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The Dahle Family of Cache County Utah

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  1. Anna Johansen Dahle
    1. Sketch of the Life of Anna Johansen Dahle DOCX
    2. Modern Headstone at the Grave of Anna Johansen Dahle DOCX
  2. Johannes and Martha Dahle
    1. The Saga of Johannes and Martha Dahle
      1. Part 1 - Early Life and Travels of Johannes and Martha Dahle DOCX
      2. Part 2 - The Clarkston Period DOCX
    2. Sundry enhancements (elaborations, incidents, developments)
      1. Logan Land Transactions involving John Dahle and Johannes Dahle DOC
      2. 1864 Land Surveys Clarkston, UT
      3. 1874 Land Surveys Clarkston, UT
      4. Clarkston census data 1870, 1880 and old newspaper abstracts
    3. Miscellaneous
      1. Looking Back 1864 2nd Land Rush  DOCX
    4. Photo Gallery
  3.  John Hansen Dahle and Janetta Berntine Ingmann Dahle (biographies, farm history, name developments.)
  4. Later Generations

DAHLE Family Timeline 1833-1929
compiled by Sharon Bliss

1833 - Apr 11 - Johannes is born to Hans Hansen & Anna Johansen in Norway

1837 - Nov 16 - John is born to Hans Hansen & Anna Johansen in Norway

1842 - Sep 8 - Martha is born to Helge Hansen & Kari Davidsen in Norway

1842 - Sep 16 - Helge is born to Hans Hansen & Anna Johansen in Norway

1846 - Feb 17 - Jonetta is born to Johan Hendrik Gabrielsen Ingmann & Anna Bergitha in Norway

1856 - Apr 2 - Johanna Christina Malmberg, is born to John P. & Johanna M. M. Malmberg in Sweden

1858 - Apr 13 - Johannes is Baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

1858 - Oct 12 - John is Baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

1860 - May 27 - Jonetta is Baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

1861 - Jan 29 - Martha is Baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

1862 - Apr 18 - Anna, Helge, Johannes, John. Martha & Jonetta sail from Hamburg, Germany on the ship Electric

1862 - Jun 5 - Anna, Helge, Johannes, John, Martha & Jonetta arrived at Castle Garden New York, USA

1862 - Jun 8 - John & Jonetta are married by Elder Soren Christofferson in New York, USA

1862 - June - Johannes & Martha are married - presumed to be in New York, USA. Exact date & location are unavailable. They had a family photograph to celebrate these events.

1862 - Jun 9 - All “Saints” leave by train for Florence, Nebraska

1862 - Jul 27 - John & Jonetta HANSEN depart from Florence, Nebraska as members of the Joseph Horne Company

1862 - Jul 28 - Anna, Helge, Johannes & Martha depart from Florence, Nebraska in the James Brown Company. They were all listed as DAHLE

1862 - Oct 1 - John (25) & Jonetta (16) HANSEN arrive in the valley of the Great Salt Lake.

1862 - Oct 2 - Anna (58), Helge (20), Johannes (31) & Martha (20) DAHLE arrive in the valley of the Great Salt Lake.

1863 - Aug 26 - Nettie, daughter of Johannes & Martha, is born in Sessions (Bountiful / Woods Cross), Utah Territory. She died there also on Sep15, 1863, when she was 3 weeks old.

1864 - July 22 - Johannes Dahle was among the men “called” to settle Clarkston - The men arrived at the site of Clarkston - “a nine block city on the banks of Clarkston Creek. They built dugout shelters, dug the first ditches,  began  their farms, then returned to Logan for their wives and children. A dozen families spent the winter of 1864-65 at Clarkston.”

1864 - Aug 24 - Hans, son of Johannes & Martha, is born in Logan, Utah Territory.

1864 - Oct - When Johannes & Martha brought Hans to Clarkston, he was six weeks old. He was the 1st baby boy of that age. They lived in the “dug out” Johannes had prepared.

