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Dahle Sesquicentennial Reunion. 14 September 2012


6th row -
John & Katrina Shill, Jana & Sam Dahle, Gerald White, Brent Nyman, Donna & Ester Farnsworth, Eve F. Flake, holding her 6 week old daughter, Breanna Reha Flake.

5th row -
Todd Loosle, Anna & Reed Langford,, Julia Alley, Janice Tenny, Ellen Nyman, LaDawn & Larry Porter, Kathleen Moore, Cheryl Brayton

4th row -
Tammy E. Munk, Deone Loosle, Darrel & Margaret Loosle, Pat & Marvin Loosle, Ronald & Brenda Jacques, Heidi & Joe Goodsell

3rd row -
Diane D. Peterson, Janice Bagley, Lynn Dahle, Melissa Dahle, Jeanette & Irv Moore, Cheryl Crossley, Kellie Crockett, Richard Crossley, Phill Goodsell, Steven Goodsell, Sarah Hirst

2nd row -
Debra D. De Lamare, lady in white shirt is Linda Chivers, Bruce & Ardis Kundsen, Ray Dahle, Charlene Brown, Annette Gwilliam, Colleen Murphy holding baby Gabe, Karen Crockett, Steve & Debbie Shepherd

1st row Adults -
Joyce Warner, Doris Liljenquist, Edna Smith, Burdell & Peggy Dahle, Reva & Maurice Blau, Joy Goodsell

Children on floor right to left -
Dallin Goodsell, Parker Dahle holding Myles Dahle, Madeline Dahle, Jacob Hirst, Brendon Goodsell

Edna Smith, at 91 years, was the oldest Dahle descendant at the Reunion. Breanna Flake, at 6 weeks, was the youngest descendant at the Reunion. Both the oldest and youngest descendants were from John & Jonetta’s family. Edna Smith, Joyce Warner, Doris Lilenquist & Linda Chivers are sisters. Diane Peterson & Debra De Lamare are sisters. Darrell & Marvin Loosle are brothers.
Every person in the photo is identified. Thanks to all who made this possible.

Johannes & Johanna’s (Hanna) Family

Dahle Sesquicentennial Reunion - 14 September 2012


6th Row - Bill Heath, Eric Dahle, Fred Autenrieb & his sister Kay Scheid tucked in between Fred & Shaun Dahle, in front of, Shaun slightly to his left is his son Brennon Dahle.
Boyd Dahle’s sons Greg & Benjamin are not in the picture, they are taking pictures!
Barbara Benefiel, Bill & Jody Heath are brother & sisters. Fred & JoAnn Autenrieb, & Kay Scheid are brother & sisters. Kimberly is the daughter of Fred & Louise Autenrieb.

5th Row - Richard & Susan Beard, ?, Boyd Dahle with shining glasses approx. 4th from left side, his son Greg 2nd from left with glasses

4th Row - Barbara Benefiel & her sister Jody Heath, man with beard, lady in red dress Victoria B. Dahle, Helen Gebhard in pink shirt,

3rd Row - Cody Lofthouse, Sixth from left is Jenni Harrison.

2nd Row standing - ?, Louise Autenrieb, Kimberly Lofthouse, Kyla Dahle, Diane Dahle, 3 adults & 1 child

1st Row seated - JoAnn Autenrieb, Richard Beard, Lynn Dahle, Mary B. Reese, ?, Clyde Dahle & a grand daughter, Geraldine Callister, ?, ?, ?

Children on the floor, right to left - Tanner with his arms around his brothers, Gabe in the red shirt & Lincoln in the striped shirt, & their sister Katlynn Lofthouse, Travvon Dahle with his hands on his head, ?, ?, ?, Isaac, Mary Ann & her son Aidan Dahle. In front of Isaac in the red shirt is his brother Camryan Dahle, 4 other children., Man kneeling on floor with daughter in red shirt.

Descendants of Johannes & Martha
Dahle Sesquicentennial  Reunion 14 September 2012


Front row reading from left to right -
Norman Dahle holding a grand daughter Claire Dahle, Sheralyn Dahle, wife of Dennis V. Dahle; Heather Dahle, daughter of Paul W. Dahle; Kaye Wallace, Sharon Bliss, Karen Spainhower, Ranae Larsen

Middle row reading from left to right -
Brenda Dahle, Leeah Dahle holding her son Otto, Paul Dahle, Nancy C. Bott, Karole Sorensen, Cleone Allsop, Ollie Lou Dahle, Kathy B. Keller, Don Spainhower, Ferris Larsen

Back row reading from left to right -
Emme being held by her father Nathan Dahle, Seth Dahle, Dennis V. Dahle, Lonnie Scott, Damon Nicholls, Susan Scott, Rod Sorensen, Bob Dahle, Darwin Weeks, Ashley Keller, JoAnn Weeks

Explanatory Notes -

a.  Three Generations of Dahles - Emme & Claire are daughters of Nathan & Hillory Dahle, Hillory was not present; Otto is the son of Seth & Leeah Dahle; Nathan & Seth are sons of Norman & Brenda Dahle. Sharon Bliss, her daughter Kathy B. Keller, & her grand daughter Ashley Keller.

b.  Father & Daughter - Paul & his daughter Heather Dahle; Mother Susan Scott & her son Damon Nicholls

c.  Husbands & wives - Dennis V. & his wife Sheralyn Dahle; Rod & Karole Sorensen; Bob & Ollie Lou Dahle; JoAnn & Darwin Weeks; Ferris & Ranae Larsen; Karen & Don Spainhower; Norman & Brenda Dahle; Nathan & Leeah Dahle; Lonnie & Susan Scott

d.  Sisters - Sharon Bliss & Kaye Wallace

e.  Family NOT in the photo, but attended the reunion are - Lynn Wallace, Bryan & Cheri Wallace, Alicia & Jeff Roberts

f.  Family who attended the reunion in Clarkston , September 15, 2012 - Ann Arnold, Richard Allsop, Zenna White, Lindsay James. Regrettably there wasn’t a photo taken of Martha’s family in Clarkston,

g. Families represented on September 14th - Hans (16), Martha Ann (1), Joseph Norman (14) from UT, ID & CA

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