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103 Rosie the Riveter Stories
 as told by REAL Rosies or their descendants

American Rosie the Riveter Association

Those of you old enough to remember World War II
probably knew several women who worked like a man,
or with the men, during the war. Some actually were
riveters and others were electricians, welders, shell
casings inspectors and farmers, etc. Volunteers such as for
Red Cross, USO, Ration Board, knitting socks, collecting
used materials such as cooking fat, nylon hose, etc. Rosies
replaced many men in the work force so they could go to war
and fight for our country.

These are stories from women all over the United States.
They are stories that are interesting and amazing when
you think of what we did for the war effort.

Copyright 2001, 211pp, lots of photos, index of authors,
table of contents with title of story and authors' surnames.

 This fact-filled book is available from
American Rosie the Riveter Association
PO Box 188
Kimberly, AL 35091

Each book is $17 per copy and includes shipping and handling.

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