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Wisconsin Obituaries


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Mrs. S. CADWALLADER Ruth Ann Montgomery
Samuel CADWALLADER Ruth Ann Montgomery
Adelia CADY Joan Benner
Earl CAIN Joan Benner
William CAIRNS Joan Benner
May CALDWELL Ruth Ann Montgomery
Judson Wells CALKINS Ruth Ann Montgomery
Ripley M. CALKINS Kathy Grace
Mrs. Henry CALLAHAN Kathy Grace
Mrs. T. E. CALLAHAN Kathy Grace
Charles F. CALLIES Jack Callies
Mary CALLIES Jack Callies
Walter J. CALLIES Jack Callies
Warren CALLIGAN Jane Mason
Anna Barron CAMPBELL Charlene Staples
Elizabeth CAMPBELL Joan Benner
Frances CAMPBELL Ruth Ann Montgomery
John CAMPBELL Joan Benner
William CAMPBELL Kathy Grace
Mrs. William CAMPBELL Kathy Grace
Lt. Col. James John CANTLON Rita Boland Nutile
Willis Clifford CARA Kathy Grace
John Benjamin CARDY Leslie Louthain
Mercy Ann CARDY Leslie Louthain
Russell CARDY Leslie Louthain
Ellen Elizabeth CAREY Kathy Grace
George M. CARLSON Ruth Ann Montgomery
Michael CARNEY Lenora Weber Mulock
William H. CARPENTER Ruth Ann Montgomery
Lucy Church CARR Christy Hall Thompson
Ann CARROLL Kathy Grace
Thomas CARROLL Lenora Weber Mulock
Agnes CARSON Ruth Ann Montgomery
Jirah CARTER Joan Benner
Louisa (Runnels) CARTER Kathy Grace
Margaret Ann (Thomas) CARTER Dianne Richards
Richard K. CARTER Erika Hall
Amos CARTWRIGHT Kathy Grace
Elizabeth CARTWRIGHT Janet Eiler
William Sheldon CARY, M.D., Wanda Purcell
LeRoy M. CARYL Darlene Stevens
Maude Mae CARYL Darlene Stevens
Minnie C. CARYL Darlene Stevens
Merbal CASE Kathy Grace
Myrtle CASE Ruby Upthagrove
Irene CASFORD Kathy Grace
Edgar Smith CASLER Ruth Ann Montgomery
Christian CASPER Michael Petrie
Eva Catherine CASPER Michael Petrie
Margaret CASSIDAY Mary Saggio
Margaret CASSIDY Kathy Grace
Thomas A. CASWELL Joan Benner
Anna CATCHIM Joan Benner
Mary P. CAVANAUGH Joan Benner
Laura Regina CHAFFEE Joan Benner
Mrs. George CHALLONER Kathy Grace
Sarah CHAMBERLAIN Joan Benner
Nellie A. CHAMBERLIN Mary Saggio
Henry C. CHAMBERS Kathy Grace
Adeline CHAMPEAU Jan R. Dorn
Mrs. Daniel CHANDLER Kathy Grace
Russel O. CHAPEL Ruth Ann Montgomery
Orline CHAPIN Ruth Ann Montgomery
Thomas CHAPLEAU Christine Herman
W. B. CHAPMAN Kathy Grace
Arthur CHARTIER Kent Robarge
Edward CHARTIER Kent Robarge
Marie CHARTIER Kent Robarge
Sinai CHARTIER Kent Robarge
Victoria (Demers) CHARTIER Kent Robarge
Carrie CHASE Kathy Grace
Maria CHASE Ruth Ann Montgomery
Mary CHASE Kathy Grace
Darius CHATFIELD Anonymous
Anna CHATTERTON Ruth Ann Montgomery
Achsah Gore CHENEY Kathy Grace
Althea CHENEY Kathy Grace
Allansing CHILSON Joan Benner
Charles CHORNLEY Kathy Grace
Christ CHRISTENSEN Kathy Grace
Lena CHRISTENSEN Kathy Grace
Mary CHRISTENSEN Joan Benner
Nelson K. CHRISTENSEN Connie Nelson
Betsey CHRISTENSON Joan Benner
Carl CHRISTENSON Joan Benner
