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The donation of the 1910 Walsh County, North Dakota, Census images for permanent, free display in the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of Patti Paterson ( and the permission of S-K Publications. These census images are copyrighted by S-K Publications and are not to be republished or redistributed without their permission. The images are also available on CD (in a higher-quality format that was reduced when they were converted to .GIF files for the Web) from S-K Publications, PO Box 8173, Wichita KS 67208-0173.

The 1910 Walsh County, North Dakota, Census contains 428 pages (census
images) in Enumeration Districts 245 through 261.
The following pages were not copied from the microfilm, as they are blank:
246-04B, 246-06B, 246-10B, 246-14B, 246-15B, 248-08B, 249-06B, 250-03B,
251-08B, 252-09B, 253-08B, 255-04B, 255-05B, 255-09B, 256-06B, 256-12B,
256-18B, 257-05B, 257-13B, 258-10B, 259-04B, 260-05B, 260-09B, 260-10A,
261-04B, and 261-08B.

The name of each image file is the page number. (In the case of 1880, 1900, 1910,
and 1920 census, the file name includes both the Enumeration District and the
page number.)

The following is a breakdown showing which county subdivisions are enumerated
in each Enumeration District:
Acton Township: ED 245-01A through 245-04B
St. Andrews Township: ED 245-05A through 245-07B
Kinloss Township: ED 246-01A through 246-06A
Adams Township: ED 246-07A through 246-14A
Silvesta Township: ED 246-15A through 246-18A
Ardoch Village: ED 247-01A through 247-03B
Ardoch Township: ED 247-04A through 247-08B
Walshville Township: ED 247-09A through 247-13A
Medford Township: ED 248-01A through 248-04B
Cleveland Township: ED 248-05A through 248-08A
Vernon Township: ED 248-09A through 248-11B
Ops Township: ED 249-01A through 249-06A
Eden Township: ED 249-07A through 249-09A
Dewey Township: ED 250-01A through 250-03A
Shepherd Township: ED 250-04A through 250-07B
Sauter Township: ED 250-08A through 250-10A
Edinburg Village: ED 251-01A through 251-03B
Lampton Township: ED 251-04A through 251-08A
Dundee Township: ED 251-09A through 251-14A
Farmington Township: ED 252-01A through 252-04B
Glenwood Township: ED 252-05A through 252-09A
Hoople Village: ED 252-10A through 252-11B
Grafton Township: ED 253-01A through 253-08A
Fertile Township: ED 253-09A through 253-13B
Forest River Village: ED 254-01A through 254-03A
Forest River Township: ED 254-03B through 254-07A
Walsh Center Township: ED 254-07B through 254-10B
Golden Township: ED 255-01A through 255-04A
Vesta Township: ED 255-05A through 255-09A
Tiber Township: ED 255-10A through 255-14A
Grafton City: ED 256
City of Minto: ED 257-01A through 257-08B
Warsaw Post Office: ED 257-09A through 257-09B
Harriston Township: ED 257-10A through 257-13A
Pulaski Township: ED 257-14A through 257-20A
Kensington Township: ED 258-01A through 258-03B, 258-07A through 258-07B
Park River City: ED 258-04A through 258-06B, 258-08A through 258-16A
Norton Township: ED 259-01A through 259-08B
Latona Township: ED 259-09A through 259-11B
Perth Township: ED 259-12A through 259-15A
Oakwood Township: ED 260-01A through 260-05A, 260-10B
Martin Township: ED 260-06A through 260-09A
Pisek Village: ED 261-01A through 261-04A
Rushford Township: ED 261-05A through 261-08A
Prairie Center Township: ED 261-09A through 261-15A

The 1910 Walsh County, North Dakota, Census images:

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