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Alphabetical List of
Chernigov Guberniya Towns and Uyezd/Districts, 1894/1895 

See this same list organized by towns within each uyezd.
See a map of Chernigov uzeds.

Below find the cities, towns, settlements, and the districts/ counties/uyezd in which the towns were located when the Vsia Rossiya business directory was created in 1894/1895.
Chernigov guberniya was in existence from 1802 until 1929/1932. Around 1932, the term Chernigov oblast (province) replaced the term guberniya. During this period, towns and districts were transferred into and out of Chernigov Oblast. It's very possible that towns were added to Chernigov guberniya between 1895-1929/1932. We have not yet located a list of the Chernigov guberniya towns from 1895-1929/1932, and so, must rely on the list of towns and uyezd/districts as listed in the Vsia Rossiya directory for 1894/1895. Thank you, Bert Lazerow.

Uyezd (counties) began in the 13th century. They were created based on the size of the population in the various areas. The leaders of the uyezd were namestniks and later voyevodas. Uyezd were abolished during the reign of Peter the Great, but reinstated by that of Catherine I, around 1727. Sources: Wikipedia Encyclopedia and Encyclopedia of Ukraine.

Explanation of Initials and Terms Following Town Names
D = derevniya, a smaller village normally without a government.
Khut is short for the Russian khutor, meaning farm.
M could be mestechko (town).
S = selo, a large village with self government (called a sel'soviet in Soviet times).
Sl = sloboda, a settlement or village, often of free peasants


