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World War II Veterans

This roster comprises World War II era veterans who entered the
military from Young County or are buried in Young County.

by Dorman Holub

Abbott, Charles L.
Abbott, Hugh Q.
Abbott, James E.
Acker, Ray A.
Acock, Thomas M.
Acton, Robert W.
Adams, Charles R.
Adams, Henry H.
Adams, Homer H.
Adams, James S.
Adkins, J.D., Jr.
Adkins, Ralph M.
Adkins, Robert E. Jr
Adkins, Willard D.
Agnicala, Larenz F.
Akers, Frank R.
Akers, James L.
Alberts, Fay L.
Alberts, Steve W.
Alchley, Willis A.
Alexander, Andrew C.
Alexander, Calvin D. Jr
Alexander, Ira M.
Alexander, Obid
Alexander, Roland J.
Alexander, Wilbur L.
Alford, Donald S.
Allbritain, Robert H.
Allcorn, Johnny E.
Allen, Dalton L.
Allen, Donnie K.
Allen, Earnest W.
Allen, J.B.
Allen, Osa B.
Allen, Walter E.
Allison, Doyle L.
Allison , Harold E.
Allison, J.L.
Allison, Joseph R.
Ames, John E.
Anable, Alva L.
Anable, Lawrence R.
Anderson, Harrell L.
Anderson, Victor M.
Andrew, Horace E.
Andrew, Jack D.
Andrew, Joe C.
Andrews, Arthell W.
Andrews, Clifford H.
Andrews, Elbert S.
Andrews, Harold R.
Andrews, Thelbert W.
Andrews, Vernon L.
Andrews, Wilbert W.
Aranson, Saul D.
Aranson, Sigmund J.
Armstrong, Albert P.
Armstrong, Billy J.
Armstrong, Eddie L.
Armstrong, Edward A.
Armstrong, J.W.
Armstrong, Robert H.
Armstrong, Robert L.
Arnold, Henry H.
Aronson, Saul D.
Aronson, Sigmund
Arroyo, Joe P.
Arroyo, Magil
Arroyo, Samuel E.
Ashley, Alonzo H.
Ashley , Arthur E.
Ashley, Floyd J.
Ashley, Frank R.
Ashley, Irvan H.
Ashley, Jordan H. Jr
Askew, A. Norman
Askew, Robert B.
Aston, Clyde M.
Atchley, Glen H.
Atchley, James H.
Atchley, Willis A.
Atkins, Floyd L.
Atkins, Walter A.
Atkinson, Charles H.
Atwood, Jack W.
Atwood, William F.
Austin , James J.
Avara, Joel G.
Aylor, Harold E.
Ayres, Chilton
Ayres, Chilton A.
Bacon, Edwin T.
Bacon, Melvin M.
Badien, Robert M.
Bagley, Grady K.
Bailey, Arnold R.
Bailey, Frank Jr
Bailey, Orval R.
Baird, Lowell B.
Baker, Benny H.
Baker, Bruce E.
Baker, Charles D.
Baker, Charles L.
Baker, Clyde H.
Baker, James N.
Baker, Joseph R.
Baker, Kenneth
Baker, Louis J.
Baker, Melvin H.
Baker, Price
Baker, Robert B.
Baker, Wesley H.
Baldt, James M.
Baldt, Weldon W.
Baldwin, Cleve N.
Baldwin, Hoyt E.
Baldwin, Lee W.
Baldwin, Rayford
Bale, Alma T.
Ball, Malcolm G.
Ballard, Buford A.
Ballard, Charles M. Jr
Ballard, Don A.
Ballard, Gladys E.
Ballard, James C.
Ballard, James M.
Ballard , Mack M.
Ballew , Clifford H.
Bankhead, Russell L.
Barbee, Clayton L.
Barfield , Weldon P.
Barnett , Aron L.
Barnett, Clyde M.
Barnett, James E.
Barnett , John A.
Barnett , Lilbarn R.
Barnhart , Harvey M.
Barrett, Billie G.
Barrett, Clint
Barrett, Singleton B.
Barron, Melton C.
Barron, Ray R. Jr
Barron, Walter A.
Barron, Walter A.
Bart, W.G.
