Founded in 1995 by John P. Fuller
In Memoriam John P Fuller 1940-2009

As a tribute to John and to honour his memory, John's web site is being continued by Geoff Wright and Mike Bisson.   


Site Update - In order to protect your email addresses from the spammers I have removed the web based surname pages.  The Surname details can be viewed by opening "View Surname Interest List" in  Adobe Reader.  After which you can either search or save as a local copy.


If any of the surnames in this list are of interest to you, please contact the individual noted for each entry. You can also download this list as a PDF file by right clicking this link and selecting Save Target As option. 

If you desire to have your surname interests included in the list, please send them to us by using the Submit Interest link above. In order to keep the file to a manageable size, it is requested that submitters provide a single entry for each surname. The format for the surname entries is:  "SURNAME/first name/island/timeframe/email address"