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Names of Persons of Scholastic Age
District Three, Young County, Term ending 1874, pages 80-81
McLaren, James
McLaren, Mollie E.
McLaren, Mattie A.
McLaren, Ida
Shirley, Thomas F.
Ferguson, Mary R.
Ferguson, N.S.
Crumpton, Josa.
Humphrey, James W..
Humphrey, Katy
Denton, J.W.
Franklin, A.E.
Fulkerson, A.M.
Baker, Alice E.
Tinney, Etta
Kelly, William
Fisher, Dora
Fisher, Mathew
Jowell, Cas. E.
Jowell, Mollie O.
Jowell, George S.
Fore, William M.
Fore, Jesse B.
Fore, George Henry
Kutch, James
Kutch, M.S.
Kutch, J.R.
Eddleman, A.B.
Eddleman, V.R.
Eddleman, Mary S.
Ribble, Alexander
Ribble, S.S.
Ribble, Nelson
Lafferty, Sarah
Lafferty, M.E.
Lafferty, S.M.
Catrell, Margaret
Bunger, G.H.
Morrison, M.S.
Morrison, John w.
Byrd, T.S.
Byrd, J.D.
Byrd, R.S.
Byrd, S.Z.
Thomas, John J.
Thomas, Floyd S.
Thomas, Eliza. J.
Burk, Nancy J.
Burk, John A.
Kelly, Armand

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