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1880 Census of Newton Utah

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transcribed by Larry D. Christiansen

1880 [Tenth Federal Census] of NEWTON [Utah]
    NOTE B. -- All persons will be included in the Enumeration who were living on the 1st day of June, 1880. No others will. Children BORN SINCE June 1, 1880, will be OMMITTED. Members of Families who have DIED SINCE June 1,1880, will be INCLUDED.
    NOTE C. -- Questions Nos. 13,14, 22 and 23 are not be asked in respect to persons under 10 years of age.

SCHEDULE 1. -- Inhabitants in Newton Precinct, in the County of Cache, State of Utah [still a territory] enumerated by me on the 26th day of June, 1880. [signed] Peter Christensen, Enumerator

Key to census schedule columns:

1. Dwellings numbered in order of visitation 8. Relationship to head of family15. If sick or temp. disabled.... 22. Cannot read
2. Families numbered in order of visitation. 9. Single16. Blind 23. Cannot write
3. Names of each person in dwelling 10. Married 17. Deaf and dumb 24. Place of birth
4. Color 11. Widowed or divorced 18. Idiotic.25. Place of birth of father
5. Sex 12. Married during census year 19. Insane 26. Place of birth of mother
6. Age 13. Profession, Occupation 20. Maimed, crippled, bedridden, etc. 
7. If born within census year give month 14. Months unemployed during census yr. 21. Attended school past year 


