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The UKRGENSOCIETY mail list is the newest resource on the Ukrainian Genealogical Society's family of tools and resources for the genealogist conducting research into their Ukrainian roots.

Read the following to better understand the purpose of the mail list, how to subscribe/unsubscribe, to post to the list, and the rules of the mail list (this is IMPORTANT).

The mail list has been created by the Ukrainian Genealogical Society and hosted by Rootsweb for:
UGS members and visitors to have a forum in order to exhchange information via e-mail. (See Message Board Gateway)
A means for UGS Administration and Staff to distribute updates and information regarding the Society.
Discussion of Ukrainian genealogical issues.

The UGS wants to maintain and open and orderly forum for the discussion of Ukrainain genealogical issues, exhange of information, resources, and posting of queries for help. To this end the UGS has established the follwing Rules of Conduct for the list:

All posts should pertain to Ukrainian genealogy.
Messages that do not pertain to Ukrainian genealogy but are deemd to be of interest to the list members must have the designation OT in the subject field. OT designates the message as OFF-TOPIC and allows list members to decide if they wish to view the message or not. Keep your posts on-topic as much as possible. The List Manager will allow SOME leeway, but constant off-topic postings will cause your e-mail address to be blocked from rejoining once you are removed.
Absolutely no discussion pertaining to politics or religion will be allowed on this list, except where it has a direct bearing in response to a poster's query regarding their family history research. If it's not of genealogically of interest, take it to private e-mail between yourself and the other party.
All list members and discussions will be respectful at all times. NO defamatory remarks about or to other list members. Only proper netiquette is allowed on this list at ALL times. EVERYONE gets treated with proper respect. Doing otherwise will be cause for your e-mail to be unsubscribed, blocked, and you being reported to your ISP.
Please make sure that you maintain your e-mail address record and your e-mail account. A large number of bounces (depending on the message activity) will cause you to be automatically unsubscribed. The UGS nor the list moderator will not maintain any type of record regarding bounce history.

To Subscribe or Unsubscribe from the mail list:

To subscribe to the list in mail mode (individual messages) by sending a message to that contains the word


in the body and nothing else.
If you prefer digest mode (single e-mail with group of messages), you should send the command instead to
To unsubscribe, you must send the command "unsubscribe" (in the body) to
(if in mail mode) or
(if in digest mode.)
To switch from one mode to the other, you must unsubscribe from one and then subscribe to the other. There is no "no mail" mode --
if you want messages to stop, you should simply unsubscribe.

To post messages to the list:

To post to both UKRGENSOCIETY-L and UKRGENSOCIETY-D, messages should be sent to
Messages sent there will appear both places.

Message Board Gateway - PENDING

All messages posted to the corresponding board (UGS) are instantly copied in full to the allied list. When you see gatewayed messages on a mailing list to which you subscribe, and you wish to reply to the message, you should be aware that the poster of the message is most likely not subscribed to the list. Replies should be made on the board by going to the URL (address) in the gatewayed message. Your reply on the board will then be "gatewayed" back to the list as well.
If you can click on the URL to access the message you should do so, and others (mainly AOL users) who cannot should copy and paste the URL into the browser window. By replying on the board you ensure that the poster will see the reply to the message he posted and also that the thread of the message is preserved on the board for the benefit of future researchers who may find the messages in a search.


I am a RootsWeb mailing list administrator
2001-2002 UGS, Lighthouse Genealogy Service with Iwaniw & Associates B.E.
For problems or questions regarding this web contact
Last updated: July 27, 2002.

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