Elma Davis Webb


Elma Davis Webb was the second of five children born to James Davis “Jim” Webb and Minta Farnsworth. He was born in Limestone County , Texas on July 12, 1893 . Elma was married to Lena Faye McCurdy on September 21, 1923 . They had two sons: Elma Woodrow (Woodie) born June 4, 1924 in Haskell County , Texas and Billy Rex born September 15, 1925 in Haskell County.

Elma Webb, his wife Lena and their sons, Woodie and Billy Rex were the only members of the Webb family who lived in Yoakum county. They lived just north of the old Lovington Road about one and one-half miles west of Plains (on section 425). Elma Davis Webb died in May 1953. He was preceded in death by his son Woodrow who died November 25, 1947.

Lena Faye opened the first drug store in Denver City in 1936. It was named City Drug and was located on the northeast corner of what is now Main and Second Streets. The Post Office was located in this building and Dr. Lauf had his office there also.

The Webbs then had their home moved to Plains. It was located north of the Courthouse near the draw. Lena Faye later had the house moved to Denver City . It became the office for the LaVista Lodge at 1007 North Main which she owned and operated for many years.

After Elma and Lena were married and before they moved to Yoakum county they lived at Haskell where their two sons were born. They farmed land which adjoined the land that his brother, Oran and his wife Stella, were farming and their house was north from Oran and Stella's house about a mile. Both brothers had purchased land from their father, James Davis “Jim” Webb.

This is Elma Davis Webb's obituary from the Denver City Press
May 15, 1953
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