1864 - Nov 15 - Anna Johansen Dahle died at 59Y, 10M, in Logan, Utah. She was the Mother of 6 children. We wonder if our Pioneer grandmother could have known that her good example, love & guidance would be passed down through the generations?

1865 - Jan 13 - John & Jonetta were Sealed in the Endowment House, Salt Lake City, Utah, Territory.

1867 - Annie Dahle, daughter of Johannes and Martha is born. She is listed on the 1870 Census as 3 years old. She was born prior to Johannes and Martha’s sealing in the Endowment House. If she had been born after the sealing, she would have been BIC. She was sealed to Johannes & Martha in the Logan Temple, Nov 12, 1925. It’s believed she died in late summer or early fall or 1870.

1868 - Jun 1 - Johannes & Martha are Sealed in the Endowment House, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory.

1869 - Originally the land allotment in Clarkston was 10 acres to a family and 5 acres to a single man. In 1869, this allotment was raised to 25 acres.

1869 - Feb 5 - John Helge, son of Johannes & Martha is born in Clarkston, Utah Territory.

1869 - May 7 - a Co-Operative Store was organized. They adopted the same by-laws as Zion’s Co-operative Store in Salt Lake City. Johannes became a stock holder at $5 per share.

1869 - May 10 - The driving of the Golden Spike at Promontory Point, uniting the two great railroads the Central Pacific & the Union Pacific

1870 - Clarkston Post Office was established with bi-weekly mail, with Simon Smith as Postmaster

1870 - U.S. Census - Clarkston, Cache, Utah Territory - Enumerated, 11 August, 1870 -
page 1 line 10
James Darley 36 - Head of household, farmer, Martha 28 wife, Hans 6, Annie 3, John 1. The Clarkston Ward Record Film 025,607 lists an Annie, 1870, with no other information. It is believed she died shortly after the 1870 Census in late summer or early fall.

1871 - Mar 5 - Martha Ann, daughter of Johannes & Martha is born in Clarkston, Utah Territory

1871 - Clarkston had their own miracle of the Seagulls. “Three times the crops were eaten down by the crickets, and three times the gulls came and devoured the crickets. Each time the tender new grain grew again and the fall harvest was good.” Pg 9, History of Clarkston.

1872 - Feb 1 - John acquires a Logan Township Deed.  John & Jonetta lived at 144 E. 300 N. their entire life. All their children were born there. This address is nestled between the Logan Temple & the 4th Ward. John & his sons also acquired farm land in Clarkston, where they had a dairy farm. Both Johannes & John’s families benefitted from this enterprise.

1872 - Mar 4 - Johannes marries a plural wife. Johannes & Johanna Christina Malmberg were sealed in the Endowment House, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory.

1873 - Feb 15 - Emma Jane, daughter of Johannes & Martha was born in Clarkston, Utah Territory.

1873 - Mary Malmberg, daughter of Johannes & Johanna is born Nov 16. She died Jan 11, 1874. She was almost 2 weeks old.

1874 - Martin Harris, a witness to the divinity of the Book of Mormon, moved to Clarkston with his son, Martin Harris, Jr in 1874. He died July 10, 1875 at the age of 92, and is buried in the Clarkston Cemetery. Pg 156 - 165 History of Clarkston.

1875 - Mar 2 - Edward Peter, son of Johannes & Johanna is born in Clarkston, Utah Territory.

1875 - Jun 4 - David, son of Johannes & Martha is born in Clarkston, Utah Territory.
“When Edward Peter (son of Johannes & Johanna) was three months old, Aunt Martha gave birth to a baby boy named David. She was so sick that they didn’t think she would live. She couldn’t nurse her baby and there was no baby food at that time, so Mother took David and nursed him along with Edward and took care of him until he was a year old. By that time Aunt Martha was able to take care of him. He was old enough to eat food by then.”
Dahle History, pg 54

1876 - The people of Clarkston subscribed over $10,000 in cash and labor for the construction of the Logan Temple. “Last evening there was a meeting held here for the purpose of taking up donations to build a temple in this valley. The brethren, nearly to a man responded very liberally. The people seem to be working up to a sense of their duties and good spirit prevails.” Pg 11 History of Clarkston

1877 - Apr 2 - Josephine Amelia, daughter of Johannes & Johanna is born in Clarkston, Utah Territory.

