Family Group Sheets


A Family Group Sheet (FGS) is a snapshot of a particular family in a particular generation, often in a particular location. A Family Group Sheet is the most basic report in genealogy. Extended into the past, group sheets provide the information for a Pedigree Chart; extended into the present, they provide a Descendant Report. As the most basic building block for family research, most computer genealogy programs produce them. Genealogists are glad to get them in the mail or find them on-line.

This site will collect and distribute Family Group Sheets for those families where at least one member lived in, was born in, died in, or was married in Yoakum County, TX. This site will NOT collect sheets for families where no members of the family had a Yoakum County connection. There are additional state and national FGS projects which will accept group sheets for other locations.

Sorry, we cannot accept GEDCOMS but you can convert to family group sheets or submit gedcoms to Rootsweb.
Try here for descendants of one particular ancestor.

This page was last updated on 05/27/2016