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Bible Records
Description Filename Submitted by
Clifton - Strawhan Family Bible cliftonstrawhan.pdf Frederick Straughn
Collins - Short Family Bible colnshrt.txt Mary Hosea Rimlinger
Hitch Family Bible hitchbib.txt Mike Hitch
Hosea - Short Family Bible hoseasht.txt Mary Hosea Rimlinger
Messick Family Bible messick.txt Betty Hughson
Short - Munson - Jefferson Family Bible shortmun.txt Mary Hosea Rimlinger
Tingle Family Bible tingle.txt Beverly L. Taylor
Warren - Hargis Family Bible warren-hargis.txt Rachel Mackin

Description Filename Submitted by
Jefferson, Capt. J. W. Biography jwjbio.txt Adina Dyer

Description Filename Submitted by
Cemetery Across from Armory, Georgetown armory.txt Iva Thompson
Bacon - Hearn Cemetery Between Laurel and Bacon Switch, Little Creek Hundred bacon2.txt Iva Thompson
Graveyard on Bailey Farm, Iron Hill, Little Creek Hundred bailey.txt Iva Thompson
Graveyard on Mrs. Bloxom Daugherty Farm, Little Creek Hundred bloxom.txt Iva Thompson
Cemetery near Carey's Camp, Gumboro Hundred carey.txt Iva Thompson
Collins Cemetery, Middleford, Nanticoke Hundred collins.txt Iva Thompson
Conaway Graveyard in the Vicinity of Gum's X-Roads, Nanticoke Hundred conaway.txt Iva Thompson
Conaway Graveyard near Knowles Crossroads conaway2.txt Iva Thompson
Coolspring Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Georgetown coolspri.txt Becky Hobson
Graveyard on Frank Cooper Farm, Little Creek Hundred cooper.txt Iva Thompson
Dulaney's Methodist Churchyard, Blackbird Hundred dulaney.txt Iva Thompson
Cemetery near Flowers' Station, Seaford Hundred flowers.txt Iva Thompson
Cemetery on Peter Gordy Farm, Little Hill, Gumboro Hundred gordy.txt Iva Thompson
Goslee Cemetery on Farm South of Georgetown goslee.txt Iva Thompson
Ebenezer Hearn Cemetery, Pepperbox hearn.txt Iva Thompson
Hebron Methodist Protestant Church Cemetery, Georgetown hebron.txt Bill Wilkerson
Hill Family Cemetery near Bacon's Switch District, Little Creek Hundred hill.txt Iva Thompson
Jones Cemetery, near Lowes Crossroads jones.txt Robert Jones
Cemetery near King's Church kings.txt Iva Thompson
Graveyard on the Krewatch Farm, Little Creek Hundred krewatch.txt Iva Thompson
Mariner's Bethel United Methodist Church Cemetery, Ocean View mariners.txt Jan Coffin
Mariner's Methodist Church Cemetery - Photo mariner.htm Jan Coffin
Matthews Cemetery, Lowe's Crossroads matthews.txt Lloyd Matthews
Graveyard near Mt. Zion Church, Broad Creek Hundred mtzion.txt Iva Thompson
Old Methodist Cemetery, Seaford oldmeth.txt Iva Thompson
Oliphant Family Cemetery, Delmar oliphant.txt Frances Ray
Joshua Pepper Memorial Cemetery, Georgetown pepper.txt Iva Thompson
Reed Family Cemetery, Redden State Forest reed.txt Johnita P. Malone
The Church by The River, Woodland or Cannon's Ferry river.txt Iva Thompson
Rural Selbyville Cemetery, Selbyville, Baltimore Hundred rural.txt Iva Thompson
St. John's Methodist Church Cemetery, Georgetown stjohn.txt Iva Thompson
St. Peters Episcopal Churchyard, Lewes stpeter.txt Iva Thompson
Sullivan Cemetery, Between Hearn's Crossroads and Delmar, Little Creek Hundred sullivan.txt Iva Thompson
Walker Tombstones, Nanticoke Hundred walker.txt Iva Thompson
Graveyard near Ward's Corner and Pepperbox Road, Little Creek Hundred ward.txt Iva Thompson
White's Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery, Lewes whitesch.txt Becky Hobson
Woodland United Methodist Church Cemetery, Woodland wood.txt Bill Wilkerson

Census Records
Description Filename Submitted by
Partial 1850 Sussex County Federal Census
Georgetown, Broadkill Hundred
Table of Contents Beverly L. Taylor, Joana S. Donovan and Janyce King
1870 Sussex County Federal Census Images Please Read First
Table of Contents
Dora Passwaters Zsedeny
with permission from SK Publications
Partial (Single Household) Records:
  1. 1860 - Brittingham Household - Gumboro, Broad Creek Hundred
  2. 1860 - Richards Household - Milford, Cedar Creek Hundred
  3. 1870 - Elliott/Brittingham Household - Laurel, Broad Creek Hundred
  4. 1900 - Brittingham Household - Broad Creek Hundred
  5. 1900 - Brittingham Household - Broad Creek Hundred
  6. 1910 - Brittingham Household - Rep. Dist. 4
  1. yr18608gcn.txt
  2. yr18602gcn.txt
  3. yr18709gcn.txt
  4. yr190010gcn.txt
  5. yr190011gcn.txt
  6. yr191013gcn.txt
Krystal Wilson

Church Records
Description Filename Submitted by
Sound United Methodist Church Baptism Records soundch.txt W. O. Long