<<> td>
1234567 891011121314 15161718192021 2223242526
11DoulJaneWF57YKeeping houseYYEnglandEnglandEngland
—Mary JaneWF16 DaughterY at home EnglandEnglandEngland
22BensonPeter E.WM19Y Y Laborer 2 UtahDenmarkDenmark
—RachelWF18Y       Keeping house EnglandEnglandEngland
33WestDavid C.WM26 Y Laborer3 EnglandEnglandEngland
—MarthaWF27 wife Y Keeping house EnglandEnglandEngland
—Martha AnnWF3 DaughterY   UtahEnglandEngland
—Lydia BeanWF1 DaughterY UtahEnglandEngland
BeanGeorgeWM24 BorderY 12 EnglandEnglandEngland
DorkesWilliamWM11 Brother-in-lawY Y EnglandEnglandEngland
44 NielsenChristianWM39 Y Farmer6 DenmarkDenmarkDenmark
—Mary A.WF25WifeYKeeping houseUtahNorwayOhio
—Christian A.WM7SonYY UtahDenmarkUtah
—James W.WM6SonYUtahDenmarkUtah
—Sarah B.WF4DaughterYUtahDenmarkUtah
—Mary AnnWF3DaughterYUtahDenmarkUtah
NielsenJens P.WM29BrotherYLaborer7DenmarkDenmarkDenmark
55AndersonKaren C.WF69YKeeping houseDenmarkDenmarkDenmark
66ChristensenKirstenWF65YKeeping houseYDenmarkDenmarkDenmark
—Mary C.WF29WifeYKeeping houseDenmarkDenmarkDenmark
—Anna M.WF1DaughterYUtahWurtenbergDenmark
77ClemmensonH. P.WM56YFarmer8   YDenmarkDenmarkDenmark
—IngerWF62WifeYKeeping houseYDenmarkDenmarkDenmark
88JensenJohn F.WM54YFarmerDenmarkDenmarkDenmark
—Petrina W.WF38Wife     Keeping houseDenmarkDenmarkDenmark
—Karen MarieWF26   DaughterYAt homeYDenmarkDenmarkDenmark
—Christine M.WF39Wife     Keeping houseDenmarkDenmarkDenmark
—Mary E.WF17DaughterYAt homeNebraska""
—Charles M.WM12SonYY Utah""
—Joseph A.WM9SonYY Utah""
—Nephi P.WM7SonYY Utah""
—Sina ChristinaWF9DaughterYY Utah  
—Caroline E.WF4DaughterYUtahDenmarkDenmark
—James W.WM2SonYUtahDenmarkDenmark
—Anna C.WF5/12DecDaughterYUtahDenmarkDenmark
—MarenWF42WifeYKeeping houseDenmarkDenmarkDenmark
—Hanah M.A.C.WF5DaughterYDenmarkDenmarkDenmark
—Soren PeterWM9SonYY DenmarkDenmarkDenmark
1111CattStephenWM66YFarmer4Y EnglandEnglandEngland
—LydiaWF65WifeYInflammatory RheumatismYEnglandEnglandEngland
GriffinMaryWF51ServantYYHouse KeeperEnglandEnglandEngland
1212EricksenLudvigWM40Y   6DenmarkDenmarkDenmark
—TrinaWF45Wife     Keeping houseDenmarkDenmarkDenmark
—Anne C.WF13DaughterYY UtahDenmarkDenmark
—JosephineWF10DaughterYY Utah""
—Sarah S.WF44WifeYKeeping houseOhioNew JerseyNew York
—William W.WM11SonYYUtahNorwayOhio
—Amos KnudWM9SonYY UtahNorwayOhio
—Sarah E.WF6DaughterYUtahNorwayOhio
—Lydia H.WF3DaughterYUtahNorwayOhio
—Andrew J.WM1/12MaySon   UtahNorwayOhio
1414JensenWilliam J.WM28YStone masonDenmarkDenmarkDenmark
—Emilie M.WF26WifeYKeeping house
— William F.WM4SonYUtah
— Emilie W. Y.WF2DaughterYUtah
1515ChristensenL. N.WM68YFarmerDenmarkDenmarkDenmark
—Karen M.WF42WifeYKeeping houseDenmarkDenmarkDenmark
—Elizabeth M.WF9DaughterYUtah
1616HansenJens N.WM38YFarmer6DenmarkDenmarkDenmark
—Karen M.WF34WifeYKeeping houseDenmark
—James PeterWM12SonYDenmark
—Niels P. N.WM2SonYUtah
—L. MarieWF9/12FebDaughterYUtah
—Margaret AnnWF37WifeYDenmarkDenmarkDenmark
—Karen SophiWF9/12YUtah
—Martha AnnWF22WifeYKeeping houseUtahDenmarkDenmark
— Henry EvanWM1SonYUtahWalesUtah
1818CurtisClarisaa AnnWF44YKeeping houseNYNHNH
—Nahum B.WM16SonYFarmer6YUtahMich.NY
—Owen B.WM12SonYWorks on farmYUtahMich.NY
—Eli Nephi B.WM9SonYYUtahMich.NY
—Mary J.WF22ServantYUtahMich.NY
1919WelchmanJoannaWF51YKeeping houseScotlandScotlandScotland
—Rosa BellWF17DaughterYKeeping houseUtahMichigan
—Lisander H.WM16SonYLaborerYUtahMichigan
—Lois AnnWF10DaughterYYUtahMichigan
1515ParsonsFrank W.WM21YYEnglandEnglandEngland
