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Towns in Chernihiv Oblast, 1929/1932 to the Present
Alphabetical by Town Name

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See an outline map of Chernihiv's raions.

Listed below are the towns of Chernihiv Oblast, and the Districts/Counties within which they are located. This list, created by Andrew Bushkin and Tom E., is arranged alphabetically by town name, then by District/County/Raion,

You will notice that some towns that were in Russia's Chernigov gubernia are not in the Ukraine's Chernihiv Oblast. Around 1929/1932 Belarus and Ukraine became countries, and borders between these countries and Russia changed significantly.

It's critical that you compare the longitude and latitude of a town and not assume that a town by the same name in Chernihiv Oblast was the same town of your ancestors in Chernigov gubernia. Konotop is the perfect example. Konotop was a county and town in Russia's Chernigov gubernia, but is not in Chernihiv Oblast today. Today, Konotop is in the Ukraine, Sumy Oblast. Konotop's latitude and longitude are: 5123° N 3318° E. There is a Konotop in
Chernihiv Oblast today, but the Konotop in Chernihiv Oblast is 5177° N 3172° E and it's in Gorodnya County/District, Chernihiv Oblast.

Also note that some towns moved into other counties within Chernihiv Oblast. Berezna was in Chernihiv County/District/Raion but today is in Mena County/District/Raion. In this case, Berezna just changed counties.

Last update: August 3, 2006


Town District/Raion
Adamivka, Adamovka Borzna
Adamivka, Adamovka Nosivka
Aleksandrokva, Oleksandrivka, Aleksandrowka Bobrovitsa
Aleksandrokva, Oleksandrivka, Aleksandrowka Chernihiv
Aleksandrokva, Oleksandrivka, Aleksandrowka Koryukivka
Aleksandrokva, Oleksandrivka, Aleksandrowka Mena
Aleksandrokva, Oleksandrivka, Aleksandrowka Novgorod-Siversky
Aleksandrokva, Oleksandrivka, Aleksandrowka Ripki
Aleksandrokva, Oleksandrivka, Aleksandrowka Semenivka
Aleksayevka, Alekseevka Bakhmach
Aleksayevka, Alekseevka Koryukivka
Aleksesvishchina khut, Alekseyevshchina, Oleksiyivshchina Kozeletz
Aleksintsy, Oleksintsy Sribnye
Andriivka, Andriyivka, Andreyevka, Andreevka Chernihiv
Andriivka, Andriyivka, Andreyevka, Andreevka Gorodnya
Andriivka, Andriyivka, Andreyevka, Andreevka Ichnya
Andriivka, Andriyivka, Andreyevka, Andreevka Nosivka
Andriivka, Andriyivka, Andreyevka, Andreevka Novgorod-Siversky
Andriivka, Andriyivka, Andreyevka, Andreevka Semenivka
Androniki? Koryukivka
Aniciv, Anisov Chernihiv
Antonivka, Antonovka Varva
Antonovichi Chernihiv
Arapovichi Novgorod-Siversky
Arkhipivka, Arkhipovka Semenivka
Arshuki Novgorod-Siversky
Artemenkov Sribnye
Atyusha, Atyushi Korop
Avdeevka S, Avdiivka Koryukivka
Avdeevka S, Avdiivka Kulikivka
Avdeevka S, Avdiivka Sosnitsa
Avdiivka Sosnitsa
Avgustovka Ichnya
Avtunichi Gorodnya
Babarki Kozeletz
Baganichi Gorodnya
Bakaivka, Bakayevka Ichnya
Bakhmach Selo Bakhmach
Bakhmach, Bakhmach stants, Bochmatch, Bachmatch Bakhmach
Bakhta Bakhmach
Baklanova Muravika Baklanova Muraveika Kulikivka
Baklanovo Nizhin
Baranovka Koryukivka
Barburskoye Ichnya
Barsukov, Barsukiv, Borsukiv Kozeletz
Baturin, Baturyn, Baturn M Bakhmach
Bazhanovka Priluki
Begach Kulikivka
Begach, Bigach Mena
Belaya Zagorovka Borzna
Beliki Kozeletz
Belmachovka, Bil'machivka, Bel'machovka Ichnya
Belorechitsa, Bilorichitsya Priluki
Beloshapki, Biloshapki, Bilosapky Priluki
Beloshitskaya Sloboda, Beilsheetska Sloboda, Bjeloschiskaja Bakhmach
Beloshitskaya Sloboda, Beilsheetska Sloboda, Bjeloschiskaja Koryukivka
Belovezhi Pervye, Bilovezhi Pershi Bakhmach
Berestovyets Borzna
Berezanka Chernihiv
Berezanka Nizhin
Berezhivka, Berezhovka Ichnya
Berezivka, Berezovka Sribnye
Berezivka, Berezovka Talalaivka
Berezna Mena
Berezova Gat, Berezovaya Gat' Novgorod-Siversky
Berilovka, Berylivka Gorodnya
Berlozi, Berlozy Kozeletz
Bezborodkov Ichnya
Bezuglivka, Bezuglovka Nizhin
Bezuglivka, Bezuglovka Shchors
Bilakey, Beleiki Kozeletz