Barton, Billy O.
Basham, Travis Jr
Bates, Bruce E.
Bates, Dalton D.
Bates, Jack C.
Bates , Samuel S. Jr
Baxter, Jack
Baynes , Dick E.
Beach , Bennie L.
Bear , Clarence L.
Bear, Hibert L.
Beard, Andrew G.
Beard, Frank W.
Beard, Horace R.
Beard , Raymond U.
Beard, Richard G.
Bearden, Alex
Bearden, Olen
Beasley, B.E.
Beasley, B.M.
Beasley , John C.
Beasley, Ray A.
Beasley, Richard L., Jr
Beasley, S. B.
Beasley , T. H.
Beaty, Charles E.
Beaty , Charlie J
Beauer , Daniel L.
Beck, Bobby L.
Beckham , Caswell B.
Beckham, Don E.
Bell , William E.
Bellah, Quinton S.
Bellomy, Eddie
Bellomy, William B. Jr
Belyeu , George L.
Belyeu, George O.
Belyeu, John F. Jr
Belyeu , Leonard D.
Benedict, Cecil P.
Bennett, Arville E.
Bennett , Cecil M.
Bennett, Earl C. Jr
Bennett , James J.
Bennett , Normen A.
Bennett, Orville E.
Bennett, Pearl
Bennett , Robert L.
Berkholz, Robert J.
Bernhardt, Alvin H.
Bernhardt, Johnnie A.
Bernhardt , Louis L.
Bernhardt, Oscar H.
Berry, George E.
Berry, Julia I.
Berry , Robert D.
Bettis, Harry M. Jr
Bettis, Zack F.
Biggers, Elmer C. Jr
Biggers, Lee R.
Bigham, Howard C.
Billingsley, Monroe O.
Bills, Donald D.
Bills, Jack A.
Bills, James R. Jr
Bills, Pat W.
Birdwell, George C. Sr.
Birdwell, J.W.
Birdwell, Joe B.
Birdwell, Wade T.
Bishop , Cecil O.
Bishop , Edgar W.
Bishop , Edward G.
Bishop , Elwood J.
Bishop , G. Harvey
Bishop , Kenneth E.
Bishop, Robert C.
Black, Carl B.
Black, George W.
Black, Oliver N.
Blacker, Samuel F.
Blackwell, Jack
Blair , Franklin D.
Blair, Roy H.
Blakney, James E.
Blakney , Leonard D.
Blalock, Edward J.
Blancett, Horace C.
Blancett, J.H.
Bland, Davis M.
Blay, Alford A.
Blay, Billy J.
Blay, James C.
Blevins, Hugh L.
Bloodworth, Jon M.
Bloodworth , Joseph C.
Blount, C.R. Jr
Boaz, Charles O.
Boaz , Fred P.
Boddie, Wayland T.
Bodien, Robert M.
Bogan, Leon S.
Bogard , Richard E.
Boldt, Clarence E.
Boldt, Weldon W.
Boling, David M.
Boone, Floyd S.
Boone , Giles M.
Boone, Harvey H.
Boone , Joe H.
Boone , Paul L.
Boose , E.J.
Boose, William M.
Booth, Walter J.
Boozer , John N.
Borbett, Jim W.
Botkin, Clifford C.
Botkin , Horace
Botkin , Jack V.
Botkin, Robert E.
Bottoms, William H.
Bourland , Burl H.
Bourland, Daniel D.
Bowden , M.L.
Bowden, R.V., Sr
Bowden , Ray A.
Bowen, Donald E.
Bowen, Joe M.
Bower, Dorothy B.
Bower, Jarris B.
Bower, William T.
Bowman , Leslie V.
Bowron , James A.
Boyce, Evans J.
Boyce, Loyd J.
Boyd, Clyde E.
Boyd, Scotty
Boyd , William H.
Boyle, Don B.
Boyle , Nelson E.
Boze , Floyd D.
Brackeen, Arvis V.
Braddock, Charles M.
Braddock , L.E.
Bradshaw, Ambrose R.
Bradshaw, Dick W.
Brady , Clinton E.
Brady , John L.
Bramlet, Henry M. Jr
Bramlett, Elbert G. Jr
Brandon, Stephens
Brash , Ambrous R.
Brashears, Luther L.
Brashears, Malous R. Jr
Brashears , Robert H.
Bratcher, Lee G.
Bray, Andrew B.
Bray, Joe T.