Town Located in Uyezd/District
Aleksesvishchina khut Kozelets
Altinovka S Krolevets
Antonovka S Novgorod-Seversk
Asinovka khut Starodub
Avdeevka S Sosnitsa
Azarovka S Starodub
Bakhmach Stants.  Konotop
Baklan M Mglin
Baranova Guta Novozybkov
Baranova khut Novozybkov
Barinova Guta Novozybkov
Baturn M Konotop
Belis Berega khut Krolevets
Beli-Vezn S Konotop
Belki S Krolevets
Belousovka S Novgorod-Seversk
Bereza S Glukhov
Berezna Chernigov
Bleshnya D Novozybkov
Blistovo S Krolevets
Blistovo? S Sosnitsa
Bobrik Stants. Konotop
Bobrovitsa Stants Konotop
Bobrovitsy M Kozelets
Borki S Oster
Borzna (Uzed Capital) Borzna
Brezgulovka khut Starodub
Brob khut Glukhov
Brody S Glukhov
Brovary M Oster
Buchki S Novgorod-Seversk
Burovki S Gorodnya
Chemer S Kozelets
Chepleevka S Krolevets
Chernatichi D Sosnitsa
Chernatskoe S Novgorod-Seversk
Chernigov (Uzed Capital) Chernigov
Chertorichi S Glukhov
Chuikovka S Glukhov
Churovich Novozybkov
Demenka D Novozybkov
Demenka S Novozybkov
Deniskovichi Novozybkov
Dentovka S Konotop
Derezka S Novgorod-Seversk
Derzhanovka S Kozelets
Dmitrovka S Konotop
Dmitrovka S Novgorod-Seversk
Dobryanka-  Gorodnya
Donets x. Sosnitsa
Doroginka S Nezhin
Doroshenkov khut Glukhov
Drobisheva D Novgorod-Seversk
Drozdovka D Nezhin
Dubovyazovskii khut Konotop
Durni D Surazh
Dyra khut Surazh
Elionka Pos Starodub
Fastovtsy S Borzna
Fedorovka khut Oster
Glagolev M Oster
Glukhov (Uzed Capital) Glukhov
Gogolev M Oster
Golenka S Konotop
Golenka Stants. Konotop
Gordeevka S Surazh
Goritsy D Starodub
Gorki khut Surazh
Gorki S Novgorod-Seversk
Goroda Bl Glukhov
Gorodnya (Uzed Capital) Gorodnya
Gremyach M Novgorod-Seversk
Grezgunovka khut Starodub
Grinevichev khut Glukhov
Gruzki S Krolevets
Gudnya khut Krolevets
Gudovo S Mglin
Guzovka S Borzna
Ichnya M Borzna
Ifemenki khut Krolevets
Ivangorod M Borzna
Ivanovskii khut Borzna
Ivanovskii khut Novgorod-Seversk
Kalchinovka S Borzna
Kalita S Oster
Kamen S Krolevets
Kamensk Slobodk S Novgorod-Seversk
Kamenskii Khut. Novozybkov
Kapnilovka D Novozybkov
Karabutovo S Konotop
Kasyanovo khut Glukhov
Katrusina khut Chernigov
Kholmy M Sosnitsa
Kholsh M Sosnitsa
Khorolichi S Gorodnya
Kiev Stants. Konotop
Kiselevka S Sosnitsa
Kistra S Starodub
Kisty S Starodub
Kladkovke S Borzna
Klimov Novozybkov
Klintsy Surazh
Kobyzhcha M Kozelets
Kochergi S Glukhov
Komary S Konotop
Konashevka S Borzna
Konotop (Uzed Capital) Konotop
Konotop Stants. Konotop
Korop Krolevets
Koropa Oster
Korshik khut Sosnitsa
Koryukovka S Sosnitsa
Kostobobra S Novgorod-Seversk
Kovalevka M Gorodnya
Kozel S Chernigov
Kozelets (Uzed Capital) Kozelets
Kozelets-Galant. Kozelets
Krasilovka S Borzna
Krasnaya Zlynka Sl Novozybkov
Krasnoe S Konotop
Krasnovichki S Surazh
Krasnyi khut Novgorod-Seversk
Krasnyi Kolyadin M Konotop
Krasnyi Rog Mglin
Kriski S Krolevets
Krolevets (Uzed Capital) Krolevets
Kuggan khut Novozybkov
Kukhmisterskaya Sl Oster
Kukhmisterskaya Slobodka S Chernigov
Kukhmisterskoi Sl ? Oster
Kulaga S Surazh
Kulazhintsy S Kozelets
Kurbashchina khut Borzna
Kuren S Konotop
Kurichya Nozka kht Krolevets
Kurshanovichi Novozybkov
Lavin M Gorodnya
Letki M Oster
Levenki S Starodub
Lizogubovka S Mglin
Lokotin S Glukhov
Lopazna S Mglin
Losichka khut Sosnitsa
Losinovka M Nezhin
Lotaki S Surazh
Lovra D Glukhov
Lsyudkovo S Novozybkov
Luzhki Pos Starodub
Lychevo D Mglin
Lyubech M Gorodnya
Lyudkov khut Novozybkov
Makarichi khut Mglin
Makievka M Nezhin
Makoshin Stants Sosnitsa
Makoshyno S Sosnitsa
Maksimovka S Borzna
Manyuki Novozybkov
Marchikhina Buda M Glukhov
Marchikhina Buda S Glukhov
Markovskii khut Borzna
Martinovka S Borzna
Mashekin S Novgorod-Seversk
Mashevo khut Novgorod-Seversk
Mena M Sosnitsa
Merinovka S Starodub
Mesentsovka D Glukhov
Mglin (Uzed Capital) Mglin
Mikhailovo S Sosnitsa
Mikhailovskii khut Glukhov