Bil'machivka, Bel'machovka Ichnya
Bilorichitsya Priluki
Bilotserkivtsy, Belosterkovtsy Bobrovitsa
Bilovezhi Pershi, Belovezhi Pervya Bakhmach
Birin, Birino, Birinye, Berinye Novgorod-Siversky
Birkivka Mena
Bleshnya D Semenivka
Blistova, Blistovaya Mena
Blistova, Blistovaya, Blistovo Novgorod-Siversky
Bludshe? Nosivka
Bobrik Ftoroi? Novgorod-Siversky
Bobrik stants, Bobrik Nizhin
Bobrik stants, Bobrik Sosnitsa
Bobrovitsa, Bobrovitsia, Bobrovitsy, Bobrovitsya, Bobrovycia, Bobrowica, Bobrowizy Bobrovitsa
Bobruiki Kozeletz
Boden'ki Kozeletz
Bogdanivka, Bogdanovka, Bohdanivka Priluki
Bogdanov, Bogdanovo Novgorod-Siversky
Bogdany, Bohdany Varva
Bolotnitsya, Bolotnitsa Talalaivka
Bondarevka? Mena
Bondari? Korop
Bondarivka, Bondarovka Sosnitsa
Borki S, Birki Bobrovitsa
Borki S, Birki Kozeletz
Borkovka, Borkivka, Birkivka Mena
Boromiki Chernihiv
Boroviki Chernihiv
Borshna, Borsna Priluki
Borsukiv Kozeletz
Borzna, Borsna Borzna
Branitsiya, Branitsa Bobrovitsa
Branok Semenivka
Brech Koryukivka
Brigintsy, Bragintsy Bobrovitsa
Brigintsy, Bragintsy Kozeletz
Brigintsy, Bragintsy Varva
Brusilov, Brusiliv, Brusilovo, Brusilowo Chernihiv
Bubnivshchina, Bubnovshchina, Bubnivscyna Priluki
Buchki S Novgorod-Siversky
Buda Koryukivka
Buda, Buda-Vorobivska, Buda Vorobyevskaya Novgorod-Siversky
Buda, Budy, Boody, Budi Ichnya
Budishche, Budishcha, Budyshche Chernihiv
Budishche, Budishcha, Budyshche Korop
Budishche, Budishcha, Budyshche Kozeletz
Budishche, Budishcha, Budyshche Kulikivka
Budishche, Budishcha, Budyshche Novgorod-Siversky
Budishche?, Budishcha?, Budyshche? Gorodnya
Buki? Novgorod-Siversky
Bulakhiv, Bulakhov Kozeletz
Burimka, Buromka Ichnya
Burivka, Burovka, Burowka Gorodnya
Burkivka, Burkovka Nizhin
Butivka, Butovka Gorodnya
Butivka, Butovka Sosnitsa
Buyanki Ripki
Chaikinye, Chaikino Novgorod-Siversky
Chapaevka, Chapayevka Mena
Chasnokovka Bakhmach
Chasnovtsi, Chasnivtsi Kozeletz
Chaykin, Chaykino Novgorod-Siversky
Chemer S Kozeletz
Chepeliv, Chepelev, Chepelov Shchors
Cheremushki Bakhmach
Cheretskoye? Ripki
Chernetskoye, Chernetskye, Chernyetskye Talalaivka
Chernigov, Chernihiv, Chernigiv, Czernigow, Czernichow, Czernihov, Czernihow, Tchernigov, Tschernigov Chernihiv
Chernish, Chernysh Chernihiv
Chernyakhivka, Chernyakhovka, Czernjachowka Nizhin
Chervonaya Buda Koryukivka
Chervonaya Polyana Korop
Chervonaya Ukraina Borzna
Chervoni Gai Semenivka
Chervoni Partizani, Chervoniye Partizani Mena
Chervoni Partizani, Chervoniye Partizani until 1928 Volod'kova Divitsya, Wolodkowa Djewica Nosivka
Chervoni Shlyakh Nizhin
Chervonoye Ozero Borzna
Chervony Mayak Mena
Chervony Oster Borzna
Chervonye Luki Mena
Chervonye, Chervonoye Chernihiv
Chervonye, Chervonoye Korop
Chorkotichi Sosnitsa
Chornotychi, Chernotichi Sosnitsa
Chorny Rig, Chorny Rog Semenivka
Chorobitschi Gorodnya
Chudkova Ripki
Chulatov Novgorod-Siversky
Danichi Ripki
Danilievka, Danilovka Mena
Daninye, Daninoye, Danino Nizhin
Danivka, Danevka, Danyevka, Danovka Kozeletz
Dankivka, Dankovka Priluki
Danlovka? Chernihiv
Dashchenky, Dashchenki, Dascenky Varva
Debrevye, Debrevo Nosivka
Degtyarevka, Digtyarivka, Digtyarovka, Dihtiarivka, Digtryapivka Novgorod-Siversky
Degtyarskiy Log Semenivka
Derevini, Derevyny, Dereviny Gorodnya
Derzhanivka, Derzhanovka Nosivka
Derzhanovka S Kozeletz
Deshki Kozeletz
Desna Kozeletz
Desyanka Chernihiv
Dibrova Talalaivka
Dibrovnoye, Dibrivnye Gorodnya
Dibrovnoye, Dibrivnye Shchors
Didivtsi, Dedovtsy, Didivci Priluki
Dmytrivka, Dmitrovka, Dmitrievka Kulikivka
Dmytrivka, Dmitrovka, Dmitrievka, Dmitrowka Bakhmach
Dniprovskiye, Dneprovskoye, Havoz (until 1960) Chernihiv
Dobryanka, Dobrianka, Dobrjanka Ripki
Dolinskoye? Sosnitsa
Dolzhik Chernihiv
Domashlin Koryukivka
Domotkanov Novgorod-Siversky
Doroginka S Ichnya
Doslidnye, Doslednoye Nosivka
Dovgalivka, Dovgalovka, Dovgalevka Talalaivka
Dovzhik, Dovzhok? Semenivka
Dovzhik, Dovzhyk, Dowshik Chernihiv
Drimailivka, Dremailovka, Dremailowka Kulikivka
Drobisheva D, Drobishiv, Drobishev, Drebishivka Novgorod-Siversky