Brazell , Alvis O.
Bredthower , Erwin F.
Breeding, W. Clarence
Brewster, Dale
Brewster, Harrel M.
Brewster, Jack W.
Brewster , Riley J. Jr
Brice, John
Bridges , Charles E.
Bridges, Weldon F.
Bridges, Zearl M.
Brinausett, Clint C.
Brisco , Herman F.
Brisco, Iscum T.
Brisco , Lawrence W.
Brisco, W.D.
Briscoe, L.E.
Britton, Arch D. Jr
Brock, Donald R.
Brock, George W.
Brock, Jacob M.
Brock, Kenneth T.
Brockman, C.M.
Brookmale, Loyd
Brooks, Horace N.
Brooks , Houston B.
Brooks, Lewis W. Jr
Brooks, Nick A.
Brooks, Ray D.
Brooks, Theo
Brooks, Travis A.
Brooks, Winfred S.
Browder, Jack
Browder, Norwood
Brown, Abe J.
Brown, Ben F.
Brown, DeWitt C.
Brown , Donald
Brown, E.R.
Brown , Edward L.
Brown, Hoyt T.
Brown, James B.
Brown, James G.
Brown , John B.
Brown, Lawson
Brown , Thomas J.
Brown, W.D.
Brown , Wayne T.
Brownover, James E. Jr
Bruckner, John Jr
Brumley, Aubry
Brumley , Frank E.
Brumley , James W., Jr
Brumley , Lemul C.
Brumley , Oran B.
Brumley , Robert L.
Bruton , Charlie R.
Bruton , Ray O.
Bruton, William C.
Bruton , William L.
Bryan , Homer K.
Bryon, Stephen B.
Buck, James M.
Bullard , Wilburn H.
Bullock , Alfred R.
Bullock, Jack C.
Bullock , Raymond N.
Bullock , Wendell N.
Bullock, William H.
Burch, Charley F.
Burch , James L.
Burdick , Ray H.
Burdick , Roy C.
Burgess, Benjamin E.
Burgess, Charles R.
Burgess, J.W. Jr
Burgess , Richard
Burgess , Vernon
Burgess , Willie E.
Burk, Volnie S. Jr
Burke , Arnot H.
Burke , Kinneth Z.
Burke, Merle R.
Burke, Ray C.
Burke, Winford D.
Burkett, Robert A.
Burks , John W.
Burlingame , James W.
Burnes , Virdie F.
Burnett , George W.
Burnett, Norman R.
Burnett , Pete L.
Burton , Billy D.
Burton, Jonnie B.
Burton, Leonard T.
Burton , Troy C.
Burton , William J.
Burton, William P. Jr
Bush, Carroll
Bush , Fred A.
Bush, Henryetta M.
Bush , Howard L.
Bush, Lowell E.
Bussey, C.F.
Bussey , James I.
Bussey, Joe F.
Bussey, Sherman O.
Butler, Alpha O.
Butler, Charles R.
Butler, Donald M.
Butler, Elmer R.
Butler , Elwin
Butler, Joseph C. Jr
Butler , M. Wayne
Butler, Richard J.
Butler, Robert A.
Butler, Thomas C.
Byrd , George W.
Byrd , Lee R.
Byrd , Truston R.

The roster is based on World War II reports, newspapers articles personal testimonies of families involved with these veterans and my personal research for the Young County Veteran's Memorial Wall

If a descendant of a World War II Veteran buried in Young county was inadvertently omitted from this roster, please let me know so that the omission can be corrected. If you have information on a World War II veteran, a photograph of that veteran, or would like to correct inaccurate information on a veteran, please contact Dorman Holub.

You are welcome to link to this site but please no copying without my consent.

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