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Civil War Veterans

This roster comprises Civil War veterans who entered
Young County or are buried in Young County.

by Dorman Holub

Jesse Abernathy
John William Adams
James Hamilton Alford
Jesse A. Allen
John Bailey Allen
Oscar Earl Allen
W.M. Anderson
Joe Beard
A.L. Bearden
J.N. Bellomy
James Herod Blanton, Sr.
Squire Echols Blevins
T.W. Bluett
Elder J.S. Benson
George Curling Boyles
Elbert Marion Braddock
William H. Bray
Lewis Pinkney Brooks
Jake Brown
Dr. Robert Henry Burns
James W. Burnett
John F. Bussey
Jesse C. Butler
Jesse Byrd
William Judson Calfee
Henry Campbell
Ezekiel Carnahan
George Washington Carlton
John W. Casey
Col. John Hiram Caudle
Albert D. Chandler
J. Miles Cook
Rev. Samuel Doak Cook
R.S. Cook
J.F. Cunningham
J.H. Cunningham
John Thompson Cunningham
R.E. Currie
C.M. Dalrymple
John R. Davidson
William Davis
J.W. Dean
John A. Dixon
Madison Dobbs
Theodore Dollins
Thomas L. Douglass
William Richard Drum
Rev. John A. Eddleman
George B. Elliott
Rev. Samuel Huston Evans
Samuel Farmer
Levi W. Fawks
William E. Fickling
Henry Clay Fields
Col. Oscar E. Finley
J.M. Gage
Capt. Absalom Bobo Gant
Samuel A. Garrett
R.W. Gatewood
Capt. Archer Thomas Gay
Rev. William Mason Goode, Sr.
Maj. Jonathan Webb Graves
John A. Green
1st Lt. William Lancaster Grubbs
Madison Dodd Harrell
James Marion Harris
John T. Harris
F. Joseph Hawkins
S. James Hawkins
Benjamin Franklin Herron
H. Hill
Jackson D.W. Hill
Joseph Chapman Hindman
Burrell Holly
John Wesley Horner
P.H. Johnson
S.P. Johnson
William Johnson
David Kelly
Harry Kerrigan
Albert John Henry Kidney
David N. Killion
Benton Kramer
James M. Lacy
Thomas Jefferson Lamons
Marion L. Lasater
J.R. Law
W.B. Lawrence
Isaac Anderson Ledbetter
John L. Lemmond
Robert Levitt
D.T. Lewis
Rev. Romulus E. Lindsey
George J. Lucas
Robert Evans Mabry
Jack D. Mankins
John Martin
Monroe F. Mathis
Jacob Matthews
William M. Matthews
Francis Augustus "Gus" Mays
Robert Kanady Mayes
James Martin McBrayer
Andrew Jackson McCan
Horace A. McCannahan
James L. McClintock
J.L. McDaniel
James L. McGee
Frank M. McLaren
Col. R.C. McPhaill
David Messenger
Andrew W. Morrow
James Abner Mundell
Andrew Curran Neeley
Robert B. Neeley
Charles Neuhaus
W.H. Nichols
Capt. J.L. Norfleet
Wesley A. Norman
Samuel Newman, Sr.
A.O. Norris
Mason Oldham
John F. Orrell
Nelson Owen
Alexander L. Padgett
George W. Parker
R.W.J. Parsons
William R. Peveler
Josiah Porter
Dr. Richard Nathaniel Price
Thomas Price
Reuben Repass
E.G. Reynolds
John C. Reynolds
Edward J. Ribble
C.T. Richardson
Sarah M. Roberts - Medal of Honor recipient
George Rogers
Samuel Preston Rogers
Jabez E. Rothwell
Joseph Rowe
Calvin R. Rutherford
Clinton Rutherford
Joseph E. Ryus
Thomas Jefferson Sanders
Thomas H. Scarborough
Leatherine Shanafelt
J.W. Shannon
J.C. Short
E.G. Sibley
John G. Slater
Thomas Jefferson Smith
R.W. Snead
F.H. Stafford
J.C. Stanley
William M. Stanford
J.L. Steen
J.S. Sterrett
John W. Still
James Stinnett
John Taylor
Edward S. Terrell, Sr.
F.S. Thigpen
Rev. David P. Thomas
Isaac Cates Thompson
Alexander Ambrose Timmons
Jams Calvin Townsend
Richard Gibson Walker
George Washington Ward
Benjamin Wilson Waters
William A. Watts
David L. White
Etheldred Whiteley
Frank Wideman
William Wilkinson
J.R. Williams
Robert Lenora Williams
William Lark Willis
Frank E. Witherspoon
John Henderson Woods
Joseph Alfred Woolfolk
John L. Wooten

The roster is based on Civil War reports, newspapers articles, personal testimonies of families involved with these veterans, Young County Confederate roster, Young County Confederate Reunion records and my personal research.

If a descendent of a Civil War Veteran who lived or was buried in Young county was inadvertently omitted from this roster, please let me know so that the omission can be corrected. If you have information on Civil War veterans, a photograph of that veteran, or would like to correct inaccurate information on a veteran, please contact Dorman Holub.

You are welcome to link to this site but please no copying without my consent.

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