Rose Christensen Theresa Williams
August CHRISTIAN Kathy Grace
George CHURCH Kathy Grace
Mary Elizabeth CHURCH Kathy Grace
Sylvia A. Phillips CHURCH Linda Krause
William CHURCH Kathy Grace
Mark CHURCHILL Joan Benner
George CLANTON Nance Sampson
Edwin O. CLAPP Joan Benner
Amelia CLARK Joan Benner
Charles Joseph CLARK Tracy Carlson
Dora CLARK Joan Benner
George W. CLARK Ruth Ann Montgomery
James CLARK Kathy Grace
Marguerite CLARK Ruth Ann Montgomery
Mary Elizabeth CLARK Ruth Ann Montgomery
Randy L. CLARK Nance Sampson
William CLARK Joan Benner
William D. CLARK Joan Benner
Zelotus M. CLARKE Kathy Grace
Emil CLAUSNITZER Cindy Johnson
Eric CLAUSNITZER Cindy Johnson
Otto CLAUSNITZER Cindy Johnson
William T. CLAUSNITZER Cindy Johnson
Mrs. C. CLAVETER Kathy Grace
Charity CLELAND Kathy Grace
Clara L. CLELAND Joan Benner
Hugh CLELAND Joan Benner
Jennie CLELAND Ruth Ann Montgomery
Mary Ann CLELAND Ruth Ann Montgomery
Child CLEMENT Mary Saggio
Child CLEMENTS Mary Saggio
William CLEMENTS Kathy Grace
Hattie CLEMENTSON Joan Benner
Ellen Nora CLEMMENS Kathy Grace
Martin CLEVELAND Kathy Grace
Charles M. CLIFFORD Ruth Ann Montgomery
Earle CLIFFORD Ruth Ann Montgomery
Edwin CLIFFORD Kathy Grace
Marcia CLIFFORD Ruth Ann Montgomery
Patrick Frances CLIFFORD Kathy Grace
Josephine CLINCH Ruth Ann Montgomery
O.P. CLINTON Kathy Grace
Alta CLOSE Kathy Grace
Frank Ellsworth CLOSE Kathy Grace
Sarah CLOUGH Ruth Ann Montgomery
Ada Selina CLOW Kathy Grace
Steven V. CLUTE Denise Ervasti
Elizabeth (Dunn) COAD Kathy Grace
Mable E. COAPMAN Mary Saggio
Emma Gertrude (Porter) COCHRANE Bill Porter
Albert H. COCKAYNE W. David Samuelsen
Frederick R. COCKRAN Jr. Priscilla Arnold
Frederick A. CODD Kathy Grace
A. W. COLBURN Joan Benner
Sarah A. COLBY Joan Benner
Ann Thompson COLE Kathy Grace
Charlotte Houtby COLE Ruth Ann Montgomery
John M. COLE Ruth Ann Montgomery
S.B. COLE Kathy Grace
Carrie J. COLEMAN Ruth Ann Montgomery
Charles H. COLEMAN Ruth Ann Montgomery
Dorothy (Whitney) COLEMAN Kent Robarge
Emery COLEMAN Kent Robarge
J. Leo COLEMAN Wendy Schuchart
George B. COLLIER Ruth Ann Montgomery
Bertha COLLINS Ruth Ann Montgomery
Elizabeth COLLINS Ruth Ann Montgomery
Ellen COLLINS Kathy Grace
Florence COLLINS Kathy Grace
John COLLINS Kathy Grace
John COLLINS Ruth Ann Montgomery
E.R. COLTON Kathy Grace
William E. COMBS Ruth Ann Montgomery
Thomas COMFERT Kathy Grace
Phillip CONNELL Joan Benner
Amelia CONRAD Kathy Grace
Estella CONRADSON Ruth Ann Montgomery
Hannah CONRADSON Joan Benner
Thomas M. AMES Ruth Ann Montgomery
Mary Ann COOK Kathy Grace
J. C. COOLEY Kathy Grace
Rosetta B. COOLEY Bill Cooley
Esther L. COON Joan Benner
Dr. Prentiss COON Joan Benner
Hugh G. COOPER Kathy Grace
Samuel S. COPELAND Ruth Ann Montgomery
Aaron A. CORNELISON Nance Sampson
Mrs. V. A. (Lucy F.) CORNELISON Nance Sampson
Almina (Porter) CORNELL Bill Porter
Bryan CORRIGAN Mary Saggio