Mikhalchino S Novgorod-Seversk
Mitkovka Novozybkov
Mokoshin S Sosnitsa
Monastyrishche M Nezhin
Moskovsk khut Krolevets
Mosty khut Krolevets
Movchanov khut Konotop
Mutin S Krolevets
Nairasnovka khut Novgorod-Seversk
Natalevskii khut Novgorod-Seversk
Naumovka Sl Glukhov
Nekhaevka S Sosnitsa
Nezhin (Uzed Capital) Nezhin
Nikolskaya Sl Oster
Nosovka M Nezhin
Novgorod-Seversk (Uzed Capital) Novgorod-Seversk
Novo-basan M Kozelets
Novotelno x. Novozybkov
Novozybkov (Uzed Capital) Novozybkov
Novozybkova Bl G Novozybkov
Novye-Borovichi S Gorodnya
Novyi Bykov S Kozelets
Novyi Ronsk Novozybkov
Novyye Mlyny M Sosnitsa
Ochkino S Novgorod-Seversk
Ogdelnoe S Chernigov
Olishevka S Kozelets
Olshany S Sosnitsa
Orlovka M Novgorod-Seversk
Osokorok? S Oster
Oster (Uzed Capital) Oster
Ozeryany S Kozelets
Pakul S Chernigov
Papikovka khut Mglin
Parafievka S Borzna
Perechudy D Oster
Peresazh khut Gorodnya
Peresukhovka S Surazh
Petrovka S Kozelets
Pliski S Borzna
Pochep M Mglin
Pochepa M Mglin
Pochetukha D Surazh
Pogar Starodub
Pogoreltsy M Sosnitsa
Pogorskaya Mglin
Poloshkakh S Glukhov
Ponornitsa M Krolevets
Ponurovka M Starodub
Popova Gora S Surazh
Popovka khut Mglin
Popovka M. Novgorod-Seversk
Popovka S Konotop
Popovka S khut Novgorod-Seversk
Popovskii M  Novgorod-Seversk
Porkhovka khut Novozybkov
Predmostnaya Sl Oster
Pribino D Sosnitsa
Pribynka D Sosnitsa
Prokonovka S Novgorod-Seversk
Radul Gorodnya
Rai S Starodub
Rakhmanovo S Starodub
Rechitsa khut Mglin
Repki M Gorodnya
Rodionovka D Glukhov
Ropchik D Surazh
Rubanka S Konotop
Rudnya khut Krolevets
Rutsishche khut Sosnitsa
Ruzhovka S Borzna
Ryukhovo S Starodub
Rzhavets khut Krolevets
Saltykovaya Devitsa M Chernigov
Sednevo M Chernigov
Semenovka M Glukhov
Semenovka M Novozybkov
Semenovka S Konotop
Seminolki M Oster
Seredina Buda M Novgorod-Seversk
Shapovalovka S Borzna
Shatrishchi S Novgorod-Seversk
Shatritsy S Novgorod-Seversk
Shcherbinichi Novozybkov
Shibirinovka S Chernigov
Shostka khut Glukhov
Shostka M Glukhov
Sidorovka? D Gorodnya
Sinyaevka M Sosnitsa
Skachok khut Novozybkov
Smolegovka D Chernigov
Sniridonovo Buda Novozybkov
Snovsk Stants. Gorodnya
Snovskoye/Rylovichi (?) Novozybkov
Sofievka khut Novozybkov
Sofiika Novozybkov
Sonych S Glukhov
Sopych S Glukhov
Sosnitsa (Uzed Capital) Sosnitsa
Spasskii khut Novgorod-Seversk
Spiridonova Buda S Novozybkov
Starodub (Uzed Capital) Starodub
Staryi Gut S Novgorod-Seversk
Stodola D Surazh
Strelniki S Borzna
StrugovskayBuda S Surazh
Studenets khut Sosnitsa
Subovichi D Surazh
Surazh (Uzed Capital) Surazh
Sves S Glukhov
Sves Sl Glukhov
Svyatskii Surazh
Sykhomlinovka khut Krolevets
Taranovka-Viktorovka khut Chernigov
Tereshikha khut Borzna
Tinitsa S Konotop
Topchievka S Kozelets
Trapetnyi khut Novgorod-Seversk
Tupichev S Gorodnya
Ulanova S Glukhov
Ulynka P Novozybkov
Ushcherpe M Surazh
Uzrui khut Novgorod-Seversk
V Verder S Borzna
V Zagorovka S Borzna
V. Vor S Surazh
Veirik S Kozelets
Velik. Topol Novozybkov
Velikaya Berezka S Novgorod-Seversk
Vereshchaki S Surazh
Verkievka M Nezhin
Visokoselishche S Surazh
Vokzalnaya Sl Nezhin
Volchik khut Konotop
Volodkova-Devitsa S Nezhin
Volokitino S Glukhov
Volokitiny Kubrichi S Starodub
Vorobevskoe S Novozybkov
Voronezh M Glukhov
Voronki S Kozelets
Voronok Pos Starodub
Voroshekovo khut Glukhov
Vozdvizhenok khut Glukhov
Vusshaya Dubechiya D Oster
Vykhvostovo S Gorodnya
Yalovshchina khut Chernigov
Yanpol M Glukhov
Yasinovka Novozybkov
Yurinovka S Novgorod-Seversk
Yusman? khut Krolevets
Zabore S Surazh
Zaimishche D Surazh
Zapols khut Surazh
Zarunkaya D Glukhov
Zatishe S Oster
Zavorichi S Kozelets
Zavorikha S Kozelets
Zhikhov Novgorod-Seversk
Zhuravkin khut Novgorod-Seversk
Zhyklo S Sosnitsa
Zlynka Novozybkov
Znob S Novgorod-Seversk
Zurmanov khut Surazh



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