh

23 Mar 1925

R. J. Alberding

Lelia Hill

Allbritton, Dorothy Jane

29 Apr 1922

John Lee Allbritton

Susan Annie Smith

Anderson, Margaret

6 Mar 1925

W. T. Anderson

Lula Norman

Bennett, Gene Herbert

26 May 1921

L. P. Bennett

Ruth Smith

Blankenship, Ila Mae

25 Nov 1921

L. F. Blankenship

Bertha Kersey

Bluhm, Helen

26 May 1925

John C. Bluhm

Viola Horner

Bluhn, John

17 Apr 1924

J. C. Bluhn

Viola Homer

Boyd, Charles Benjamin

28 Sep 1922

F. L. Boyd

Esther O. Cosby

Cargill, Jerry Vane

24 Apr 1924

J. T. Cargill

B. L. Mozer

Carr, Milas Walter

4 Jan 1922

R. O. Carr

Mrs. R. O. Carr

Carter, Wilburn Lite

17 Nov 1923

Wilburn Victor Carter

Vena Evelyn Townsend

Cates, Emma Belle

24 Nov 1921

John P. Cates

Cora Townsend

Childers, Laura Lorene

4 Jan 1923

Woodruff Childers

Winne Hayhurst

Claunch, Eunice Ivadell

9 Jan 1923

Horace Oscar Claunch

Lizzie Eunice Power

Cleveland, Frances Irene

10 Jul 1918

George W. Cleveland

Irene Fields

Cleveland, Jack

8 Aug 1920

George W. Cleveland

Irene Fields

Cleveland, Mona Fatine

29 Mar 1925

George W. Cleveland

Irene J. Fields

Cox, John Sam

20 May 1920

Fred M. Cox

Iva Ward

Cox, Robert David

14 Mar 1923

Fredrick March Cox

Iva Alice Ward

Davis, Frank

15 May 1925

J. C. Davis

Blanche Hobbs

Davis, Henry

14 Jun 1925

Henry G. Davis

Nellie Pool

Dumas, Nancy

3 Dec 1919

Moses Edward Dumas

Ida Irene Proctor

Ellison, James Virgil

28 Sep 1925

R. V. Ellison

Hattie Luttrell

Evans, John

24 May 1925

J. L. Evans

Clyde Feathers

Finley, Bradford

26 Feb 1925

J. W. Finley

Maud Hook

Fortenberry, Lottie Fay

6 Sep 1918

Tom Erwin Fortenberry

Emily Scarborough

Frazier, Thomas Daniel

15 Nov 1923

Thomas Ed Frazier

Dovie B. Frizzell

Free, Ella Faye

30 Jan 1923

Ennis Burns Free

Ruth Bedford

Free, Lura Mae

30 Jan 1923

Ennie Burns Free

Ruth Bedford

Freeman, ____ (female)

1 May 1921

Walter F. Freeman

Katie Freeman

Freeman, Clovis Lovinn

29 May 1923

C. C. Freeman

Nancy Warrick

Gladden, Cleo

8 Apr 1924

R. B. Gladden

Bertha Homer

Goodrich, John Earnest

6 Aug 1924

John William Goodrich

Lillie May Ely

Green, Melba

9 Nov 1925

I. B. Green

Florence Curd

Greene, Johnnie Lee

24 May 1919

John L. Greene

Lula Maude Putnam

Hague, Dixie Maurine

12 Apr 1920

William Houston Hague

Sallie May Butler

Hamilton, Annis Corine

19 Feb 1923

Homer Hamilton

Mary Lackey

Hamilton, Joe Lackey

6 Jan 1921

Homer Hamilton

Mary Lackey

Hassell, Joe Boy

20 Nov 1922

Joe B. Hassell

Maggie Knox

*Haywood, ____ (female)

26 Nov 1913

G. F. Haywood

Ivey Robinson

Haywood, Harry Frank

23 May 1923

G. F. Haywood

Ivey Robinson

Heath, Pearl Frances

1 Sep 1922

Johnathan David Heath

Pearl Cotten

Heath, William Arnold

7 Jun 1921

W. A. Heath

B. M. Smith

*Hooker, H.

