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Southern New England


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Irish Families in the Neighborhood
(Listed alphabetically by primary family surname; click the underlined link for information on each family)

Francis and Ann (Brown) Balfe
Balfe of Taunton, Mass.
Names: Bagge, Balfe, Brady, Brown, Laffan, Long, Treacy, Twiss
Submitted by Nancy Bagge Sullivan

Thomas Joseph BARRON & 1) Mary Booth; 2) Margaret Dunn
Barron of Brockton, Mass.
Names: Barron, Booth, Breault, Cook, Dunn, Dwyer, Gale, Ivers, Lagerstedt, Ragan/Regan, Smith, Stamp
Submitted by Laurie E. B. Wilkinson, 

Thomas and Margaret (Daugherty) CONNOR
Connor of Pawtucket RI
Names: Battle, Brennon, Butler, Cassidy, Clark, Connell, Connor, Coughlan, Courtes, Daugherty, Davy, Deghnan, Doherty, Duffy, Durkan, Durken, Farrell, Freal, Gagnon, Gallagher, Gara, Green, Griffin, Hackney, Harken, Hegarty, Heiter, Higgins, Holton, Horan, Hyde, Kelly, MacRae, McCarthy, McDermott, McGill, McKinnon, Mulligan, Murphy, OConnor, ODonnell, ODowd, Raftery, Regan, Reynolds, Rodgers. Rush, Sherwin, Touhy, Towey, Treacy, Wallace, Winters
Submitted by Frank McGill

CULLEN Family Notes
Cullens in RI and MA, various resources
City Directories
Submitted by Carla Phillips
Cullen Cemetery Index for Rhode Island
Submitted by Carla Phillips
Burials in Blackstone MA and Woonsocket RI
Descendants of Dennis & Ann Cullen
Submitted by Arlene Cullen Claflin

Dennis & Ann CULLEN
Cullen of Woonsocket RI
Names: Cullen, Dean, Gearhty, Meahan, Wiggins
Submitted by Arlene Cullen Claflin

CUMMINGS Families of Southern New England
Andrew & Mary (Lanahan) Cummings of Providence RI
Names: Cummings, Christie, Lanahan, Moore, Phillips, Scott, Wallace
George and Ellen Cummings of Cumberland RI
Names: Cummings, Kelly, Murphy, Massey, Cox
Patrick and Margaret (Nolan) Cummings of Providence RI
Names: Cummings, Ganley, McQueeney, Nolan, Sullivan
Thomas and Ellen (Flynn) Cummings of Providence RI
Names: Cummings, Burke, Flynn, Garrity, Lannon, McKenna, McManus, Reilly, Sullivan, Thornton
Thomas and Mary (McGrady) Cummings of Fall River MA
Names: Cummings, Fay, Flynn, McGrady

  James and Catherine (Ryan) CUMMINGS
Cummings of Scranton, PA and Fall River, MA
Names: Cummings, Duffy, Foley, Hague, Higgins, Ryan, Tope
Submitted by Mike Cummings

Owen & Ellen (Green) CUMMINS
Cummings of New York City, Fall River, MA and Providence, RI
Names: Cummings, Bowers, Cavanaugh, Donovan, Dooriss, Doyle, Duffy, Green, Henderson, Mahon, McAuliffe, Pierce, Phillips, Quinn, Shannon, White
Submitted by Susan Rogers Clement & Linda Rogers

Patrick & Catherine (McGlynn) CUMMINGS Family
Cummings of Providence RI and Fall River MA
Names: Brennan, Clifford, Cummings, Doherty, Falvey, Fogarty, Giblin, Hickey, Kershaw, Lockett, Loughran, Rogers, Stasiowski, Sullivan
Submitted by Doreen Cummings Moniz and Sean X.A. Cummings

James & Mary (Higgins) DEVANEY
Devaney of Fall River MA
Names: Devaney, Higgins, Melone, Mitchell, Rhodes, Wallace, Wilding
Submitted by Pat Watson

