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Clarkston Utah Area & Family Photo Gallery

Under construction 8/6/2013

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Photo 1- Views of Clarkston, Utah

Photo 2- Views of Clarkston, Utah

Photo 3- Views of Clarkston, Utah

Photo 4- Views of Clarkston, Utah

Photo 5- Views of Clarkston, Utah

Photo 6- Views of Clarkston, Utah

Photo 7- Views of Clarkston, Utah

Clarkston City Creek
Photo 8- Views of Clarkston, Utah

Photo 9 - View of Gun Site Peak from the Plymouth, Utah area

Photo 10a  View of the old Bear River Bridge from Newton to Cache Junction, UT

Photo 10b  View of Bear River Bridge between Newton & Cache Jct. Utah

Photo 10c View of Bear River Bridge between Newton & Cache Jct. Utah

Photo 11 View of Clarkston Ward circa 1929

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Photo 12 - View of Cache valley & the Bear River from the Long Divide

Changes in Clarkston Ward
Photo 13 - Views of changes to the Clarkston Ward

Clarkston UT Elementary School
Photo 14 - Views of the Clarkston Elementary School

Clarkston UT Elementary School 
Photo 15 - Views of the Clarkston Elementary School

Joseph & Rhoda Dahle home, Rhoda is on porch

Photo 16 - The 1st home of Joseph & Rhoda Dahle. Rhoda is sitting on the front steps

scan17 Loosle home, bought by Reed & June Dahle, built 1911
Photo 17  Loosle home, bought by Reed & June Dahle, built 1911

Tax record of Loosle - Dahle home
Photo 18  1979 Tax record of Loosle - Dahle home

scan19 Tax record of  Loosle - Dahle home
Photo 19 1921 Tax record of Loosle - Dahle home

scan20 Dahle home
Photo 20  Dahle home

 Home of Hans & Caroline Dahle  - built 1910
Photo 21  Home of Hans & Caroline Dahle - built 1910 

 Tax record of Hans & Caroline Dahle home
Photo 22  1967 Tax record of Hans & Caroline Dahle home

 Home of Johannes & Marta Dahle, Helge, Kate, Alice, Lars, Hans
Photo 23 - The home of Johannes & Martha Dahle - Helge H. Dahle (brother of Johannes), Kate Dahle Rasmussen,
Alice Dahle Pinkham, Lars Rasmussen & Hans Dahle in the buggy. Kate, Alice & Hans are siblings.
This home was on the SW corner of 1
st South & 2nd East, or across the street south from Kate Dahle Rasmussen.

 Thomas & Martha Griffin home, orig. built 1899
Photo 24   Thomas & Martha Griffin home, orig. built 1899

 Thomas & Ruth Griffin home - Phoebe, Rhoda, Ruth Emma

Photo 25 - The home of Thomas & Ruth Griffin - Phoebe, Rhoda & Ruth Emma Maughan Griffin.
This home was on the SE corner of 3
rd South & Main.

 Clarkston Herald Journal, 1889
Photo 28  Clarkston Ward Choir "Martin Harris Centennial Day" Herald Journal, 1889 -

 Clarkston Ward Chior
Photo 27  Clarkston Ward Choir "Martin Harris Centennial Day" Herald Journal, 1889 -
Front row L to R - Annie Dahle Archibald, Emily Jane Homer Jardine, Joseph E. Myler, ward chorister; Albert G. White, organist; Sarah Heggie Dahle (note her necklace) & Agnes Jardine Shumway.
Second row - Mary Jardine Jensen, Agnes Shumway Fife, Cathrine Godfrey Jardine, Mrs. Albert G. White, Emma Dahle Thompson, & Helener Ogvelby Clark.
Back row -Eliza Barson Godfrey, Sylvia Thompson, James Clark, Peter S. Barson, Alma Jensen, Letitia Godfrey Thompson & Mary E. Fife Jardine.

 Clarkston School 1922

Photo 29 - Clarkston 3rd Á 4th Grades - Ruth Christensen, teacher - circa 1922
Front row - Leonard Jensen, Alf Godfrey, Fred Thompson, Ivan Ravsten, Wesley Godfrey.
Second row - Melba Thompson, Cecil Myler, Edith Fisher, LeNaita G. Croft, Ruby Thompson.
Back row - Charlotte Archibald, Flo Thompson, Donna Sparks, Katie Thompson, Ruth Christensen, Corinne Godfrey, Mary Myler, Martha Dahle.

ClassmatesPhoto 30 - Clarkston 7th & 8th Grades - Claude McBride teacher - circa 1925.
This photo is difficult to identify because rows are not uniform.
Front row - Leo Rasmussen & Willis Dahle
Second row - Joe Buttars, Ellis Jardine, Wesley Godfrey, ?, Ivan Ravsten, Arnold Rasmussen, Sarah Griffin, Edith Fisher, Ann & Stella Christensen, ?.
Third row -?, Joe Griffin with tie, James Ravsten (½ of face), Rulon Archibald, Edwin Jardine, Leonard Jensen, Donna Sparks, Mabel Myler, Martha Griffin, Mary Myler, Roma Atkinson, Nina Thompson with glasses, Helen Jardine, Blanche Thompson & LaNeita Godfrey.
Forth row - unidentifiable boy top of head?, boy with hat?, girl?, girl?,girl?.
Fifth row - John Heggie, girl, Virginia Heggie, ?, Lucille Dahle, Martha Dahle, Corinne Godfrey, Melba Thompson, Cecil Myler, girl?, girl?.