Drozdivka, Drozdovka D Kulikivka
Drozdovitsya, Drozdovytsia Gorodnya
Drutskoye Chernihiv
Druzhba Ichnya
Dubolugivka, Dubolugovka Nizhin
Dubovi Gai, Dubovy Gai, Dubovy Haj Priluki
Dyagova Mena
Dyatchenkov Bugor Novgorod-Siversky
Dymerka Kozeletz
Dzyubovka Ichnya
Egorovka korop
Egorovka Priluki
Elinye, Elino, Elenoye, Yelinoye, Yelino, Yeline Shchors
Erkov, Yerkov Kozeletz
Evminka, Ivminka Kozeletz
Fastovtsy S, Fastivtsi Bakhmach
Fayevka, Fayovka, Faivka Novgorod-Siversky
Ferubki Semenivka
Feskivka, Feskovka Mena
Forostovichi Novgorod-Siversky
Forubkin? Semenivka
Froly Semenivka
Frunzevka Nizhin
Fursovo Novgorod-Siversky
Gaevoye Kozeletz
Gai, Khutor Gai Koryukivka
Gaivoron, Gayvoron Bakhmach
Galaganivka, Galaganovka Semenivka
Galaibino, Galaibinye Borzna
Gal'chin?, Galchin?, Galjezin?, Galtschin? Chernihiv
Galinka Bakhmach
Galitsya, Galitsa Nizhin
Galkov Ripki
Gannivka, Gannovka Nosivka
Garbuzin Kozeletz
Gavrilivka, Gavrilovka Bobrovitsa
Gavrilivka, Gavrilovka Nizhin
Geitsy? Ichnya
Gladki, Hladke, Gladkoye, Gladkye Kozeletz
Glamazdi, Glomazdi Kozeletz
Glubokoye Bakhmach
Glukhovshchina? Koryukivka
Glyadin Chernihiv
Gmiryanka Ichnya
Gnatovka Novgorod-Siversky
Gnidintsy, Gnedintsy Varva
Gnilitsa Priluki
Gnizdishche, Gnezdishche Gorodnya
Golenka S, Golenka stants, Golinka Bakhmach
Golovenki Borzna
Golubichi, Golubicsi Ripki
Golubovka, Golubivka, Holobivka Priluki
Goncharov Krug Chernihiv
Goncharovsky, Goncharivskye, Goncharovskoye Chernihiv
Gorbachi Bobrovitsa
Gorbovye, Gorbovo, Gorbow Kulikivka
Gorbovye, Gorbovo, Gorbow Novgorod-Siversky
Goritsa Mena
Gorki S, Girki Novgorod-Siversky
Gornostaivka, Gornostayevka, Hornostayivka Ripki
Gorobiyevka, Gorobiivka Sribnye
Gorodishche Bakhmach
Gorodishche Mena
Gorodnya, Horodnia, Horodnya, Gorodnja, Horodnja Gorodnya
Gorodnya, Horodnia, Horodnya, Gorodnja, Horodnja Ichnya
Gorodok Semenivka
Gorokhovye Bakhmach
Goroshkovka Gorodnya
Gorsk, Hirsk, Girsk Shchors
Grabiv, Grabov Ripki
Grabivka, Grabovka Kulikivka
Gremyach M, Gramyach, Hremiach, Grematsch Novgorod-Siversky
Gremyachka Semenivka
Gribova Rudnya Ripki
Grigorivka, Grigorovka Bakhmach
Grigorivka, Grigorovka Nizhin
Grigoro-Ivanivka, Grigoro-Ivanovka Nizhin
Grigorovshchina Varva
Gritsiivka, Gritsiyevka, Gritsievka Sribnye
Gritsovka, Gritsivka Talalaivka
Grzhavets Ichnya
Gubichi Priluki
Guchin Ripki
Gunki, Gun'ki Nizhin
Gun'kovka, Gun'kivka, Gunkovka, Gunkivka Ripki
Gurbintsy, Gurbintsi Sribnye
Gusavka Mena
Gustinya Priluki
Guta korop
Guta-Studyenetska, Guta-Studenetskaya, Gutka-Studenetskaya Shchors
Guzhivka, Guzhovka Ichnya
Gvozdikovka, Gvozdikivka Shchors
Horoshe Ozero Borzna
Hovmi Borzna
Ichnya, Ichnia, Ichnya M, Itschnja Ichnya
Ignatovka Sribnye
Il'intsy, Ilintsy Nizhin
Il'mivka, Ilmovka, Il'movka Gorodnya
Irzhavets Ichnya
Irzhavets Nosivka
Ivangorod M, Ivanhorod Ichnya
Ivanitsa, Ivanitsya Ichnya
Ivanivka, Ivanovka, Janowka, Ivanovskaya, Ivanovskiy Put'
Ivanivka, Ivanovka, Janowka, Ivanovskaya, Ivanovskiy Put'
(In Chernihiv raion, known as Yanivka before 1917)
Ivanivka, Ivanovka, Janowka, Ivanovskaya, Ivanovskiy Put'
(In Chernihiv raion, known as Yanivka before 1917)
Ivanivka, Ivanovka, Janowka, Ivanovskaya, Ivanovskiy Put'
(In Chernihiv raion, known as Yanivka before 1917)
Ivankivtsi, Ivankovtsi Sribnye
Ivankov Korop
Ivankov Novgorod-Siversky
Ivashkivka, Ivashkovka Gorodnya
Ivkivtsi, Ivkovtsi Priluki
Ivminka Kozeletz
Kabluki Nizhin
Kalchinovka S, Kalchanivka Ichnya
Kalenikov? Semenivka
Kalinivka, Kalinovka Nosivka
Kalinovitsya, Kalinovitsa Varva
Kalpina Novgorod-Siversky
Kalyuzhintsi, Kalyuzhintsy Sribnye
Kamen S, Kamen', Kamin, Kamin' Novgorod-Siversky
Kamenka, Kam'yanka Mena
Kamenka, Kam'yanka Ripki
Kamenskaya Sloboda Novgorod-Siversky
Kamka Koryukivka
Kamyanska Sloboda, Kamyanskaya Sloboda Novgorod-Siversky
Kanivshchina, Kanevshchina Priluki
Karabani? Novgorod-Siversky
Karabinovka Nosivka
Karapilovka Sribnye
Karapivka Gorodnya
Karasi Novgorod-Siversky
Karasinovka Kozeletz