John & Hanora (Fanning) DISKIN
Diskin of Fall River MA
Names: Baker, Brazil, Bryan, Chappell, Delaney, Diskin, Fanning, Fermental, Fitzpatrick, Fuller, Higgins, Johnson, Lee, Logan, McGill, McKenna, Miller, Moran, Osterman, Porter, Reddinger, Tyrell
Submitted by Frank McGill

Patrick and Catherine (Connelly) DOYLE
Doyle of Fall River, MA
Names: Chessa, Connelly, Coppola, DelVecchie, Desmarais, Doherty, Doyle, Ferreira, Gavigan, Glavin, Griffin, Harrison, Higgins, Hines, Hirst, Howard, Johnston, Laib, Maloney, Martin, McGill, McGowan, McNulty, Millar, Morris, Mullaney, O'Brien, Powers, Quinn, Roe, Sullivan, Sweeney, Tapper, Ward
Submitted by
Libby Quanstrom, Marietta, GA

Thomas and Bridget (Delahanty) FLANNERY
Flannery of Fall River and Somerset MA
Names: Amick, Andrews, Arnold, Banville, Carroll, Cerkot, Cleaves, Collins, Connors, Delahanty, Desiena, Flannery, Foley, Hunt, Lafierier, Larson, Lautt, Lewis, Lizotte, Massei, McFall, Mills, Reed, Ryan, Schriner, Streeter, VanKranenburg, Vial
Submitted by Jim Flannery
Co-authored by June Nessler

Andrew & Ellen Eleanor (Fanning) FLYNN
Flynn of Providence and Warwick RI
Names: Adalio, Banaghan, Bishop, Bohan, Burkhardt, Clark, Cogean, Collins, DeMars, Donahue, Dorrigan, Fanning, Farranti, Flanagan, Flynn, Frizzle, Gauvin, Hall, Hyland, McGee, McGill, McGovern, McGowan, Mitchell, Murphy, Ormond, Walton, Winters
Submitted by Frank McGill

Patrick & Margaret (O'Brien) GILHEENEY
Names: Butler, Cafferty, Cullan, Doyle, Duggan, Gilheeney, Gilheney, Halpin, Higgins, O'Brien, O'Connell, Smith
Submitted by Nancy Mauro NTMauro@ETCMAIL.COM
Includes a listing of Gilheeney (and variant spellings) Marriages in Providence RI

Timothy HARRINGTON & 1) Ellen Sullivan; 2) Ann Casey
Harrington of Barrington RI
Names: Bechard, Carpenter, Casey, Cunningham, Dalton, Harrington, O'Brien, Sullivan
Submitted by Daniel Harrington
email -
Harrington/Dalton Home Page

Hugh & Julia (O'Hara) HERBERT
Herbert of Fall River, MA
Names: Herbert, Cummings, Deveney, Geraghty, Houlihan, Keeley, O'Hara, Shaw, White
Submitted by Susan Rogers Clement & Linda Rogers

John & Ann A. HIGGINS
Higgins of Fall River MA
Names: Asselin, Baker, Bosch, Brazil, Bryan, Delaney, Diskin, Drysdale, Fermental, Fitzpatrick, Foley, Harr, Healey, Higgins, Logan, McGill, OKeefe, Osterman, Polard, Porter
Submitted by Frank McGill

KENNEY Family Notes
Kenney Family of Fall River MA
Submitted by Michele Almeida
Fall River City Directories

Anne Marie (WOOLL) and William Forest KING
King of New Bedford MA
Names: Ballou, Cooper, Cummings, Daprato, King, Wooll
Submitted by Norman Peter Daprato

Daniel and Agnes "Nancy" (Boyle) LAFFERTY
Lafferty of Pawtucket, RI
Names: Lafferty, Boyle, Jones, Larkin, Martin, Murray, Whelpley
Submitted by Al Rose -

