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Town Board Minutes: Newton, Utah

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transcribed verbatim by Ann Herzog
provided by the Special Collection Department, Newton Town Library



J.N. Hansen presided. Prayer was offered by Geo Parsens. Minuets were read and accepted. J.N. Hansen was appointed to see what arrangements could be made in regard to procuring a doctor in case Board of Health needed one at any time.

The matter of salary was laid over indefenately. Ben by John E. Griffin

" " Sec.-


Jan 16-1901

Prayer by J.N. Hansen - Minuets accepted as read. A letter from county assor was read and clerk was requested to answer the same.

J.N. Hansen reported his labors with doctor but the matter was again refered to him.

Geo Parsens was appointed to see that all house where in small pox existed were properly disinfected.

Two dollars received from a pedellre was turned over to treasurer. The post master was instructed to disinfect all mail received in his office at his own expense.

The matter of taxing dogs was laid over after some discussion -

Ben by John Benson

Jan 30-1901

Prayer was offered by Geo Parsens. Minuets were accepted as read. J.N. Hansen reported that Dr. Crexall would come to Newton and visite for one hour for $10. and for $7. for successive trips -

Dog tax again came up, but was again prostoned.

The ordinance on sidewalks was amended.

The report of road supervisor was rendered and accepted. It showed that there had been 28 days work done with six days work by supervisor, asking for $12. It was decided to pay him $6. at present.

Road supervisor was requested to proceed with dridge on west side of town near John Larsons.

Ben by John E. Griffin

John E. Griffin Sec

Feb?y 13-1901

Prayer by J.N. Hansen

An ordinance was passed regulating the confinement of female dogs.

Clerk was authorized to issue liscense to Coop Store.



Feb?y 27-1901

An motion of J.N. Hansen treasurer was aurthorized to pay fees and cost of court in Christensen case. A letter of inquiry was directed to assor regarding taxes. The resigniation of Geo Parsens as disinfection officer was accepted.

Cash Account


Oct 21 By Cash per Pound Keeper $23.00

Dec 12 To att. Nebekers for services $ 5.00

Dec 12 To County Recorders fee 5.00

Dec 19 By Harris Music Co. Liscinse 1.00

Dec 19 To Writing Paper .10

Dec 19 To Record this book 3.00


Jan 16 By Cash per Peddaler 2.00

Jan 30 to Road Sup. For work 6.00



Mar 20-1901

Geo Parsens was allowed $5. For quarantine services. J.N. Hansen and G. Parsen was appointe to draw up plat and hand to assor for filing.

A motion J.N Hansen was authorized to purchase town seal.



April 10-1901

Mary B. Larsen was allowed $7. for services as health officer -

J.N. Hansen was allowed $10. same work. John Benson was allowed $20. for quarantine services -

Pound keeper gave a report showing $3.80 net profit. Estray pound matters were talked over.


May 14-1901

Town seal was handed over to Clerk. A notice was sent to irrigation company that all unnecessary cross ditches must be abandened.



July 15-1901

The general condition of town was talked over. A tax of 2 mills was levied. J.N. Hansen was appointed to look after streets and sidewalks -



Oct 17-1901

The following were appointed Judges of Election: Wm H Griffin - Chris Christensen - Jas J. Larson

The treasurer was authorized to pay Smiths printing bill.

Geo Parsens turned over his acounts to J.N. Hansen, the new treasurer.




The general condition of the town was talked over but no business was transacted.

J.N. Hansen was authorized to pay all out standing accounts.


Nov 23-

Treasurer was authorized to send a nother notice to delinquent tax payers.

The street South of James Haskells East lot was leased to A---- for one year for $1.



Dec 14

The final meeting of old Board was held. All out-standing accounts were settled. All agreed to meet with new board.


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