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Town Board Minutes: Newton, Utah

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transcribed verbatim by Ann Herzog
provided by the Special Collection Department, Newton Town Library




Prayer was offered by C.M. Christensen. A code of rules governing meetings of Board were adopted.

The following commettees were appointed

C.M. Christensen

Commettee on Ordinances John E. Griffin

John Benson

J.N. Hansen

Commettee on Nominations Wm. J. Barker

John E. Griffin

Meeting adjourned for one week. Prayer by J.N. Hansen.




Prayer by John E. Griffin. Minuets were accepted. Commettees on ordinances and nominations were ready to report. An ordinance relating to poll tax was passed. Commettee on nominations recommended as officers and which was unaminously adopted by board. Jas Parsens Road supervisor, John Benson, Marshall: J.N. Hansen as pound keeper. Meeting adjourned until May-9-1900 Ben. Wm. J. Barker.








Prayer was offered by John E. Griffin. Minutes were accepted as read. Wm. J. Barker was appointed Treasurer. An ordenance fixing and requiring bonds of officials was passed. J.N. Hansen and Wm J. Barker were appointed to look up the matter of of taxation. Ben-by-John Benson -




C.M. Christensen offered prayer and minutes were accepted as read. The commettee on Taxation reported that they belevied no taxs could be collected. Matter laid over for one week - An ordinance defining duties of marshall was passed by full vote for it. Ben by J.N. Hansen



Minutes of Town Board meeting held June 27 1900.

Prayer by C.M. Christensen. Minutes were read and amended and then accepted.

Wm J. Barker reported that he had seen Mr. Nebeker about filing a town site plate. He stated that he would straighten everything out for $5 and he was ordered to proceed to it ---

J.N. Hansen moved that we levie a tax of 2 1/2 mills on all property assessed in Newton town poration. This motion was carried.

J.N. Hansen said that he would like to see something done to improve the sidewalks as they were now impassable. C.M Christensen thought that the season was to busy to accomplish much in that line.

J.N. Hansen moved that the commette on ordinances frame an ordinance on that subject.

The subject of giving bonds was discussed at length. Wm J. Barker made a motion that we adjouned to Friday July 6- 1900. Prayer was offered by Wm J. Barker.






Prayer was offered by J.N. Hansen. Minuets were read and accepted. A letter was read stating that it was neceessary to file the discription of the town site with county recorder.

J.N. Hansen was released from being town pound keeper and John Benson was appointed in his stead -

Ben. By Wm. J. Barker -




Extra Cession - Prayer was offered by J.N. Hansen - C.M. Christensen stated that the purpose of meeting was to consider quarintine. The matter was talked over and a motion a board of health was appointed to consist of one of the Lady doctors and two of the town board. Mary B. Larsen, Wm J. Barker and J.N. Hansen.

Ben. By C.M. Christensen



Sept. 24, 1900

To The Town Board - Newton

Gentleman: Since I shall not be at home during the present school year, and since such absance will make it utterly or practically impossible to attind to the duties of my office, I hereby respectfully tinder to your honorable body my resignation as Town President of Newton.

In doing so I wish to thank the members of the Board, each and all, for their support and for the spirit of good fellowship which has existed in our midst. With sincere regret at the necessity of this steh and with much respect to you I am

Chas M. Christensen





J.N. Hansen prisided - Prayer was offered by John E. Griffin. Minuets of last meeting were read and accepted.

It was the opponion of all that we should collect what poll-tax we could and then allow the county to collect the remainder. Wm J. Barker was appointed to notify the road master to the effect

Ben. By John Bensen




Prayer was offered by Wm J. Barker. The resigniation of C.M. Christensen was read and accepted. Nothing was done toward filling the vaeancy this made. Quarintine was again discussed but laid over.

Ben. By J.M. Hansen




Prayer by J.N. Hansen. Minuets were read and accepted. The matter of filling the town board was taken up but again laid on table. An ordinance regulating quaiantine was read and passed. Ben by John Benson-




J.N. Hansen presided. Prayer was offered by Wm J. Barker minuets were accepted with one amendment. The following were nominated to full vacancey in the town board. Geo Parsens, A.R.E. Clarke. Geo Parsens was elected.

One section was added to Estray law.

Ben by J.N.Barker


Prayer by J.N. Hansen-Minuets were accepted as read. Geo Parsen took the oath of office and was installed as a member of the board - Wm J. Barker and J.N. Hanson were nominated for Prist. of Board. Wm J. Barker was elected. Geo Parsen was elected treasurer, Wm J. Barker being released.

A report from pound keeper was read and accepted, showing a net revenue of $23.60, which was turned over to treasurer.

The Officers of the board filed bonds

Ben by John E. Griffin



Oct -31-1900

Prayer by Geo Parsens - Minuets were accepted as read. Geo. Parsen and Wm J. Barker were appointed a special commettee to draft ordenance on sidewalks etc. cutting shiners, fast driving, and distruction of property was refered to same commeetie, Adjounment for two weeks

Ben by J.W. Benson

John E. Griffin Sec.




Prayer was offered by J.N.Hansen- Special commettie on ordinances presented one on sidewalks and other matters refered to them. The ordenance was passed as presented-

The matter of ditches was laid over until next meeting - Geo Parsen Sec -







Prayer was offered by John E. Griffin. Minuets of last two meeting were accepted as read.

J.N. Hansen wished to know concerning poll tax - It was all in save a few who had promised to work here in town -

The matter of straightening ditches was discussed and regulations made regarding same, which was added to ordinance on sidewalks etc. - A statement from Mr. Nebeker was read and laid over indefinately

Ben-by Geo Parsens

John E. Griffing Sec.




Prayer by J.N. Hanson - Minuets were accepted - A statement from county recorder was presented asking for fee of $5- Treasurer was requested to pay same as also Mr. Nebekaes bill.. This was to paid from any cash on hand. Liscinse was laid over for next meeting. The matter of closing schools was discussed but nothing was done in regard to it. Meeting adjoruned for one week

Ben by John E. Griffin

" " " Sec




Prayer was offered by John E. Griffin Minuets were accepted as read. Liscense was again censidered. Complete regulations regarding this matter were made and subject disposed of. .05 was allowed to buy writing paper to copy ordinances on - One dollar collected from Harris Cencirt Co. Was turned over to treasurer - Salary was laid over until next meeting.

Ben by John Bensen

John Benson Sec

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