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"These USGenWeb Bylaws; Article VI (Duties/Qualifications of Advisory Board), Section 3 and Article XIV (Grievance Procedures and Appeals Process) are repealed and replaced as stated below.

Article VI, Section 3.
The responsibilities of the Advisory Board shall include addressing any problem issues as they arise; aiding the state projects upon request; establishing and overseeing committees; reviewing grievance appeals in accordance with the Grievance Committee Procedures, and appointing a webmaster to maintain the national website.

Article XIV, Section 1.
A standing Grievance Committee will be established.

Article XIV, Section 2.
The Grievance Committee will operate under the Grievance Policies and Procedures. Changes to the Grievance Policies and Procedures may be made by the Advisory Board or may be proposed by the Grievance Committee for approval by the Advisory Board. The current Grievance Policies and Procedures shall be displayed on the National website.

Article XIV, Section 3.
The Advisory Board will appoint the initial members of the Grievance Committee. Thereafter, the Grievance Committee will recommend for approval by the Advisory Board a slate of members to fill vacant positions.

Article XIV, Section 4.
The Grievance Committee will administer a fair, orderly, and timely resolution of a grievance in accordance with the Grievance Policies and Procedures.

Article XIV, Section 5.
The resolution of a grievance is binding upon the membership.

Article XIV, Section 6.
All actions, whether by the national Grievance Committee or by a grievance process at a state or special project level, shall be characterized by fairness, courtesy, and respect for the dignity and the rights of each individual. To that end, the following rights and responsibilities apply to all grievance processes within the USGenWeb Project, XXGenWeb Projects, and Special Projects.

Article XIV, Section 6(1).
A member may choose to act as his or her own representative, or may select someone to act as his or her representative. The member retains the right to change or dismiss the representative at any step of the procedure; however, such action will not affect the point at which the change or dismissal occurs.

Article XIV, Section 6(2).
When a member is dismissed from a position in a State, Local, or Special Project, that member's position may not be filled until the expiration of the time for that member to file a grievance. When the said member files a grievance, that position may not be filled unless the grievance resolution against the member calls for the member to lose that position. Nothing should prevent the unlinking of the member's website and establishing a temporary website pending resolution of any grievance.

Article XIV, Section 6(3).
Nobody shall be discriminated against for participating in the grievance process."