Court Records
Description Filename Submitted by
Clark/Thomas/Aydelott/West Arbitration Bond, 1820 clarkbon.txt Deborah Cavel-Greant and Brenda McClure
Inventory of Estate: William Hearn hearn22gwl.txt James B. Hearn
Coroner's Inquest, 1860: Jane Messick jmessick.txt Shari Handley
Sussex County Orphan's Court Docket, 1737 - 1847     INFORMATION
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I-J | K | L | M | N | O | V | Y
Dianne Richards

Description Filename Submitted by
Jefferson Surname File from the Delaware History Center jeffersn.txt Mary Hosea Rimlinger
Levin Okey (1760-1829) Revolutionary Soldier of DE, VA and OH okey.txt Carolyn K. Shearer and Judy S. Schaeffer
Okey Family in America okey2.txt Carolyn K. Shearer and Judy S. Schaeffer
A History of the State of Delaware - Advertisement and Preface 1870 advertis2gms.txt Joy Fisher
A History of the State of Delaware - Chapter I chapteri3gms.txt Joy Fisher
Index to "Some Records of Sussex County Delaware" somerec.txt Barbara Johnson
Sussex County Libraries, as of 28 Jul 2003 sxlibry.txt  

Land Records
Description Filename Submitted by
Clark Deed AEM28-208, 1806 clarkdee.txt Deborah Cavel-Greant and Brenda McClure
Clark, Esther Aydelott - Report on the Division of Land estclark.txt Deborah Cavel-Greant and Brenda McClure
Fisher/Hazard Deed - Slutkill Neck, 1782/3 fisher.txt Becky Hobson
Fling/Holland Deed - Rehoboth, 1747/8 fling.txt Becky Hobson
Gray/Stockley Deed - Fishing (Goldsmith's) Creek, 1753 gray.txt Becky Hobson
Riccord/Holland Deed - Rehoboth, 1748 holland.txt Becky Hobson
Shankland/McIlvain Deed - Indian River, 1768 shankland.txt Becky Hobson
Tilghman (Polk)/Watkins Deed - Northwest Fork Hundred, 1809 tilghman.txt Adina Watkins Dyer

Military Records
Description Filename Submitted by
World War I: Civilian Draft Registration Cards, 1917-18
  1. Surnames A-G:
  2. Surnames H-O:
  3. Surnames P-Z:
  1. scivreg1.txt
  2. scivreg2.txt
  3. scivreg3.txt
Raymond H. Banks
World War II Army Enlistment Records
  1. Surnames AALES - CANNON:
  2. Surnames CANTRELL - ELLIOTT:
  3. Surnames ELLIS - HERRING:
  4. Surnames HICKEY - KINDER:
  5. Surnames KING - MIKELL:
  6. Surnames MILBOURN - QUINTON:
  7. Surnames RALPH - STEVENSON:
  8. Surnames STEWART - WHEDBEE:
  9. Surnames WHITE - ZUBOWICZ:
  1. armyenli44gmt.txt
  2. armyenli45gmt.txt
  3. armyenli46gmt.txt
  4. armyenli47gmt.txt
  5. armyenli48gmt.txt
  6. armyenli49gmt.txt
  7. armyenli50gmt.txt
  8. armyenli51gmt.txt
  9. armyenli52gmt.txt
Tina Vickery

Description Filename Submitted by
Chipman, William - 5 May 1905, Lincoln chipman2gob.txt Debby O'Neal
Jefferson, Warren - May, 1848 jefferson.txt Mary Hosea Rimlinger

Tax Records
Description Filename Submitted by
1693 Sussex County Tax List s1693.txt Glenna Sytsma

Vital Records
Description Filename Submitted by
Death - Annie V. Brittingham, 7 Dec 1930 britting5gdt.txt Krystal Wilson
Marriages from "Some Records of Sussex County" marriage.txt Barbara Johnson
Marriage Records - Sound Methodist Church soundmar.txt W. O. Long

Wills and Probate Records
Description Filename Submitted by
Black, Ann - Will, 1783 annblack.txt Iva Thompson
Chipman, Joseph - Will, 1861 chipman.txt Debby O'Neal
Clendaniel, George - Will, 1851 clendaniel.txt Dawn Clendaniel Kifer
Goddard, Francis Lane - Will, 1794 goddard.txt Linda Goddard Stout
Hearn, Isaac - Will, 1874 hearn21gwl.txt James B. Hearn
Hearn, Kendal - Will, 1874 hearn-kendal.txt James Hearn
Hearn, Samuel - Will, 1850 hearn20gwl.txt James Hearn
Hitch, Isaac - Will, 1798 hitch1.txt Mike Hitch
Hitch, Robert - Will, 1844 hitch2.txt Mike Hitch
Hitch, Spencer - Will, Inventory, Accounts, 1797-1813 hitch3.txt Mike Hitch
Holmes, Robert - Will, 1754 holmes.txt Iva Thompson
Hood, Mary - Will, 1793 maryhood.txt Becky Hobson
Hosea, John Sr. - Will, 1792 hosea-j.txt Mary Hosea Rimlinger
Hosea, Mathew - Administrator's Accounts, 1820/1821/1828 hosea2.txt Mary Hosea Rimlinger
McIlvaine, Andrew - Will, 1726 mcilvain.txt Iva Thompson
McIlvane, James - Will, 1754 jmcilvan.txt Iva Thompson
O'Neal, Josiah - Will, 1852 joneal.txt Debby O'Neal
Pettyjohn, James - Will, 1801 pettyjon.txt Brad Davidson
Smith, William - Will, 1845 wmsmith.txt Lisa Just
Smith, William Sr. - Will, 1846 wmsmithsr.txt Lisa Just
Tindal, John - Will, 1786 tindalj-1786.txt Mary Hosea Rimlinger

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