17 May 1907

H. Hooker

Alice Hooker

*Hooker, Leora

19 Oct 1913

L. H. Hooker

Ola Thornton

Johnson, Billie Louise

10 Aug 1922

Homer Johnson

Alice Cecil Lewis

*Jones, Nick

23 Feb 1907

Nick Jones

Mrs. M. Jones

Keller, Mary Evelyn

11 Jun 1919

John C. Keller

Mary Ellen Wickson

Keller, Velma Mae

17 May 1923

John C. Keller

Mary Ellen Wickson

Kendrick, Mattie Ruth

1 Jan 1921

John J. Kendrick

Mattie Stanford

Kendrick, Richard Marshall

13 May 1918

Richard M. Kendrick

Helen Cunningham

Knight. Alton Eugene

20 Nov 1920

Robert L. Knight

Susannah Worley

Lindley, Walter Richard

9 Mar 1924

Samuel Richard Lindley

Hattie Josephine Moreman

Luna, Mary Josephine

28 Sep 1919

Murphy William Luna

Lillian Hurst

Lynch, Samuel

28 Oct 1924

S. C. Lynch

Dewey Smith

Matthews, Lois Frances

8 Jun 1922

O. C. Matthews

Florence Jones

McKee, Annie Eloise

18 Jan 1923

John McKee

Nora Walker

McLaren, Charity Winston

12 Feb 1918

Leslie McLaren

E. M. Lynn

McLaren, William Leslie

6 Oct 1925

William Leslie McLaren

Elizabeth Miller Lynn

*Merritt, ____ (female)

10 Jun 1916

J. F. Merritt

Ella Wild

Merritt, ____(female)

17 Feb 1920

Robert Lee Merritt

Lena Wahford

Merritt, Donald

8 Mar 1920

Jas. F. Merritt

Ella Wild

Moreland, George Wilbanks

25 Aug 1923

Robert Porter Moreland

Dovie Wilbanks

Moreland, Robert Porter

29 May 1922

Robert Porter Moreland

Dovie Mae Wilbanks

Nelson, Mary Beulah

18 Aug 1924

Hugh Nelson

Addie Jeffries

O’Neal, James Albert

17 Jul 1918

John Volley O’Neal

Ruth Webber

O’Neal, John Sanford

20 Apr 1920

John Vollie O’Neal

Ruth Webber

O’Neal, Minnie Ruth

24 May 1922

John Volley O’Neal

Ruth Webber

O’Neal, Shelby Olen

7 Nov 1924

J. V. O’Neal

Ruth Webber

Patterson, Walter Ross, Jr.

21 Jan 1918

Walter Ross Patterson, Sr.

Ruth Ellen Bertram

Pendergrass, ____ (male)

13 Sep 1921

D. R. Pendergrass

Nancy Linhart

Raybon, Eloise

23 Jul 1922

B. A. Raybon

Anna May Kidd

Read, Eva Lee

12 Feb 1922

W. K. Read

Jessie McCarter

Rogers, Miriana

23 Jan 1925

J. D. Rogers

Ora Hobbs

Samford, Alva C.

30 May 1918

Alva Samford

Girdie Blankenship

Scott, Mary

15 Dec 1925

Walter D. Scott

Mrs. Gaines

Snodgrass, Dolores Arlene

16 Sep 1925

Hugh Snodgrass

Dolores Arlene Hill

Snodgrass, Dorothy

16 Oct 1923

Hugh Snodgrass

Dolores Hill

Spears, James Walton

2 Oct 1923

James Monroe Spears

Ida Belle Coggin

Spears, Jesse Dalton

19 Sep 1925

James Monroe Spears

Ida Belle Coggin

Tingle, Frances Olivia

29 Apr 1919

Dallas Burton Tingle

Stella Jane Henard

Tingle, Katty Bess

18 Dec 1920

Dallas Burton Tingle

Stella Jane Henard

*Townsend, ____ female

5 Jul 1907

L. T. Townsend

Ollie Townsend

Townsend, John Raymon

4 Dec 1921

Lite Townsend

Susan Evelyn Stephens

Trout, Charles Wesley

1 Apr 1924

Joseph Reginald Trout

Wanie Magnolia Helms

*Turner, _____ (female)

13 Jul 1916

A. A. Turner

Delia McFarland

Turner, _____(male)

14 Jul 1918

John Carr Turner

Effie Beatrice Smith

Wallace, Barbara Ruth

18 Mar 1922

Theodore N. Wallace

Lura Fay Bennett

Wallace, Elizabeth

22 Mar 1920

T. N. Wallace

Fay Bennett

Walters, William Finley

20 Feb 1924

Marion Walters

_____ Everett

Watt, Carl Walton

13 May 1925

W. H. Watt

Engla Patterson

Webb, Naomi Ruth

15 Oct 1925

R. R. Webb

Bonnie May Loftice

Williams, ____ (female)

6 Jul 1918

Joseph W. Williams

_______ Crabtree

Wilson, Mary Jo

17 Mar 1918

Ed S. Wilson

Ruth C. Hudson

*Wingo, baby (no gender)

30 Nov 1913

H. F. Wingo

Mary Castor

Woodward, Jesse

3 Jun 1925

J. C. Woodward

Ida Lee Ford

Woolsey, Otho Thomas

10 Apr 1925

Otho L. Woolsey

Jimmima Montgomery

Yates, James

16 Jan 1918

Thomas B. Yates

Maggie Lackey

York, J. L.

1 May 1918

Jesse Lewis York

Alma Sealy



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