—Leonia O.WF18WifeYYUtahMichigan
—Karen ChristineWF56MotherYDenmarkDenmarkDenmark
—Mary AnnWF44WifeYKeeping houseEnglandEnglandEngland
—George M.WM17SonYLaborer8YEnglandEnglandEngland
—Emilie AnnWF13DaughterYAt homeYEnglandEnglandEngland
—Mary AnnWF8DaughterYY EnglandEnglandEngland
—Frances R. J.WF5DaughterYUtahEnglandEngland
—Elizabeth SarahWF2DaughterYUtahEnglandEngland
—MaryWF30WifeYKeeping houseIowaVermontNY
—John F.WM11SonYY UtahWalesIowa
—William E.WM9SonYY UtahWalesIowa
—Alice C.WF7DaughterYY UtahWalesIowa
—Judith AbaletWF5DaughterYY UtahWalesIowa
—Lewis IraWM3SonYUtahWalesIowa
—Ruth AnnWF1DaughterYUtahWalesIowa
1818— AnnWF24WifeYKeeping houseWalesWalesWales
—Mary E.C.WF2DaughterYUtahWalesWales
—Safora JaneWF6/12NovDaughterYUtahWalesWales
—Ann ElizaWF31WifeYKeeping houseMis.
—Leander J.WM12SonYY UtahIll.Mis.
—Eliza RebekaWF11DaughterYAt home Y UtahIll.Mis.
—Nancy V.WF9DaughterYY UtahIll.Mis.
—James S.WM6SonYUtahIll.Mis.
—Martha M.WF4DaughterYUtahIll.Mis.
—Parley H.WM2SonYUtahIll.Mis.
—Hanna M.WF50WifeKeeping houseY DenmarkDenmarkDenmark
— Ema ChristineWF14DaughterYAt homeYYUtahDenmarkDenmark
PickfordE. J.WM25YPainter2EnglandEnglandEngland
—EmaWF24WifeYKeeping houseEnglandEnglandEngland
—Edwin FrancisWM3SonYUtahEnglandEngland
—G. EmaWF1DaughterYUtahEnglandEngland
—Sarah AnnWF4/12Jan YUtahEnglandEngland
2121BerryJames A.WM25YLaborer6EnglandEnglandEngland
—Elizabeth G.WF26WifeYKeeping house   EnglandEnglandEngland
—Jane E.WF1DaughterYUtahEnglandEngland
—Stina M.WF45WifeYKeeping houseDenmarkDenmarkDenmark
—Anna KyertenWF30WifeYDenmarkDenmarkDenmark
—Niels HenryWM7SonYY UtahDenmarkDenmark
—Anna MaryWF5DaughterYUtahDenmarkDenmark
—Eliza CarolineWF3DaughterYUtahDenmarkDenmark
—HannaWF52WifeYKeeping houseDenmarkDenmarkDenmark
—EmaWF17DaughterYAt homeUtahDenmark”
—James AndrewWM12SonYHerdingUtah""
—Zina JohannaWF9DaughterYUtah"”
—Stine M.WF4DaughterYUtah""
2424BarkerJohn H.WM38YFarmer10EnglandEnglandEngland
—SusanWF38WifeYKeeping houseEnglandEnglandEngland
—John HenryWM16SonYLaborerYUtahEnglandEngland
— AnnaWF14DaughterYAt homeYUtahEnglandEngland
—William J.WM12SonYY UtahEnglandEngland
—F. GeorgeWM10SonYY UtahEnglandEngland
—ElizaWF8DaughterYY UtahEnglandEngland
—MaryWF6DaughterYY UtahEnglandEngland
2525PetersenMads P.WM47YFarmer8DenmarkDenmarkDenmark
—LouisaWF34WifeYKeeping houseDenmarkDenmarkDenmark
—Mary ChristineWF13DaughterYAt homeYUtah""
—Sarah SophiaWF11DaighterYAt homeYUtah""
—James C.WM8SonYY Utah""
—Soren PeterWM6SonYY Utah""
—Anne SophiaWF3DaughterYUtah""
— E. PeterWM1SonYUtah""
—MarenWF53WifeYKeeping houseDenmarkDenmarkDenmark
SutherlandAnton A.WM17SonYLaborerDennarkHollandDenmark
2727GriffinWilliam H.WM22YFarmer12EnglandEnglandEngland
—EllizabethWF40WifeYKeeping houseEnglandEnglandEngland
—William HenryWM8SonYY Utah""
—Thomas FranklinWM6SonYY Utah""
—Bessie I.WF3DaughterYUtah""
—SarahWF44WifeYKeeping house   England""
—William F.WM20SonYLaborerY Utah""
—GeorgeWM18SonYLaborerY Utah""
—MargarettWF16DaughterYAt homeY Utah"”
—LavoniaWF14DaughterYAt homeY Utah""
—MartinWM12SonYLaborerY Utah""
—SophiaWF32WifeYKeeping houseEngland""
—JosephWM12SonYLaborerY Utah""
—HenryWM10SonYY Utah""
—MarthaWF6DaughterYY Utah""
—EllizabethWF11DaughterYY Utah""
—EmaWF7DaughterYY Utah""
2929BeckJonas N.WM41YFarmer6EnglandEnglandEngland
—MarthaWF36WifeYKeeping houseEnglandEnglandEngland
—Mary E.WF10DaughterYY EnglandEnglandEngland
—Peter JonasWM8SonYY Utah""