Karatsyubina? Korop
Karil'skye, Karylskoye Korop
Karkhivka, Karkhovka Chernihiv
Karpeki Kozeletz
Karpenkovo Korop
Karpilivka, Karpylivka, Karpilovka (see also Kornilowka) Kozeletz
Karpilivka, Karpylivka, Karpilovka (see also Kornilowka) Sribnye
Karpivka, Karpovka Gorodnya
Karpovichi Semenivka
Karyukovka Koryukivka
Katerinovka, Katerinivka? Bobrovitsa
Kazatske, Kazatskoye Bobrovitsa
Kerbutovka Borzna
Kezi Ripki
Khaenki, Khayenki Ichnya
Khalimanovye, Khalimonovo Bakhmach
Khalyavin Chernihiv
Khandabokovka? Semenivka
Kharitonivka, Kharitonovka Sribnye
Kharkovo, Kharkovye Talalaivka
Khibalivka, Khibalovka Kulikivka
Khlopyaniki Sosnitsa
Khmilnitsiya, Khmelnitsa Chernihiv
Kholmy M, Kholmi Koryukivka
Khomino Nizhin
Khorobichi, Khorobychi, Chorobiczi Gorodnya
Khorosheye Ozero, Khoroshye Ozero Borzna
Khoteyeva Semenivka
Khotievka Kulikivka
Khotiivka, Khotiyevka Semenivka
Khotinivka, Khotinovka Nosivka
Khotivlya, Kkhotovlya Gorodnya
Khotunichi Shchors
Khovmi, Khovmy Borzna
Khrenovka, Khrinivka, Chrenowka Gorodnya
Khreshchatye, Kreshchatoye Kozeletz
Khripivka, Khripovka Gorodnya
Khukalovka Varva
Khvastivtsi, Khvastovtsi ? Nosivka
Kiinka, Kienka Chernihiv
Kinashievka, Kinashovka Borzna
Kipti, Kopti Kozeletz
Kireyevka, Kiriivka Sosnitsa
Kirillovka Koryukivka
Kirovye, Kirovo Novgorod-Siversky
Kiselevka S, Kiselivka Chernihiv
Kiselevka S, Kiselivka Mena
Kiselevka S, Kiselivka Ripki
Kladkovke S, Kladkivka, Klad'kovka Kulikivka
Klenovoye? Nosivka
Klevin, Klevino Novgorod-Siversky
Klimentinovka, Mena
Klochkov, Klochkiv Chernihiv
Klubovka, Klubivka Ripki
Klyusi, Klyusy Shchors
Knuti Sosnitsa
Kobylyanka Chernihiv
Kobyzhcha M, Kobizhcha, Kobyzcza, Kobyschtscha Bobrovitsa
Kolichivka, Kolychevka, Kolychovka Chernihiv
Kolisniki, Kolesniki Nizhin
Kolisniki, Kolesniki Priluki
Kolos Novgorod-Siversky
Kolpinka Novgorod-Siversky
Kolykovka Chernihiv
Koman', Koman Novgorod-Siversky
Komarivka, Komarovka, Kamarivka, Komarowka Borzna
Komarivka, Komarovka, Kamarivka, Komarowka Ichnya
Komarivka, Komarovka, Kamarivka, Komarowka Mena
Komarivka, Komarovka, Kamarivka, Komarowka Ripki
Komary Novgorod-Siversky
Komunistichnye, Kommunisticheskoye Korop
Konotop, Konotip, Konotop stants Gorodnya
Konyatin Sosnitsa
Kopachov Kozeletz
Korchevye Ripki
Korinyetskye, Korenetskoye Talalaivka
Korobki Ripki
Korop Korop
Koropye, Koropje Kozeletz
Korovnye Shchors
Koryukovka S, Koryukivka, Korjukivka, Koriukivka, Karjukowka Koryukivka
Korzhivka Shchors
Kosachivka, Kosachovka, Kosachevka, Kosaczewka Kozeletz
Koshivka Chernihiv
Kosthuchki Koryukivka
Kostobober, Kostobobr, Kostobobrov, Kostabobriv Semenivka
Kostyrev? Sosnitsa
Kotov, Kotiv Kozeletz
Kovchin Kulikivka
Kovpinka Novgorod-Siversky
Kovpita, Kovpyta, Kolpyta Chernihiv
Kozari, Kozary Nosivka
Kozeletz, Kozelets, Koselez Kozeletz
Kozerogi Chernihiv
Kozhukhi Ripki
Kozilivka, Kozilovka Koryukivka
Kozlyanichi Sosnitsa
Krapivnoye, Krapiwno, Kropivnoye, Kropivnye, Kropievnye Nizhin
Krapivnoye?, Krapiwno?, Kropivnoye?, Kropivnye?, Kropievnye? Talalaivka
Krasilivka, Krasylivka, Krasilovka S, Krasilowka, Krasilievka Bakhmach
Krasilivka, Krasylivka, Krasilovka S, Krasilowka, Krasilievka Kozeletz
Kraskivskye, Kraskovskoye Ripki
Kraslyani, Kraslyany, Krasljany Priluki
Krasnoe S, Krasnoye, Krasnye, Krasne Bakhmach
Krasnoe S, Krasnoye, Krasnye, Krasne Bobrovitsa
Krasnoe S, Krasnoye, Krasnye, Krasne Chernihiv
Krasnopilya, Krasnopol'ye Korop
Krasnosilskye, Krasnoselskoye Borzna
Krasnostav Borzna
Krasny Gay, Krasnyy Gay Semenivka
Krasny Kolyadin, Krasnyi Kolyadin M Talalaivka
Krasny, Krasnyy Novgorod-Siversky
Krasnyi khut Novgorod-Siversky
Krasnyy Gorodok? Semenivka
Krasnyy Pakhar' Semenivka
Krasnyye Lozy Semenivka
Kratyn' Ripki
Krekhaiyiv, Krekhaiv, Krekhayev Kozeletz
Kremski Bugor, Krymskiy Bugor Novgorod-Siversky
Krinichki Semenivka
Kriski S Korop
Kriusha Semenivka
Krolevetskaya, Krolevetskaya Slobodka Novgorod-Siversky
Kropievnye, Kropivnoye Bakhmach
Kruglyy Novgorod-Siversky
Krupichpolye Ichnya
Kruti, Kruty Nizhin