Sarah Elizabeth CORSON Theresa Peterson
Cornelius COSTELLO Kathy Grace
Emulous P. COTTON Joan Benner
Jeddie D. COTTON Joan Benner
Rolla COTTON Joan Benner
William COULSON Mary Saggio
James COURTIER Ruth Ann Montgomery
Mary Ellen COURTIER Ruth Ann Montgomery
Anselm Sylvestre "Sam" COUTURE Kent Robarge
Delima (Morneau) COUTURE Kent Robarge
Laura COUTURE Kent Robarge
Olivine (Lambert) COUTURE Kent Robarge
Wilfred COUTURE Kent Robarge
Mary COVERT Ruth Ann Montgomery
William G. COWAN Lori Hammell-Davis
Mary COWEN Joan Benner
Ervin Bowen COX Ruth Ann Montgomery
Orrin F. COX Kathy Grace
Laura E. COY Kathy Grace
Alice CRAIG Kathy Grace
Ray Eugene CRALL Ruth Ann Montgomery
William A. CRANE Kathy Grace
Belle CRAWFORD Ruth Ann Montgomery
Laura CRAWFORD Ruth Ann Montgomery
Charles W. CRINGLE Kathy Grace
Alphonzo CROFOOT Ruby Upthagrove
Peter P. CROGHAN Joan Benner
Elisha CROSBY Joan Benner
A.E. CROSS Kathy Grace
Frank G. CROSS Kathy Grace
James CROSS Kathy Grace
J.W. CROSS Kathy Grace
Mary Bell CROSS Kathy Grace
Robert CROTHERS Joan Benner
Sidney CROTHERS Joan Benner
Alfred (Fred) CROTTEAU Kent Robarge
Allan CROTTEAU Kent Robarge
Clara (Halseth) CROTTEAU Kent Robarge
Evelyn (Lusson) CROTTEAU Kent Robarge
Frank CROTTEAU Kent Robarge
Frank CROTTEAU Kent Robarge
Gloria (Williams) CROTTEAU Kent Robarge
Harvey CROTTEAU Kent Robarge
Henry CROTTEAU Kent Robarge
Hermaline (King) CROTTEAU Kent Robarge
Isaac CROTTEAU Kent Robarge
Iva (Nelson) CROTTEAU Kent Robarge
John CROTTEAU Kent Robarge
John Joseph CROTTEAU Kent Robarge
Josephine (Slayton) CROTTEAU Kent Robarge
Joyce (Swant) CROTTEAU Kent Robarge
Louis CROTTEAU Kent Robarge
Margaret M. (Nelson) CROTTEAU Kent Robarge
Marvin CROTTEAU Kent Robarge
Mary (Bruha) CROTTEAU Kent Robarge
Maurice CROTTEAU Kent Robarge
Paul CROTTEAU Kent Robarge
Pete CROTTEAU Kent Robarge
Peter Alexander CROTTEAU Kent Robarge
Raymond CROTTEAU Kent Robarge
Robert CROTTEAU Kent Robarge
Robert Edward CROTTEAU Kent Robarge
William CROTTEAU Kent Robarge
Esther CROWE Kathy Grace
Richard R. CROWE Kathy Grace
Maxwell H. CROWELL Nance Sampson
Albert CRUEGER, Jr. Kathy Grace
Ann CRUTHERS Joan Benner
Alice CULL Shirley Panka
Elizabeth Mulrooney CULL Shirley Panka
John CULL Shirley Panka
Mary Woods CULL Shirley Panka
Michael CULL Shirley Panka
Angeline CUMMINGS Joan Benner
Edward A. CUMMINGS Joan Benner
Norman CUMMINGS Joan Benner
Theodore R. CUMMINGS Joan Benner
Charles William CURAVO Lorraine Hand
Frank L. CURD Michelle Shreve
Julian Theodore CURD Michelle Shreve
Meta CURD Michelle Shreve
Daniel CURRAN Kathy Grace
John D. CURRAN Kathy Grace
Mrs. S.A. CURTIS Kathy Grace
Frances CUSHMAN Kathy Grace
Gustavus N. CUSHMAN Kathy Grace
Charles F. CUTLER Joan Benner
Eunice M. CUTTS Kathy Grace
Frank E. CYR Nance Sampson
Rudolph CYRTMUS Kathy Grace

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