—Moroni HenryWM7SonYY Utah""
—Martha O.WF5DaughterYUtah""
—Alma E.WM2SonYUtah""
3030JacobsHyrum S.WM20YYUtahNorway
—FrederekkaWF34Wife Keeping house     DenmarkDenmarkDenmark
—John PeterWM6SonYUtah""
—Lorenzo B.WM4SonYUtah""
—Anna F.WF3DaughterYUtah""
3232LusleyMagalineWF68DKeeping houseSwitzerlandSwitzerlandSwitzerland
3333JorgensenMariaWF39YKeeping houseDenmarkDenmarkDenmark
—Emanuel P.WM17SonYLaborerDenmarkDenmarkDenmark
—Josephine F.WF10DaughterYAt home”""
—Charles C.WM10SonYY """
—Sinus Y.WM8SonY"""
—ChristineWF48WifeYKeeping houseDenmarkDenmarkDenmark
—Alma PeterWM19SonYLaborerY UtahDenmarkDenmark
—Marcus JosephWM15SonYY Utah""
—JohnWM14SonYY Utah""
—SamuelWM12SonYY Utah""
—ElizabethWF11DaughterYY Utah""
—Alice M.WF10DaughterYY Utah""
—IsaacWM8SonYY Utah""
— S. AlmyraWF7DaughterYY Utah""
BarkerChristine A.WF19WifeYUtah""
—Ellizabeth J.WF19DaughterYWales""
—Sarah A.WF17DaughterYY Wales""
—Mary C.WF16YY Wales""
—Amos R. E.WM11SonYY Wales""
—George L.WM9SonYY Wales""
—Samuel T.WM8SonYWales""
—David RobertWM3SonYWales""
3636JensenJens PeterWM44YFarmer6DenmarkDenmarkDenmark
—MaryWF36WifeYKeeping houseDenmarkDenmarkDenmark
—Mary C.WF9   DaughterYY Utah""
—Eliza A.WF7DaughterYY Utah""
—James PeterWM5SonYUtah""
—Joseph W.WM3SonYUtah""
—Sarah M.WF11/12SepDaughterY Utah""
—RuthWF28WifeYKeeping houseEnglandEnglandEngland
— Ruth N.WF9DaughterYYY UtahEnglandEngland
— John EdwardWM7SonYY UtahEnglandEngland
—Walter P.WM5SonYY UtahEnglandEngland
—Harriet M. J.WF3DaughterYUtahEnglandEngland
—Mary AnnWF1DaughterYUtahEnglandEngland
3939ShephardW. A.WM27YLaborer2WalesWalesWales
—ChristineWF22WifeYKeeping houseY UtahDenmarkDenmark
—William W.WM4SonYUtahWalesDenmark
—James Thomas G.WM2SonYUtahWalesDenmark
4040JacobsE. JosephWM19YFarmer4UtahNorwayOhio
—Emalie S.WF17WifeYUtahMs.Iowa
LotsLucy AnnWF19Sister-in-lawYY UtahUtahUtah
JacobsEzra E.WM1/12MayYUtahUtahUtah
4141NielsenPeter L.WM36YFarmer6DenmarkDenmarkDenmark
—Peter NephiWM7SonYY UtahDenmarkUtah
—Joseph M.WM5SonYY UtahDenmarkUtah
—Mary L.WF2DaughterYUtahDenmarkUtah
4242GriffinOrson A.WM25YFarmer6EnglandEnglandEngland
—RuthWF21WifeYKeeping houseEnglandEnglandEngland
—Mary JaneWF3DaughterYUtahEnglandEngland
—Emily RuthWF1DaughterYUtahEnglandEngland
—Parley NephiWM21BrotherYLame person[?]3EnglandEnglandEngland
—AnnWF35WifeYKeeping houseWalesEnglandEngland
4444BarkerHannahWF36WifeYYKeeping houseDenmarkDenmarkDenmark
—ChatherineWF31WifeYKeeping houseScotlandScotlandScotland
—James H.WM12SonYHerding YUtahWalesScotland
4646HawsDavid E.WM15YHerding Y UtahIndianaMaine
—CatherineWF8SisterYY UtahIndianaMaine
—Sophia M.WF36WifeYKeeping houseDenmarkDenmarkDenmark
—John A.WM13SonYWorks on farmY UtahDenmarkDenmark
—Parley PeterWM11SonYHerdingY UtahDenmarkDenmark
—Arthur E.WM5SonYUtahDenmarkDenmark
—Eleanore D.WF3DaughterYUtahDenmarkDenmark
—Peter AlbertWM7/12DecSonY   UtahDenmarkDenmark
AndersenJ. H.WM20ServantYLaborer DenmarkDenmarkDenmark
4848ChristensenMary O.WF25YKeeping houseNorwayNorwayNorway
—Anna ChatherineWF5DaughterYUtahDenmarkNorway
—Alfred A.WM7SonYUtahDenmarkNorway
—Mary AnnWF4DaughterYUtahDenmarkNorway
—Eugenia C.WF2DaughterYUtahDenmarkNorway
4949[Blank – end of the Newton census.]
I certify that I have this day completed the enumeration of the district assigned to me, and that the returns have been duly and truthfully made in accordance
with the Law and my oath of office.
Dated: Newton June 29th 1880 Enumerator.” [signed] Peter Christensen