Krutoyarovka, Krutojarivka Priluki
Kuchinivka, Kuchinovka Shchors
Kudlaivka, Kudlaevka, Kurlaevka Novgorod-Siversky
Kudraivka Novgorod-Siversky
Kudrivka, Kudrovka Sosnitsa
Kukharka Varva
Kukovichi Mena
Kukshin Nizhin
Kulikivka, Kulykivka, Kulikovka, Kulikowka Gorodnya
Kulikivka, Kulykivka, Kulikovka, Kulikowka Kulikivka
Kunashivka, Kunashovka Nizhin
Kupchenkov Borzna
Kupchichi? Sosnitsa
Kuren S, Kurin’ Bakhmach
Kuriivka Sosnitsa
Kurilovka? Korop
Kusei, Kusey, Kuseyevka, Kusiyi Gorodnya
Kut Tretiy Semenivka
Kut, Kuty Semenivka
Kuti Pershi Semenivka
Kuvechichi, Kuwecziczi Chernihiv
Kuzminskiy, Kuzminskoye Novgorod-Siversky
Kuznichi Gorodnya
Ladan Priluki
Ladinka Chernihiv
Larinivka, Larinovka Novgorod-Siversky
Lavi, Lavy Sosnitsa
Lavirkovye, Lavirkovo Talalaivka
Lazovka Shchors
Lebedevka? Kozeletz
Lebedin? Korop
Lebedintsi Sribnye
Lelyaki, Leljaki Varva
Lemeshi Kozeletz
Lemeshivka, Lemeshevka, Lemeshovka Gorodnya
Leninivka, Leninovka Mena
Lenkif, Lenkiv Novgorod-Siversky
Lenkov, Lenkova, Len'kovye, Len'kov, Lenkif, Lenkiv Novgorod-Siversky
Leonovka, Leonivka Semenivka
Leskonogi Novgorod-Siversky
Leskovshchina Priluki
Lesoviye Sorochintsy, Lisovi Sorochintsi Priluki
Lesovoye Nizhin
Levkovichi Chernihiv
Levovshchina Bakhmach
L'gov, L'giv, Lgov, Lgiv Chernihiv
Likhachiv, Lykhachiv, Likhachov, Lichaczewo Nosivka
Likholetki Kozeletz
Linovitsa, Lynovytsia, Linovysja Priluki
Lipiv Rig, Lipov Rog Nizhin
Lipovka Shchors
Lipovye, Lipovoye Talalaivka
Liski, Leski Mena
Liskonogi Novgorod-Siversky
Lisogori, Lysogory Ichnya
Lisovi Sorochintsi Priluki
Lizunivka, Lizunovka Novgorod-Siversky
Lizunova Rudnya Ripki
Logi Semenivka
Loknistye, Loknistoye Mena
Lomanka Novgorod-Siversky
Lopatin Ripki
Loseva Sloboda Shchors
Loshakova Kozeletz
Losinovka M, Losinivka, Losynivka Nizhin
Loska Novgorod-Siversky
Losovka, Losivka, Losevka Semenivka
Lovin, Lovyn, Lovin' Ripki
Lozovoy Semenivka
Lugovoye Shchors
Lukashovka Chernihiv
Lukashovka Nosivka
Luknovye, Luknovo Korop
Luposovye, Lupasovye, Lupasovo Koryukivka
Lutaiki Priluki
Lutava Kozeletz
Lybomudrovka Borzna
Lyubech M, Lubech, Lyubich, Ljubjaczi, Ljubjatsch Ripki
Lyubyechaninov, Lyubyechaniniv, Ljubaczeninowa Kozeletz
Lyutovka Koryukivka
Mainivka Bobrovitsa
Maiskoye Mena
Makarivka, Makarovka Bobrovitsa
Makeyevka, Makiyevka, Makeevka, Makiivka, Makeewka, Mokjejewka Nosivka
Makeyevka, Makiyevka, Makeevka, Makiivka, Makeewka, Mokjejewka Priluki
Makeyevka, Makiyevka, Makeevka, Makiivka, Makeewka, Mokjejewka Varva
Makhnovka, Makhnivka (see Petrivka) Borzna
Makishin Gorodnya
Makoshinye, Makoshyne, Makoshino, Makoshino S mena
Maksaki Mena
Maksim, Maksym Kozeletz
Maksimikhi, Maksimikhino Semenivka
Maksimovka S Ichnya
Makushikha Varva
Mala Divitsya, Malaya Divitsa Priluki
Mala Zagorivka, Mala Zagorovka Borzna
Malaya Ichnya Ichnya
Malaya Osich, Osich Chernihiv
Malaya Zagorovka Borzna
Mal'cha?, Malcha ? Gorodnya
Maleiki, Malcjki Chernihiv
Mali Listven, Maly Listven, Listwen Ripki
Malichina Greblya Borzna
Malikivka Ripki
Malinovka, Malinivka Chernihiv
Malinovka, Malinivka Ripki
Malkivka, Malkovka Priluki
Malo Koshelivka, Mala Koshelivka, Malaya Koshelevka Nizhin
Maloye Ustye Sosnitsa
Maly Dyrchin? Gorodnya
Mamyekinye, Mamekino, Memekino Novgorod-Siversky
Manzhosovka Priluki
Markivtsi, Markovtsi, Markovtsy, Markowcy Bobrovitsa
Marmizivka, Marmizovka Varva
Mars Semenivka
Martinivka, Martinovka Ichnya
Masalaevka Sosnitsa
Masany Chernihiv
Mashevo, Mashevskaya, Masheve, Mashevye, Maschewsk Semenivka
Matiivka, Matievka, Mateyevka, Matveevka Bakhmach
Matiivka, Matievka, Mateyevka, Matveevka Sosnitsa
Matsiivka, Matseyevka Priluki
Matviivka, Matveyevka Sosnitsa
Mazki Priluki
Medvedovka, Medvedivka Semenivka
Mekshunovka Ripki
Mena M, Myena, Mjena Mena
Mezin, Mezyn Korop
Migurov Talalaivka
Mikhailo-Kotsyubinskye, Mykhailo-Kotsuibyns'ke, aka Berkovets Chernihiv
Mikhailovskaya Sloboda, Mikhailivska Sloboda Novgorod-Siversky
Mikhalchina Sloboda, Mikalchina Sloboda Novgorod-Siversky
