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St. Mary's Church Register for May


May 2 William HARTLEY, son of John and Eleanor CAMPBELL
May 2 Elizabeth Ann, daughter of William & Sarah BARKER
May 2 Isabella Ruth, d. of Robertus Litt & Margaret PARKER
May 8 Margaret, daughter of Richard and Jane BROWN
May 9 Alexander WILLIAMS, s. of James & Lydia Jane KIRBY
May 9 Maggie, d. of William and Elizabeth Alice SILVER
May 9 William James, son of Edward and Jane TYSON
May 12 Margaret Jane, d. of Samuel and Mary Ann MORRISON
May 12 Myles, son of Thomas and Mary Jane BAT..N
May 12 Mary Elizabeth, d. of John and Elizabeth Ann ROBERTS
May 13 Claude, son of Alfred and Annie Ramsden ATTWOOD
May 13 Fred, son of William and Sarah COOK
May 13 Isabel, daughter of James and Mary GORST
May 16 Isaac James, son of Robert and Jessie JACKSON
May 16 Hannah, daughter of Andrew and Esther FOX
May 16 William James, son of William and Dinah  BENSON
May 16 Elizabeth, daughter of Charles and Mary WILSON
May 18 George Henry, son of Samuel SHAW and Annie DIXON
May 19 Caroline, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Wilson
May 23 Annie, daughter of James and Babel HARRISON
May 23 John Newby KITCHIN, s. of Charles & Elizabeth DICKINSON
May 26 Daniel, son of John and Elizabeth SATTERWAITE
May 26 William, son of William and Isabella INMAN
May 26 Henry, son of Thomas and Mary Jane BERTRAM
May 26 Robert, son of Robert and Alice Jane TYSON
May 26 Grace, daughter of Mary POWLEY
May 26 Albert Edwin, son of William and Sophia Rogers
May 28 Albert Henry, son of Llerbert BERNARD and Catherine NICHOLSON
May 30 Esther, daughter of Joseph and Mary BANKS
May 30 Jane, daughter of John and Annie ASKEW


May 1 George Grisdale KITCHIN to Emma HOWELL
May 15 George FERGUSON to Jane JOHNSON
May 15 William PEARSON to Isabella STEPHENSON
May 18 Joseph CHURNSIDE to Mary Jane JOHNSON
May 22 William IRVING to Betsy COWARD


May 22 Elizabeth Agnes BENSON, 65 years
May 25 Betsy STUART, 69 years


Apl 30 Mary HINE, 3 years, Quebec Street
May 1 Matthew COWARD, 11 months, Swan Street
May 4 Jane Rawlinson BROCKBANK, 50 years, Stanley Street
May 5 James DENSON, 26 years, The Gill
May 5 John DENNEY, 81 years. Union Workhouse
May 6 William Leonard BIRD, 9 months, Swan Street
May 10 Polly YORK, 1 year, North Lonsdale Road
May 12 Hannah PARKER, 70 years, Union Workhouse
May 12 Adam BIRD, 2 years, Sandside
May 14 John Sedgwick STAMNER, 51 years, Newton Street
May 14 Joseph BROADHURST, 80 years, Union Workhouse
May 15 Ann TYER, 83 years, North Lonsdale Road
May 17 Elizabeth Bell RUDD, 3 years, Edmondson Street
May 19 Infant child of Ellen BIRD, 11 days, Soutergate
May 20 John FELTON, 7 years, Bardsea
May 22 John DICKINSON, 17 years Fitz Cottage
May 25 Samuel Prior DIXON, 11 months, Steel Street
May 26 Margaret ASHBURNER, 84 years, Hill Top
May 29 John James BARROW, 1 day, Union Workhouse
May 31 William BENSON, 11 weeks, Rosshead



May 15 Henry ROTHERAY to Elizabeth Ann HIGGINS


May 3 Edith Ann DIXON, 1 year, Sparkbridge
May 18 William WILLIAMSON, 6 years, Newland

Transcribed by Sandra Darnall <>