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2). 1874 – A revised “CLARKSTON Plats A, B.  City   and Plats A and B Farms, surveyed July 22, 1864

       and Oct. 1874 by J. H. Martineau -  Twn [Township] 14N Range 2 W.”

       The above revision was made in October of 1874 after the Federal Government had surveyed the area into townships and sections.  Therefore this plat shows the old pre-survey lines with the new government survey lines incorporated as well as some section numbers that can be confusing unless it is all studied closely.   The major change is noted for "Clarkston City" now comprised of three blocks from the initial Plat "A" (blocks #3, #4 & #9) together with thirteen new blocks from Plat "B" on the west.  The northeast point of the town had been moved west two blocks with the six abandoned city blocks turned into farming parcels.  Instead of making a new survey plat they modified and changed the initial survey by attempting to erase the old city block numbers and division but there can be seen faint markings of the older designations.

3). Post 1877 - Federal Government Survey of Township 14 North Range 2 West of the Salt Lake Meridian made from the  1875 Survey of A. J. Stewart, Sr.,and field notes examined and approved May 4, 1877.

     A printed note on the enlarged map stated: “The above Map of Township No. 14 North of Range No. 2 West, Salt Lake Meridian Utah Territory is strictly conformable to the field notes of the survey thereof on file in this office, which have been examined and approved . . . . May 4th, 1877.”

       The governmental survey lines and section numbers are clearly marked.  Each section was one mile square and contained 640 acres and subdivided into four parts (each quarter section of 160 acres).

       Depicted on the map were the cultivated field areas, meadows, roads, springs, creeks (by name Clarkston Creek, Birch Creek, Myer Creek and others as “Spring Branch”) and two houses outside the town limits and the location of the “Graveyard,” position of the “Field Fence” and the course of the main “Water ditch” from its beginning where the water was taken from the Clarkston Creek near the junction with Birch Creek.  Most of the thirty six sections in the 14N R2W Township are shown.   The two houses outside the town limits were, first, “ Martin Harris’ House,” in section #15 in the wye created by the “Road from Clarkston to Malad” and the “old Road to Weston;” second, the “John K. Loosli’s House,” in section #34 in the cultivated field area south of town (shown on the map but not in the view presented here.   It would be just below the “u” in the “Cultivated Field.” )  The fine meadowland was extensive east and southeast of town.






4). Map of  Township 14N  Range 2W and plats of land  after being legally obtained by purchase or Homestead Act as shown on the Cache County Township Plats (survey maps and names of plat owners).



         Taken from the Cache County Township  Plat Maps –   

         Features listed on map Town of Clarkston, Clarkston Creek, roads from Clarkston to Malad, road over mountains, county road, Newton Canal, streets, springs, old road to Weston, county road from Weston to Clarkston, canyon roads, spring branches, Birch Creek, road to Hay Lane.”    In red ink the individual parcels or plats of land were drawn and numbered

        Below is a copy of the first page (of three pages) listing the plat number assigned the land holder, this “Plat No.” on the far left is platted on the above survey map for Twp 14N Range 2W by a drawn parcel of land (in red pencil and red number): i.e., Johannes Dahle Plat No. 10 references to the 80 acres in Section #15; and Plat No. 11 assigned to Samuel Stewart for 160 acres of land also in Section #15.










Plat No. 2 - Henry M. Hansen on Cache County Township Plat but Henry M. Harmon on G.L.O. listing.

Plat No. 4 Freeborn Miller - on the cache County Township Plat but name as “Freelove” on the G.L.O. records.

Plat No. 10 the “Jus. H. Dahle (or Dakle) is shown clearly on the G.L.O. as Johannes H. Dahle.

A typed transcript of the above (page one) of the name listing of the Cache County Township Plat map:

          Key -  C.E. = Cash Entry      H. = Homestead

Plat No.  Entry No.      Description                           Section                    Name                          Date of Entry                  Patent Received

 1        C.E. 2630  NW¼ Lots 3 &4     4        Richard Costley           Nov. 19, 1883      May 3, 1887

 2        H. 1976      Lots 1,2,3 & 4               5       Henry M. Hansen         June 6, 1882       Mar. 12, 1883

 3        C.E.2322    NE¼                              8       Milton D. Hammond    June 14, 1881      Oct. 18, 1882

 4             1964    NW¼                             8       Freeborn Miller            Dec. 21, 1878       Nov. 19, 1892

 5        H. 1852      S½ NE¼ NE¼             17                [continued below]

                              Also SW¼SE¼             8        Loren E. Bassett          Apr. 12, 1882       Dec. 2, 1882

 6          5683       S½ SW¼                       4                 [continued below]

                              N½ NW¼                      9        Alpheus A. Harmon     May 14, 1887       [blank]

  7           3255      W½ SE¼&E½SW¼      9        Edwin Bassett              July 15, 1885      Dec. 21, 1886

  8        C.E.1848    N½ SE¼SE¼SE¼                            [continued below]

                               and NE¼ SW¼             8         Loren Bassett               May 16, 1878     May 23, 1879

  9           2496      SE¼SE¼                     11                  [continued below]

                               and NE¼NW¼           14         Caroline P. Larsen       Sept. 12, 1882     Feb. 23, 1885

10         2028        W½SE¼                      15         Jus. H. Dahle               Apr. 7, 1879        May 31, 1880

11      H. 2312        SW¼                            15         Samuel Stewart           Mar. 19, 1883      July 14, 1884

12         2230        NE¼                            22          Thomas Godfrey         Jan. 11, 1883       Mar. 24, 1887

13         2260        W½NW¼NW½SW¼  23                 [continued below]

                               and  NE¼ SE¼            22         William Sparks           Feb. 8, 1883         June 10, 1884

14      C.E. 2216     NE ¼  NE ¼                27                   [continued below]

                               NW ¼ NW ¼               26                                     

                                SW ¼ SW ¼                23                                     

                                SE ¼ SE ¼                  22         David Buttars               Nov. 6, 1880       June 19, 1882

           [Plats #15, #16 and #17 were “University” lands wherein the proceeds of the sale of these parcels   

           went to the Territory of Utah to foster higher education via the Land Grant Colleges.]

A few more plats from pages two and three:

20      H. 2469        NE¼                            26          John P. Malmberg     June 21, 1883        June 14, 1884  

28      C.E.2157     SW¼ S½ NW¼           26                      [continued below]

                               SE¼  & S½NE¼        27                                        

                                and N½ NE¼             34           Milton D. Hammond, Probate Judge In Trust for

                                and N½ N¼               35            Clarkston [town site]    Apr. 10, 1880     Nov. 29, 1881


29     A.C. 579 *    NE¼                            35          Ole A. Jensen              June 26, 1880       July 31, 1881

36      H. 4375        NW¼                           24          John H. Dahle             Aug. 8, 1890         Nov. 9, 1891

42      H. 4858        SW¼                            13          John E. Dahle             Dec. 19, 1892        [blank]   1895

      * State Grant-Agri. College Act of July 2, 1862