Mikhaylovka, Mikhailovka, Mikhailivka Novgorod-Siversky
Mikhaylovka, Mikhailovka, Mikhailivka Shchors
Mikolaivka Borzna
Mileiki Koryukivka
Milki, Milky, Mil'ki, Mil'ky Priluki
Mirnoye, Mirnye Nizhin
Mirnoye?, Mirnye? Kozeletz
Mishino Shchors
Mitchenki Bakhmach
Mlyny Borzna
Mnov, Mnyov, Mnv, Mnev Chernihiv
Mogerki Nizhin
Mokhnachi Ripki
Mokhnatin, Mochnatin Chernihiv
Moklyaki Priluki
Molchalishche Bobrovitsa
Molchanov Novgorod-Siversky
Molchinov Bakhmach
Molozhava, Molozhavaya Gorodnya
Monastyrishche M, Monastyryshche, Monastyrischische Ichnya
Morgulichi Chernihiv
Morivsk, Morivske, Morovsk, Morowsk Kozeletz
Moshchenka, Moshchnka Gorodnya
Moskali Chernihiv
Mosti, Mostki, Mosty khut Gorodnya
Mostishche Semenivka
Mrin Nosivka
Muraveynik Novgorod-Siversky
Murav'i Novgorod-Siversky
Mutichev Ripki
Mylniki Nosivka
Mysy Ripki
Nadinivka, Nadinovka Kozeletz
Naumivka, Naumovka Koryukivka
Naumivka, Naumovka Nosivka
Navoz, Nawos Chernihiv
Nekhaeevka, Nekhayevka Korop
Nevklya Gorodnya
Nezhin, Nizhyn, Nizhin, Nizhen, Nozhin, Niejin, Njeszin, Njeshin, Nierzyn Nizhin
Nichagivka, Nichegovka Kozeletz
Nikolayev Bobrovitsa
Nikolayevka, Mikolayivka, Mikolaivka Borzna
Nikolayevka, Mikolayivka, Mikolaivka Mena
Nikolayevka, Mikolayivka, Mikolaivka Semenivka
Nikolayevskiy, Nikolaevskoye Novgorod-Siversky
Nikonovka Nosivka
Nikonovka? Talalaivka
Nizkivka, Nizkovka, Niskowka Shchors
Nosilivka, Noselevka Borzna
Nosivka, Nosovka, Nosowka, Nossowka Nosivka
Nosivka, Nosovka, Nosowka, Nossowka Shchors
Nova Greblya, Novaya Greblya, Novaya Hreblja Priluki
Novaya Ternavshchina, Novaya Ternavscyna Priluki
Novgorod-Seversky, Novhorod-Siverskyi, Novgorod-Siverski, Novgorod-Sieversk, Novhorod-Siverskyy, Nowgorod Siwerski, Novgorod Severskiy, Novhorod-Siverskyj, Nowgorod Sjewersk Novgorod-Siversky
Novi Bilous, Novy Bilous Chernihiv
Novi Borovichi, Novyye Borovichi, Novye-Borovichi S Shchors
Novi Mlini, Novyye Melnitsy, Novyye Mlyny, Novyye Mel'nitsy Borzna
Novi Mlini, Novyye Melnitsy, Novyye Mlyny, Novyye Mel'nitsy Shchors
Novi Yarilovichi, Novi Yarylovychi, Novyye Yarylovichi Ripki
Novo-basan M, Novo Basan, Novaya Basan', Nova Basan', Nova Basanj Bobrovitsa
Novopavlovskiy, Novopavlovskoye Novgorod-Siversky
Novoselivka, Novoselovka, Novosėlovka Talalaivka
Novoselivka, Novoselovka, Novoslovka Chernihiv
Novoselivka, Novoselovka, Novoslovka Koryukivka
Novoselki, Novosėlki Ripki
Novoselki, Novoslki Novgorod-Siversky
Novosofiyevskiy, Novaya Sofievka Novgorod-Siversky
Novoukrainskye, Novoukrainskoye Ripki
Novoye Polesye Bakhmach
Novoye, Novye Chernihiv
Novy Bikiv, Novyi Bykiv, Novy Bykov, Novyy Bykiv, Novy Bykow Bobrovitsa
Novy Lad Priluki
Novy Podol? Ichnya
Novy Put', Novi Shlyaka Kozeletz
Novy Shlyakh? Kozeletz
Novye-Borovichi S Shchors
Nyedanchichi, Nedanchichi Ripki
Nyetyazhinye, Nyetyazhinoye, Netyazhinye, Netyazhinoye Priluki
Obichiv, Obychev Priluki
Obirki Bakhmach
Obmachiv, Obmachev, Obmachevo, Obmachevye Bakhmach
Obolonya, Obolonye, Obolony Korop
Obukhovo, Obukhovye Talalaivka
Obyednanye, Obyedinnnoye, Obedinnnoye Novgorod-Siversky
Odintsy, Odintsi Kozeletz
Okhinki, Okhin'ki, Ochun'ky Priluki
Okhramievichi, Okhrameyevichi Koryukivka
Oktyabr'skoye Semenivka
Okuninova, Okuninovo Kozeletz
Olbin Kozeletz
Oleksiivshchina Kozeletz
Oleksintsi Sribnye
Olenivka, Olenovka, Olenevka Borzna
Oleshnya Koryukivka
Oleshnya Ripki
Olishevka S, Olyshivka, Alichevka, Oliszewka, Olischewka Chernihiv
Ol'khovka Semenivka
Ol'shana, Vil'shana, Al'shany, Olshana Ichnya
Olshanka Semenivka
Ol'shanoye?, Olshanoye? Sosnitsa
Ombeesh, Ombysh Borzna
Omelyaniv, Omelyanov Kozeletz
Opolonskoye Bakhmach
Orlikivka, Orlikovka, Orlyukovka Semenivka
Orlivka, Orlovka M Kulikivka
Orlivka, Orlovka M Novgorod-Siversky
Osich Bakhmach
Osmaki, Os'maki Korop
Osmaki, Os'maki Mena
Osnovo, Osnova Talalaivka
Osokorovka, Osokorivka Bobrovitsa
Osov Novgorod-Siversky
Ostanivka, Ostanovka Varva
Ostapovka, Ostapivka Varva
Ostapovka, Ostapivka? Borzna
Oster, Ostyor, Ostėr, originally Horodets Kozeletz