1877 - May 17, The “ground breaking” ceremony for the Logan Temple. President Brigham Young and other general authorities attended. Orson Pratt kneeled near the broken ground and gave the dedicatory prayer. The Clarkston Choir was among many other Cache Valley Ward Choirs to sing at these service. Michael Clark was director. Pg 13 History of Clarkston.

1877 - Jul 23 - Bolleat Louisa, daughter of Johannes & Martha is born in Clarkston, Utah Territory. She died Feb 23, 1878, at the age of 7 months.

1879 - Jan 11 - Elnora Matilda, daughter of Johannes & Johanna is born in Clarkston, Utah Territory.

1879 - June 2 - Helge Dahle sold his Clarkston property to William Sparks

1879 - Aug 1 - Joseph Norman, son of Johannes & Martha is born in Clarkston, Utah Territory.

1880 - U.S. Census- Clarkston, Cache, Utah Territory - Enumerated 2 June 1880 -
page 5 line 22-33.
Johanes Dale 47 Head of household, Martha 37 wife, Hans 15, John H. 11, Anna M 9, Ema Jane 7, David K 4, Joseph N 11m, Johanna 35 wife, Edward 4, Josephine 2, Nora 1.

1880 - U.S. Agricultural Census - June of 1880. Johannes Dale (Dahle)
Land - acres tilled 60; Permanent meadows (acres) 10; Value of farm & bldg. 2,000; Value of machinery 150; Value of livestock, 500; Cost of fences ‘79, 100; Wages for labor, 100; Weeks hired, 3; Value of produce, 600; Acres of mown grass, 20; Acres grass not mown, 4; Tons of hay, 25; Horses, 6; Milk cows, 5; Other stock 7; Calves dropped, 8; Sold living, 1; Slaughtered, 1; Died, strayed, stolen, 8; Milk sold (gal), blank; Butter made on farm, 40; Cheese (lbs) 300; Sheep, 20; Lambs dropped, 10; Slaughtered, 6; Died of weather, 15; Fleeces, 20; Weight, 40; Swine, 2; Poultry, 50; Eggs produced (doz), 200; Wheat acres, 30; Wheat bushels, 1,000; Potato acres, 2 ½; Potatoes bushels, 175; Forest - cords, 12; Forest - value, 60; Oats acres, 5; Oats bushels, 100.

1880 - Dec 13 - Delaine, daughter of Johannes & Johanna is born in Clarkston, Utah Territory.

1881 - May 10 - Alice, daughter of Johannes & Martha is born in Clarkston, Utah Territory.

1882 - Nov 6 - Moses - son of Johannes & Johanna is born in Clarkston, Utah Territory.

1883 -

1884 - Apr 28 - Chestie Christine, daughter of Johannes & Johanna is born in Clarkston, Utah Territory.

1884 - May 17 - The Logan Temple is Dedicated by President John Taylor

1885 - Nov 4 - Kate, daughter of Johannes & Martha is born in Clarkston, Utah Territory She is their last child.

1886 - Niels Franklin, son of Johannes & Johanna is born in Clarkston, Utah Territory. He is the last of Johanna’s children born in Clarkston.

1886 - At Clarkston, a new rock church - school - community center was built at the cost of $2,000

1887 - The Edmunds Tucker Act began in 1882 and included provisions aimed at destroying the L.D.S. Church as a political & economic entity, & disrupting polygamist families.

1888 - There is at least one history which gives the move date to Rigby as 1885. There were many plans & discussions between this date and the summer of 1888 when they finally moved to Rigby, Idaho. In December, Johannes sold six parcels of land in Clarkston to finance his move to Rigby, five on the 8th, & one on 12th. Johanna’s family was already settled in Rigby by this time.