1933 Ruth Dahle & Corrine Godfrey Subday School teachers
Photo 31 - 1933 Sunday School Kindergarten, Ruth Dahle & Corinne Godfrey teachers.
Front row - Acile Griffith, Max Thompson, Verl Thompson, Elizabeth Godfrey, Rhea Williams, Lynn Griffin, Arlene Loosle, Edward Buttars, Keith Buttars, Colleen Christensen, Vernon Ravsten.
Middle Row - Lloyd Rasmussen, Mardene Godfrey, Iva Lou Godfrey, Nola Griffin, Annie Griffin, Colleen Buttars, Reva Buttars, Merle Burt, Peggy Dean Sparks, Jana Lou Thompson.
Back Row - Keith Godfrey, Keith Thompson, Electa Thompson, Laurena Buttars, Colleen Thompson, Lee Ravsten, Orita Godfrey, Janell Ravsten, Nadine Jardine, Voloa Stewart, Leora Thompson, Thelma Thompson, Darwin Goodey, Burke Godfrey.

Photo 32 - Clarkston’s 24
th of July, Miss Utah Royalty wearing Sego Lillies - circa 1928
Back row - Corinne Godfrey, Queen Winona Dahle, Mabel Myler.
Front row - Edith Godfrey & Martha Griffin.

Photo 33 - Clarkston’s 4
th of July, Miss Liberty Royalty - circa 1928
Back row - Ruth Dahle, Queen Virginia Heggie, Donna Sparks.
Front Row -Flo & Katie Thompson.

1922 John Thompson Raganite Mine
Photo 34 - Field trip to John Thompson’s Raganite Mine, located on the short divide between Clarkston & Plymouth, Utah. circa 1922
This was for all age groups.
Students were not required to go. They walked over the mountain to the mine from Clarkston.
Front row siting on rocks - Corinne Godfrey, Mary Myler, Rulon Archibald, Jesse Buttars standing, Katie Thompson, Flo Thompson, girl?, girl with hats covering their faces?.
Standing rows two & three - Anne Christensen, girl?, boy?, LaNeita Godfrey, Mabel Myler, Edith Fisher, Donna Sparks, Leo Rasmussen, Winona Dahle, Norm Loosle, Ellis Jardine.

Photo 35 - "Lankey Girls" Gang - Also taken at the Raganite mine, circa 1928
reading clockwise :Martha & Ruth Dahle, Hazel Buttars, Roma Atkinson, Edith Fisher, Susie Buttars.

Photo 36 - "Lankey Girls" Gang - circa 1928 -
 Ruth Dahle, Hazel Buttars, Corinne Godfrey, Donna Sparks, Winona Dahle & Katie Thompson.
They were named the Lankey Gang because they were taller than the boys.

Photo 37 - 6
th Grade Basketball players, Joseph P. Malmberg principal & teacher, in front of the Old Rock Church House. circa 1923
Lester Ravsten, Norman Loosle, Savelle Griffin, Rulon & Robert Archibald

Photo 38 - 5
th & 6 th Grade Basketball players
Front row - Arnold Rasmussen Leonard Jensen, Dee & Jesse Buttars
Back row - Lester Ravsten, Norman Loosle, Savelle Griffin, Rulon & Robert Archibald

Photo 39  Clarkston Ward, Smithfield Stake Basketball Champions. - circa 1940
Back row - Edwin Jardine, Eldridge Archibald, Dee & Jay Buttars, Vernon Thompson
Front row - Coach Dave Archibald, Verl Godfrey, Joe Atkinson, Reed Dahle, Vincent Buttars.

Photo 40  Information about Photo 39 as of April 2000.

Should Martin Harris monument and inscription be put in his pages or in the proper cemetery page???????

Photo 43

Photo 44  Clarkston Co-op  (ZCMI) 1890-?? Thomas Griffin >Brigham & Bessie Thompson Griffin>Joseph Griffin> closed by B.M. Griffin family according to Gladys Loosle, reporter.

***Many thanks to all who helped identify these photos. My mother Ruth Dahle Mangum & her sister Martha Dahle Zink saved them because they loved Clarkston. Thanks to the wonderful people of Clarkston who grew up there. Through their combined efforts we have been able to identify most of the children. This wasn’t an easy task because the original photographs were very small. After magnification on a photocopy machine their faces were more easily identifiable. Thanks to the following: Corrine Godfrey Heggie, Sybil & Dallas Goodey, Burke & Alene Godfrey, Verl & Fay Godfrey, Kay Jardine Godfrey, Edwin Jardine, Bob & Ollie Lou Dahle.***


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