Ostrov Bakhmach
Otradnoye Nosivka
Otrokhi Chernihiv
Ozernoye Kozeletz
Ozeryany S, Ozeriany Bobrovitsa
Ozeryany S, Ozeriany Varva
Pakul S, Pakul', Pakulj Chernihiv
Pal’chiki Bakhmach
Pamyatnoye, Pamyatnye Borzna
Parafievka S, Parafiivka Ichnya
Paristovka Borzna
Parkhimiv, Parkhimov Kozeletz
Parnya Semenivka
Pashkovka, Pashkivka Nizhin
Patyuti Kozeletz
Pavlivka, Pavlovka Chernihiv
Pavlivka, Pavlovka Ripki
Pechenyugi Novgorod-Siversky
Pechi Borzna
Pekariv, Pekaryov Sosnitsa
Pekurivka, Pekurovka Gorodnya
Pelyukhivka, Pelyukhovka Ichnya
Perebudova, Perebudovaya Nizhin
Peredel Ripki
Peredel ? Koryukivka
Perekhodovka? Nizhin
Perelyub Koryukivka
Peremoga Nizhin
Perepis, Perepis', Perepys Gorodnya
Perevolochna, Perevolochnaya Priluki
Pereyaslivka, Pereyaslovka Nizhin
Pershe Travnya, Pershotravnevye Priluki
Peschanka Novgorod-Siversky
Peschanka Semenivka
Peschanka Shchors
Peski, Piski, Peeski Bakhmach
Peski, Piski, Peeski Bobrovitsa
Peski, Piski, Peeski Chernihiv
Peski, Piski, Peeski Koryukivka
Pesotskoye Kozeletz
Petkiv, Pet'kov Talalaivka
Petrivka, Petrokva, Petrovka S (see also Makhnovka) Priluki
Petrivka, Petrokva, Petrovka S (see also Makhnovka) Shchors
Petrivka, Petrokva, Petrovka S, (see also Makhnovka) Bobrovitsa
Petrivka, Petrokva, Petrovka S, (see also Makhnovka) Borzna
Petrivskiye, Petrivs'ke, Petrovskoye Bakhmach
Petrivskiye, Petrivs'ke, Petrovskoye Kozeletz
Petrivskiye, Petrivs'ke, Petrovskoye Priluki
Petrova Sloboda Koryukivka
Petrushi Ripki
Petrushin Chernihiv
Petrushovka Ichnya
Pevtsy Chernihiv
Piddubivka, Poddubovka Priluki
Pidlisnye, Podlesnoye, Tserkovishche until 1961 Kozeletz
Pilipcha Ripki
Pilyatin Kozeletz
Pivnivshchina Gorodnya
Plekhov, Plokhiv Chernihiv
Plekhov, Plokhiv Shchors
Pliski S, Plysky Borzna
Ploskye, Ploskoye Nosivka
Pobochievka Sribnye
Poddubovka Priluki
Podgainoye Nosivka
Podgornoye Chernihiv
Podgornyy Novgorod-Siversky
Podil, Podol Sribnye
Podishche, Podisce Priluki
Podlesnoye, Pidlisnye Kozeletz
Pogoriltsy, Pohoriltsi, Pogorel'tsy Semenivka
Pograbi, Pogrebi, Pogreby Priluki
Pokoshichi Korop
Pokrovka Priluki
Pokrovskiy Semenivka
Polissya, Poles'ye Gorodnya
Polissya, Poles'ye Sosnitsa
Polonki Priluki
Polyana Nizhin
Polyana Novgorod-Siversky
Polytrudnya Gorodnya
Polyushkino Novgorod-Siversky
Ponori, Ponory Talalaivka
Ponornitsa M, Ponornytsia Korop
Popel'nya, Popelnya? Koryukivka
Popivka, Popovka M, Popovka S, Popovka khut Novgorod-Siversky
Popovichka Talalaivka
Prachi Borzna
Pribin, Pribyn' Koryukivka
Priluki, Pryluky, Pryluka, Przyluka Priluki
Priputny, Priputni Ichnya
Pristan, Pristan' Semenivka
Pristoron Ripki
Privolnoye? Shchors
Progres, Progress Kozeletz
Progres, Progress Semenivka
Prokhori, Prokhory Borzna
Prokopovka Novgorod-Siversky
Proletarskye, Proletarskoye Korop
Proletarskye?, Proletarskoye? Ichnya
Pryashki Priluki
Pushkari Kozeletz
Pushkari Novgorod-Siversky
Pushkari Ripki
Pustaya Greblya ? Korop
Pustotino, Pustotinye Nosivka
Radgospnoye Nizhin
Radichiv, Radichev, Rodichev Korop
Radkivka, Radkovka, Rad'kovka Priluki
Radomka Semenivka
Radul, Radul' Ripki
Radvinye, Radvinoye Shchors
Radyanskaya Sloboda Chernihiv
Raigorodok, Raigorod Korop
Rakutin Semenivka
Rakuzha Semenivka
Ravnopolya, Ravnopillya Chernihiv
Razvinovka Gorodnya
Redkivka, Redkovka, Red'kovka? Ripki
Reimentarivka, Reimentarovka Koryukivka
Ribinsk, Rybinsk Koryukivka
Ribotik, Ribotin, Rybotin Korop
Ripki, Ripky, Repki M, Rjepki, Rjebki Ripki
Rivchak-Stepanivka, Rovchak-Stepanovka Nosivka
Rizhki, Ryzhki Korop
Rizhki, Ryzhki Sosnitsa
Rogizk, Rogizki, Rogozhki Shchors
Rogoshchi Chernihiv
Rogovka Novgorod-Siversky
Roishchiye, Roishchye, Roeshche, Roiszcze Chernihiv
Rokitnye, Rakitnoye Bobrovitsa
Roman'ki Kozeletz
Romanovshchina Ichnya
Roshcha Novgorod-Siversky
Roshcha Semenivka
Rozhnivka, Rozhnovka Ichnya
Rozloti, Rozleti Korop
Rozy Lyuksemburg Novgorod-Siversky
Rubanka S, Rubanka Bakhmach
Rudivka, Rudkovka Bobrovitsa
Rudivka, Rudkovka Priluki
Rudka Chernihiv
Rudnya Chernihiv
Rudnya Koryukivka