Descendants of Thomas & Sarah (Finnegan) LAVERY
Lavery of Providence and Pawtucket, RI
Names - Clark, Costello, Finnegan, Gallagher, Harrington, Jones, Lavery, McAlreavey, McAreavey, McCorry
Submitted by Frank McGill

Timothy & Sarah (Keelan) LAWRENCE
Lawrence of Woonsocket RI and Augusta GA
Names: Bussey, Keelan, Lawrence, Mitchell, Runciman
Submitted by Bryan L. Starr, Atlanta GA

Thomas E. & Catherine (Meehan) LOGAN
Logan of Fall River
Names: Anderson, Barker, Booker, Brown, Connors, Cuttle, Emde, Emory, Fermental, Flaherty, Hart, Healey, Higgins, Joyce, Kelly, Kennedy, Lemaire, Logan, Lowe, Lynch, McGill, McNally, Meehan, Neilan, Norton, ONeil, ORourke, Osterman, Patenaude, Regan, Reilly, Reynolds, Rourke, Sullivan, Sweeney, Walsh
Submitted by Frank McGill

Wright and Elizabeth (Cooper) LYNE
Lyne of Newport RI and Fall River MA
Names: Benoit, Coaquette, Cooper, Cullen, Durfee, Fazzina, Foster, France, Kelly, Lyne, Norton, Peters, Phillips, Regenn, Shovelton, Shroad, Taillon
submitted by Carla France Phillips

Roderick MAGILL
Magill - McGill of Pawtucket RI
Names: Campbell, Connor, Creaney, Donnelly, Finnegan, Gagnon, Higgins, Lavery, Magill, McConaghy, McCourt, McGill, McGinn, McKinnon, OGara, Ortelt, Tier, Toner, Treacy, Winters
Submitted by Frank McGill

Edward MARTIN & Catherine McMAHON (or McMann)
Thomas Henry LARKIN & Ellen McGOUGH

Martin of Boston and Worcester MA; Larkin of Pawtucket RI
Names: Casey, Goodfellow, Gorman, Hughes, Kelly, Lafferty, Larkin, Long, Lyons, Maguire, Martin, McCulpher, McElhenney, McGough, McMahon (McMann), McCley, Murphy, O'Brien, Tierney, Turner
Submitted by Al Rose -

Descendants of William & Sarah (McCorry) McAREAVEY 
McAreavey of Providence, RI
Names - Costello, Finnegan, Gallagher, Hanlon, Harrington, Jones, Lavery, Magee, Malone, McAreavey, McCorry
Submitted by Frank McGill

Roger & Bridget (Gill) McCORMICK
McCormick of Newport RI & Boston MA
Names: Gill, McCormick, Spooner, Walsh
Submitted by George E. Spooner Sr.

John Francis & Eliza J. MORAN
Moran of Pawtucket, Cumberland and Lincoln, RI
Names: ?Duffy, Johnson, Moran
Submitted by D. Sjoberg

Michael & Ann (Devaney) NAUGHTON
Naughton of Fall River and New Bedford MA and Pawtucket and Central Falls RI
Names: Aylward, Belanger, Berg, Boyens, Bullard, Calizza, Carroll, Celaya, Chamard, Dalida, Day, Devaney, Dickinson, Draughn, Dube, Finnegan, Flores, Francisco, Frenette, Gleason, Gregory, Hanrahan, Harrington, Harris, Justice, Kay, Lamoreaux, Lee, Madden, Maquire, McCaffrey, McCoomb, McGovern, McGraw, Merlino, Messier, Miguel, Naughton, Pailthorpe, Prouty, Quattrochi, Reed, Richardson, Robert, Sevigny, Smith, Standish, Sullivan, Tottle, Watson, Watts
Submitted by Pat Watson

Descendants of Michael & Bridget (Devaney) NEARY / NARY
Neary of Tiverton RI and Fall River MA
Names: Devaney, Nary, Neary
Submitted by Pat Watson