1888 - At the time of Johannes’ move in the summer of 1888, Martha’s children’s ages were - Hans 24Y, John 19Y, Martha Ann 17Y, Emma 15Y, David 13Y, Joseph 9Y, Alice 7Y, Kate 2.5Y.

1888 - Johannes moved Johanna, his 2nd family, to Rigby, Idaho Territory. Their children born in Rigby were: Charlotte Sophrona born 1889; Elizabeth Maude born 1891; Andrew Malmberg born 1893; Norman Grant born1895; Gilbert LeRoy born 1898; are all born in Rigby, Idaho. Gilbert is born on Nov 20, 1898. Gilbert was 10 months old when his father died on September 24, 1899 in Rigby, of pneumonia.

1888 - Dec 8th & 12th - Johannes sold 5 parcels on the 8th and 1 on the 12th. Martha is given $1 for each of the 5 parcels. On the 12th she is provided nothing. These December transactions totaled $665 to Johannes, $5 to Martha.

1889 - Aug 6 - (Helge) Hillard H. Dahle married Mrs. Gertrude Miller, at Salmon, Lemhi, Idaho. Both Bride & Groom were living in Salmon. (Vol PA, pg 15) Gertrude was born July 7, 1844, in Germany.

1889 - Clarkston Choir - Photo of Clarkston Choir members; Annie Dahle Archibald, Sarah Heggie Dahle, Emma Dahle Thompson. Photo was taken for the Centennial observance of Martin Harris day. Martha Ann & her Sister Emma, sang duets for programs in church and for other entertainment.

1890 - 3 July - Idaho was granted Statehood.

1890 - The Manifesto abolishing polygamy was issued by President Wilford Woodruff. It was formally approved by the Church during General Conference by unanimous vote on October 6, 1890.

1890 - Nov 26 - Hans married Caroline Christensen on Nov 26 1890, in the Logan Temple

1891 - Martha Ann married Allen Mark Archibald on Dec 16, 1891, in the Logan Temple

1892 - May/June - Alice is injured when lightning struck the Samuel Stewart home. A looking glass shattered, spraying shards of glass into her body. She was blinded in her right eye. After the Doctor’s visit, she was left in the care of her Mother. Journal - June 1, 1892

1893 - Jul 23 - Johannes sold his last parcel of land in Clarkston to Charles W. Buttars for $550, with no compensation for Martha.

1894 - Dec 13 - John married Sarah Heggie on Dec 13, 1894, in the Logan Temple.

1895 - Allen Mark Archibald, husband of Martha Ann, was called to the Northern States Mission. He served from March 16, 1895 until May of 1897, leaving at home his wife and daughter Luella.

1896 - Jan 4 - President Grover Cleveland granted permission for Utah to be admitted into the Union.

1897 - Dec 6 - p 3 & 6 under Delinquent Taxes - Clarkston - Martha Dahle, NE 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec 31 Tp14 R1W - 40 acres.... $6.55. I’ve looked for this property under her name, and found nothing! I did find where her sons and son in-law (John H. Dahle, Joseph N. Dahle & Henry O. Thompson) purchased a parcel of land in Section 31 from Jacob F. Miller & Hulda Miller, his wife & Daniel T. Miller, unmarried, on Dec 2, 1903. This transaction does not list the amount of acreage. Book 21-page 375, Cache Recorders Office. I wonder if Martha had rented this land, if so from whom?

1898 - Emma married Henry Oliver Thompson on Feb 15, 1898, in the Logan Temple

1899 - Sep 22 - Johannes died at 66Y, in Rigby, Idaho of Pneumonia. At time of his death, he was the father of 23 children & 8 grandchildren. He was buried at Rigby, on Sep 24, 1899. On December 18, 1905 his remains were moved to Clarkston and interred in the Clarkston City Cemetery.