Rudnya Kozeletz
Rudnya Sosnitsa
Ryabtsy Chernihiv
Ryabukhi Talalaivka
Ryashki, Rjasky Priluki
Rybinsk Koryukivka
Rybtsy Priluki
Sakhutivka, Sakhutovka, Sakhutovskie Koryukivka
Sal'nye, Sal'noye, Salnye, Salnoye Nizhin
Saltykovaya Devitsa M, Saltykovaya Devitsya, Saltikova Devitsa, Devitsa, Saltikova Divitsa Kulikivka
Samotugi Koryukivka
Savin Kozeletz
Savinka Kozeletz
Savinki Koryukivka
Savintsi, Savintsy Sribnye
Sedniv, Sednev, Sednew, Sednevo M, Sjednew Chernihiv
Selikhov Ichnya
Selishche, Selischtsche Nosivka
Semenovka, Semenivka, Seminovka, Semionovka, Semėnovka, Semenowka, Semyenivka, Semionowka Mena
Semenovka, Semenivka, Seminovka, Semionovka, Semėnovka, Semenowka, Semyenivka, Semionowka Semenivka
Senkivka, Sen'kivka, Senkovka Gorodnya
Senozhatskoye? Chernihiv
Senozhatskoye? Gorodnya
Seredinka Chernihiv
Serekov Priluki
Sergeyevskiy Semenivka
Sergiivka, Sergeyevka Priluki
Shabaliniye, Shabalinov, Shabaliniv Korop
Shaboltasivka, Shaboltasovka Sosnitsa
Shapovalovka S, Shapovalivka Borzna
Shatura Nizhin
Shchasnivka, Shchasnovka Bobrovitsa
Shchokot', Shchokot Koryukivka
Shchors, Shchorsk, Schors, aka Snovs'ke, Snovsk, Snowskaya, Snowsk Shchors
Shchurovka, Shchurivka Ichnya
Sheptaki Novgorod-Siversky
Shestovitsiya, Shestovitsa, Szestowicy Chernihiv
Shevchenka, Shevchenko Bakhmach
Shevchenka, Shevchenko Bobrovitsa
Shevchenka, Shevchenko Borzna
Shevchenka, Shevchenko Chernihiv
Shevchenka, Shevchenko Priluki
Shevchenka, Shevchenko Talalaivka
Shibirinovka S, Shiberinivka Chernihiv
Shilovichi Ichnya
Shishkivka, Shishkovka Koryukivka
Shlyakh Illicha Nosivka
Shmaevka Chernihiv
Shnyakovka, Shnyakivka Nizhin
Shpakov Kozeletz
Shulgovka, Shul'govka Chernihiv
Shumany Ripki
Shumeikov Bakhmach
Shvedchina Semenivka
Siberyozh Ripki
Sidorivka, Sydorivka, Sidorovka Borzna
Sidorkin Shchors
Silchenskovye, Silchenskovo Talalaivka
Sinyavka, Sinjawka Mena
Sinyutin Sosnitsa
Sirai, Syrai Kozeletz
Sivolozh Borzna
Sivukhi Kozeletz
Skitki Ripki
Skorokhodovye, Skorokhodovo Talalaivka
Skoronetz Chernihiv
Skripchin Kozeletz
Slabin Chernihiv
Slavutich Ripki
Slobidka, Slobodka Bakhmach
Slobidka, Slobodka Chernihiv
Slobidka, Slobodka Mena
Slobidka, Slobodka Talalaivka
Sloboda Chernihiv
Smichin, Smychyn Gorodnya
Smoligivka, Smoligovka, Smolegovka D Ripki
Smolin, Smolino Chernihiv
Smolyanka Kulikivka
Smolyazh Borzna
Smorshki Kozeletz
Smosh, Smos Priluki
Smyach, Snyach, Snych' Novgorod-Siversky
Smyach, Snyach, Snych' Shchors
Snovsk Mena
Snovsk Shchors
Snovsk stants, Snov Shchors
Snovskye, Snovskoye, Snowskaja Shchors
Snovyanka Chernihiv
Sofiivka, Sofievka Ichnya
Sofiivka, Sofievka Nosivka
Sofiivka, Sofievka Shchors
Sokhachi Korop
Sokirin Kozeletz
Sokirintsi, Sokirintsy Sribnye
Sokolivka, Sokolovka, Sokolowka Bobrovitsa
Solonivka, Solonovka Gorodnya
Solov'yevo, Solov'yvo Novgorod-Siversky
Sorochintsy Priluki
Sosnitsa, Sosnitza, Sosnytsia, Sosnytsya
Sosnovka, Sosnivka Korop
Sosnovka, Sosnivka Koryukivka
Spaskye, Spaskoye Sosnitsa
Sribnye, Sribne, Srebnoye, Sribnoye, Srebno, Srebne Sribnye
Stakhorshchina Novgorod-Siversky
Stanetskaya Chernihiv
Stara Basan, Staraya Basan, Stara Basanj Bobrovitsa
Stara Gutka, Staraya Gutka, Stara Guta Semenivka
Stara Rudnya, Staraya Rudnya Shchors
Stari Borovichi, Staryye Borovichi Shchors
Stari Yarylovychi, Staryye Yarylovichi Ripki
Starosel'ye, Starosillye Gorodnya
Stary Belous, Stari Bilous Chernihiv
Stary Bikov, Stari Bikiv, Stary Bykov, Stary Bykow Bobrovitsa
Stasovshchina Priluki
Staviskye, Staviskoye, Stawiskoja Kozeletz
Step, Step' Sribnye
Step, Step' Talalaivka
Step, Step' ? Bakhmach
Stepanivka, Stepanovka Borzna
Stepanivka, Stepanovka Mena
Stepovi Khutori, Stepniye Khutori Nosivka
Stepovov Nosivka
Stodoli Nizhin
Stolin Chernihiv
Stol'nye, Stol'noye, Stolnye, Stolnoye, Stoljnoe, Stolnoje Mena
Stolpovka Gorodnya
Stolyanka Kulikivka
Stolyazh? Nizhin
Stopilka Koryukivka
Strakhorshchina Novgorod-Siversky
Strelniki S,  Stril’niki Bakhmach
Studinka Novgorod-Siversky
Stupakovka, Stupakivka Ichnya