Patrick & Catherine (Mahoney) NEVILLE
Neville of Fall River, MA
Names: Butler, Clancy, Gaffney, Higgins, Keane, Kelsall, Lally, Mahoney, McDermott, McGowan, Neville, Roe, Shea, Tierney, Walsh
Submitted by
Libby Quanstrom, Marietta, GA

Timothy & Jane (Crawford) O'CONNOR
O'Connor of Worcester MA and Pawtucket RI
Names: Aldsworth, Casey, Crawford, Flaherty, Hurst, Mackie, McCaffrey, O'Connor, Patnaude, Turner
Submitted by Tom O'Connor

Dominick & Margarita (Gara) OGARA
OGara of Woonsocket RI
Names: Bibeault, Bramley, Boman, Deletti, Flynn, Gara, Harkin, Horan, Iskierski, Jasmin, Kennedy, McBride, McDonald, Milby, Nannery, OBrien, OGara, Radigan, Rauba, Reid, Reilly, Veasy
Submitted by Frank McGill

Michael & Ellen (Mulligan) OGARA
OGara of Attleboro, Blackstone, Fall River and Millville MA & Pawtucket, Providence and Woonsocket RI
Names: Brennan, Campbell, Clarkin, Conboy, Connor, Cooney, Creamer, Dagherty, Daugherty, Dioheb, Doherty, Donnelly, Dowling, Duffy, Durkin, Egan, Etherson, Faulkner, Finnegan, Flanagan, Flynn, Fox, Freeman, Gara, Gearon, Hackney, Healey, Higgins, Holton, Jordan, Joyce, Judge, Kennedy, King, Lenaghan, Lloyd, Logan, Mahoney, Maney, McCausland, McDermott, McDonell, McEneaney, McGill, McGuire, McHugh, McKinnon, McSherry, Moran, Mulligan, OConnor, OGara, OGrady, OKane, Phillips, Reynolds, Rigby, Rogers, Scott, Sharkey, Simmons, Sullivan, Tarmey, Towey, Treacy, Wallace, Walsh, Waters, Winters
Submitted by Frank McGill

  William Thomas PHILLIPS
Phillips of Providence RI
Names:  Boylan, Brackney, Brady, Carmody, Christensen, Cohen, Coleman, Cunningham, Dooley, Downes, Fallon, Fanning, Flynn, Gallagher, Hagan, Hanley, Harrington, Higgins, Imbeault, Kearney, Kelly, Leblanc, Maroney, Maruska, Marx, McCabe, McCaffrey, McGuinn, McKenna, Miles, Moran, Nordquist, O'Sullivan, Pascik, Phillips, Rafferty, Rollofson, Sadlier, Sullivan, Tyrrell, Young
Submitted by Michael Phillips

  The RIGBY Family
Rigby of Pawtucket RI
Names:  Andersen, Crone, Deveau, Garcia, Hanrahan, Hartwell, Law, MacLure, Mahoney, McGill, Mistel, Murphy, Rigby, Rooney, Ryan, Soares, Treacy, Whittaker
Submitted by Frank McGill

Michael F. Sullivan
Sullivan of New Bedford, Mass.
Names: Kearney, Sullivan
Submitted by Nancy Bagge Sullivan

Maurice & Mary (Keif) SUMMERS 
Summers - Sommers - Somers of Fall River MA
Names: Keif, Kelly, Sommers, Summers
Submitted by Vincent E. Summers

Bernard and Ann (Robinson) TRAYNOR
Traynor of Providence, RI
Names: Traynor, Robinson
Submitted by Dick Quinlan

Owen & Mary (Beirne) WINTERS
Winters of Providence, Cranston and Pawtucket RI
Names: Beirne, Bohan, Dean, Dorrigan, Flynn, Hackett, Howard, Hyland, Lathrop, Mattingly, McGill, McGowan, McKeon, Mitchell, Reilly, Rodriguez, Winters
Submitted by Frank McGill