1899 - John Helge served a Mission to the Southern States from Dec 19, 1899 to Mar 5, 1901. “Marthe Dahle sent him $1.” (Excerpt is from his Missionary Journal)  While he was in the Southern States on a Mission, Sarah gave birth to a daughter, Sarah on September 2, 1900. Gazateer

1890 - U.S. Census for Salmon, Lemhi, Idaho. Hillard Dahle is Head of household, Gertrude is his wife. They had been married 11 years. Hillard is 57Y; Gertrude is 55Y. (Name variant) The Census states they can both read & write. Hillard immigrated in 1862, Gertrude (believed to be 1853, because she had been in the country 47Y). She immigrated from Germany with her Father, & Mother. The Census states that Gertrude was the Mother of 1 living child.

1900 - U.S. Census - Clarkston, Cache, Utah - Enumerated 13 June 1900 - page 7 line 94, Martha Dahila, head of household, widowed, occupation, Boarding housekeeper. She can read, write, and understand English. Children living at home are: David 23; Joseph 16; Alice 17; Katie 14.

1901 - A Prayer Circle was organized in the Clarkston Ward, June 23, 1901. Through the years, several descendants from Johannes and John were members. See the History of Clarkston pages 81-87.

1902 - May 28 - Martha died at 59Y, 8M, in Clarkston, Utah. She was the mother of eleven children & the grandmother of nine. She had three daughters, Nettie, Annie, & Bolleat Louisa, who lived from a few weeks to a few years. I did not include Lottie as her child, because after prayerful consideration, I’m not convinced she is the daughter of Johannes & Martha, instead a grand daughter. Hans & Caroline have a daughter named Lottie. Her name is the last entry on page 25 of the Clarkston Ward Record 025,607. Above the family of Hans and Caroline, is listed the families of Johannes, Martha & Johanna. The names Martha & Johanna’s children are intermingled.

1903 - The List of Property Owners in Clarkston, shows Martha farming 40 acres with the assessed value of $265. This is the 2nd record stating Martha was farming 40 acres. I’m still looking for it!

1905 - On Dec 18, 1905, Johannes’ remains were moved to Clarkston and interred in the City Cemetery

1906 - David is the only child of Martha’s that was baptized by his father on 7 June 1883. He served a Mission to Texas for 27 months from 1902-1904. When he returned home, David married Jane Marie Thompson on May 2, 1906, in the Logan Temple. In 1926-1927, he served a 6 month Mission to California, & three Home Missions, all the while Jane cared for their four children.

1907 - Kate married Lars J. Rasmussen on Jul 17, 1907, in Logan, Utah. They later went to the Logan Temple and were sealed on Jan 14, 1927

1908 - Oct 19 - Gertrude died at 60Y, 3M, in Blackfoot, Idaho

1909 - Joseph Norman married Rhoda Mariah Griffin on Sep 22, 1909, in the Logan Temple

1919 - Alice married Heber Pinkham on July 5, 1919 in Ogden, Utah. They were later sealed on 18 Oct 1967, in the Logan Temple

1920 - May 27 - Helge/Hillard died at 77Y, 8M in Logan, Cache, Utah. He is buried near Gertrude in the Grove Cemetery, Blackfoot, ID

1920 - Oct 14 - John died at 82Y, 10M, 28D, in Logan, Cache, Utah

1924 - Feb 23 - Johanna died at 67Y 10M, in Logan, Cache, Utah. She is buried in the Richmond City Cemetery. She is buried in the same plot as by her oldest daughter Josephine Dahle and her husband, Holger Frederick Olsen, and two of their children Esther & Frederick. Holger requested that his mother in-law be buried within their family plot. He considered her to be the “most wonderful woman in the world.”

1924- Jonetta filed an application to become a living member of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, at the age of 78

1929 - Nov 5 - Jonetta died 83 Y, 8M, 21D, in Logan, Cache, Utah. She is buried beside John in the Logan City Cemetery. Jonetta was the Mother of 14 children, one son died at birth



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