Totals— Census enumerator cited 48 different dwellings and families, but because of his duplicate numbering, this has to be expanded to at least 54 families and dwellings, accounting for 304 persons.

Some errors, omissions and aspects of the above census:
1). Family #2 –Peter E. and Rachel Benson (both in their late teens) were listed in col. #7 as being born within the census year. The entries in col. #7 should have been made in col. #13 as married during census year.
2). Under family #11 Mary Griffin was marked as both married and a widow.
3). *14 begins errors in numbering dwellings and families. From #1 through #19 the consecutive numbering was correct, but following #19 “Joanna Welchman,” the enumerator used #14 for the second time and continued his numbering consecutively to the end of the enrollment (making two #14, #15, #16, #17, #18 and #19).
4). Under the second #16 (Frank Parsons) there was no occupation listed in Col.#13.
5). Under family #20 Christian Andersen was listed as married, but Hanna, cited as his wife, was not checked as married.
6). Under Family #20 last child Sarah Ann shown with no relationship to head of family or father.
7). Under Family #32 Magaline Lusley (Loosle) in col. #11 (Widowed, divorced) the entry was a capital “D” showing her marital status as divorced.
8). Under Family 34 the last entry “Christine Barker” was the daughter of Peter Benson recently married to John H. Barker in 1879 but living at the home of her parents.
9). Under Family #35 for daughter “Mary C.” no relationship to head of family was noted.
10). Under Family #38 the enumerator had nine-year-old Ruth N. as both single and married.
11). Under Family #39 Infant Ezra E. Jacobs should have been listed as the son of the head of household.
12). Under Family #44 Hannah Barker (maiden name Johanne Jensen) was the last plural wife of John H. Barker, married in September of 1879, and living apart from the rest of the family in a separate dwelling.
13). On Family #48 Mary Christensen was listed as head of family and married with no other relationship for this plural wife of the enumerator. In a similar situation with the second #18 (John Jenkins families) wife Ann was head of family and also cited as another wife of John Jenkins. But with #48 Mary was not cited as the plural wife of Peter Christensen the enumerator. Nor was she cited as widowed or divorced. Possibly this reveals in part the status and mind set of the enumerator who had been excommunicated from the Mormon Church. The formal charge was the taking of plural wives but was also closely associated with his serious land dispute with the local bishop and not following church counsel.
14). Apparently the census taker took the position that a family consisted of the individuals living in one dwelling.

Blank Columns:
1). Starting with family #9 the enumerator began using ditto marks [“] for country-of-birth columns but still left some of the country-of-birth columns blank. He also used initials and abbreviations.
2). In column #13 the enumerator missed marking the “keeping house” for the second #15 (Frank Parson home) and families #30, #35, #37, #40, #41 and #46. In some polygamist families there was more than one wife listed as keeping house.
3). For children at home there was very few column #13 “At home” or “At house” responses with no ditto marks.

1). Under family #6 the Siter should be “Seiter.”
2). Under family #17 the Jinkins should be “Jenkins.”
3). Under family #32 the Lusley should be “Loosle.”
4). Family #33 Jorgensen name was soon changed to Johnson.
5). There was a wide range in the spelling of given names such as “Ellizabeth,” “Sofonia,” “Ema,” “Hanah,” “Chatherine,” etc.

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