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Individual Obituaries

File Description File Size Date Submitted Submitted by
Frank E. Clark3 kb Aug 2002Eleanor Southwick
Sylvia Nichols CRAFT1 kbApr 2000JT
Jasper Newton Clements 3kbJun 1999Ralph Reed
Lucy Ann Carroll Crabtree 3kbSep 2002Bettie Cholakian
ZurildaJane Dunaway 2  kbJun 1999 
Joseph DeMeir 2 kbJun 1999 
Rebecca Dodd2 kbJun 1999 
Nathan Estes1 kbApr 2000JT
Lana Ferrill2 kbJun 1999 
Richard J. Finke2 kbApr 2000 Eleanor Southwick
Sophia Finke2 kbApr 2000  Eleanor Southwick
Elsie FRY3 kb Aug 2002Howard Grisso
Edna Funkhouser2 kbJun 1999 
Charles "Chuck" Huffaker2 kbAug
Clarence Huges 2kbFeb 2003 Judy Michaels
Dale Allen Nachtigal4 kbJul 2004Sharon Hamilton
Nina Christine Nachtigal4 kbJul 2004Sharon Hamilton
Newton A. Keithley, Sr2 kbApr 2000 Eleanor Southwick
Arthur A. Kelley3 kb Aug 2002Howard Grisso
Rhoda Jame Masters1 kbApr 2000JT
Mary Elizabeth Merideth3 kbApr 2000 Leona Halley Henderson
Rosie Moore1 kbApr 2000JT
Everett Ed Moreland 2 kbJun 1999 
J.W. Powell 2 kbJun 1999 
Mary Gertrude PESTERFIELD2 kbAug 2002Howard Grisso
Blanche Allton Pollock2 kbAug
Ollie Sharp1 kbApr 2000JT
Susie Sharp1 kbApr 2000JT
Donald James STUBBS3 kb Aug 2002Howard Grisso
Mrs R. M. Southworth1 kbApr 2000JT
Marie Jane Sullivan 2 kbJun 1999 
Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Watters 2 kbJun 1999Contributed by Okbits
Jasper William "Jub" Thompson4 kbAug
James Henry Turner3 kbJul 2004Sharon Hamilton
Caledonia Turner2 kbJul 2004Sharon Hamilton
Henry Francis Wood2 kbApr 2000 Eleanor Southwick
Various Obituaries 2 kbJun 1999 
Mrs. Mary A. Wilmoth 2 kbMar 22, 2002Judy Michaels
James Thomas Wilmoth 2 kbMar 22, 2002Judy Michaels
Richard Wilmoth2 kbMar 22, 2002Judy Michaels
Sallie (WEBB) Hamilton 1 kbMay 10, 2002 Judy Michaels
Mrs. George Houser2kb15 Jun 2002 Judy Michaels
Jeff BENNETT - John REYNOLDS2kb19 Jun 2002 Judy Michaels
Rachel (Goin) STELLE 3kb19 Jun 2002 Judy Michaels
Mrs. S.B. ROGERS 1 kb19 Jun 2002 Judy Michaels


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