Yoakum County Courthouses


Built in 1948 in Plains, Texas, the Yoakum County Seat, this is the present Yoakum County Courthouse.




This picture is from "Yoakum County From Sod to 1986" published by the Yoakum County Historical Commission

The first Yoakum County Courthouse was built in 1908.    After it burned, the1926 courthouse was built.
Photo courtesy of Harvey Lusk, Jr.
Here is a picture of the "old courthouse" taken at an earlier time which was furnished  by Harvey "W.T." Lusk, Jr.

Note the outhouse at the right of the picture.
The "Old Courthouse" stands adjacent to the present Courthouse in downtown Plains.   Built in 1926, It is still used for some events.

Photo by Shirley & James Webb
This photo was taken on February 25,  2003.
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